Guide to Law School: Northwestern Law School Ranking and Admission Requirements


Thinking about becoming a lawyer? Located in Chicago, Northwestern Law School is surrounded by law firms and companies, providing endless opportunities to grow and learn. Read more to learn about the Northwestern Law School Ranking and what it takes to get admitted.

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What is Northwestern Law School known for?

Northwestern Pritzker School of Law sets the pace for making a real-world impact. During these social challenges, the school is committed to innovative ways of doing things that make a difference. A big reason for this is their faculty—more than half have PhDs and are involved in groundbreaking research that mixes law with other fields like business and technology. This makes Northwestern one of the leaders in the U.S. for blending different subjects in law research. Plus, they have one of the smallest class sizes compared to other top law schools, so students get more one-on-one time with these brilliant minds.

What sets Northwestern apart are its unique programs and community support. They offer one-of-a-kind master’s programs and joint degrees that combine law with business and tech. They’re also known for their hands-on legal clinics that give students real experience but also help make the legal system fairer. If you’re from a group usually not well-represented, you’ll find special mentoring programs just for you. 

And let’s not forget their location—in the heart of downtown Chicago. This prime spot helps them build all sorts of partnerships in the city, nationwide, and even globally. With a network of more than 18,000 alumni spread over 90 countries, you’ll feel connected wherever your career takes you.

Degree Programs Offered at Northwestern Law School

Northwestern Law School  offers a wide array of degree programs tailored for diverse career paths:

JD Programs

  • Juris Doctor (JD): The primary academic program that prepares graduates to adapt to a changing legal landscape.
  • JD-MBA: An integrated program with the Kellogg School, offering a grounding in management and law.
  • JD-PhD: Designed for those aiming for an academic or research career.
  • JD-LLM in Taxation: A sequential program for specialized training in tax law.
  • JD-LLM in International Human Rights: A four-year program focusing on international human rights and criminal law.
  • Two-Year JD for International Lawyers: A special program offering foreign-educated attorneys a fast-tracked JD.

LLM Programs

  • General LLM: A nine-month program for graduates of foreign law schools.
  • LLM in Taxation: Comprehensive federal, state, and international tax law training.
  • LLM in International Human Rights: In-depth study of international human rights law.
  • International Executive LLMs: Designed for professionals, offered in partnership with global institutions.

Master of Science in Law (MSL)

  • Focus Areas: Business law, intellectual property, and regulatory analysis.
  • Formats: Available as a full-time residential program or a part-time online program lasting 2-4 years.

Each program is meticulously structured to maximize learning, facilitated by Northwestern’s esteemed faculty, state-of-the-art resources, and a robust alumni network.

2022 JD Northwestern Law School Class Profile

Enrolled students 238
Applications 6,247
LSAT distribution: Middle 50% 166 – 172
LSAT distribution: Median 171
GPA distribution: Middle 50% 3.63 – 3.95
GPA distribution: Median 3.89
Female 47%
Students of color 51%
Average age at matriculation 25
Geographic diversity: Midwest 32%
Geographic diversity: Northeast 16%
Geographic diversity: South 19%
Geographic diversity: West 20%
Geographic diversity: International 13%

Knowing the class profile for Pritzker School of Law admitted students can offer valuable insights for prospective applicants. You can use it to see how well you’re doing compared to others in areas like grades, test scores, and achievements. Understanding the class profile can also assist in identifying areas you may need to strengthen to become a competitive candidate.

Northwestern Law School Ranking

If you’re considering law school and aiming for the best, you should consider Northwestern. The school’s high rankings make it a top choice for law students. Here are Northwestern’s standout law school rankings.

  • Northwestern University Law School ranking for 2023- 2024 is No. 10 (tied) in Best Law Schools, based on widely accepted performance indicators.
  • Northwestern School of Law ranking in Princeton Review:
    • No. 7 for Best Career Prospects
    • No. 8 in Best Classroom Experience
  • Consistently in the top 10 for Best Career Prospects since 2008, ranked No. 1 six times during that period.
  • Above the Law’s Top 50 Law School Rankings: Ranked No. 9
  •’s 2023 Top 50 Go-To Law Schools: Ranked No. 3
  • Sisk/Leiter’s Scholarly Impact of Law School Faculties (2021): Ranked No. 15
  • Leiter’s Top 40 Law Faculties in terms of Scholarly Distinction: Ranked No. 14
  • SSRN Top 350 U.S. Law Schools: Ranked No. 9

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Is Northwestern Law School Hard To Get Into?

How hard is it to get into law school? Northwestern Law School acceptance rate of 15% is considerably more selective than the average law school in the US of 41%. You’ll need excellent grades, test scores, and other notable accomplishments to boost your chances.

Law School Data is a great resource if you need help with anything law school-related. Students make it and have easy tools to check where they got in, see stats about other people, understand costs, and even get help for classes.

How Much Does It Cost To Go to Northwestern Law School?

The 2023-2024 academic year at Northwestern Law School cost will depend on the selected degree program enrolled. These fees are usually charged per semester or quarter. It is crucial to note that Northwestern Law School tuition rates are projected to rise in the coming years.

Program Tuition
JD $73,754
Two-Year JD for International Lawyers $73,754
JD-MBA $104,430
JD-LLM in Taxation $73,754 (first two years), $110,631 (third year)
JD-LLM in International Human Rights $73,754 (first three years), half the tuition rate of the LLM (fourth year)
JD Non-Degree and/or Auditing Fee $3,572 per credit hour

Admissions Requirements and Deadlines for Northwestern Law School

Here’s a quick checklist to guide you through the application process requirements.

  1. Complete the Application Form: Fill out the application for admission.
  2. Submit a Personal Statement: Introduce yourself to the Admissions Committee, highlighting your goals and background.
  3. Provide a Resume: Include all relevant professional, academic, and leadership experiences.
  4. Standardized Test Score: Submit either an LSAT or GRE score. 
  5. CAS Report: The Law School Credential Assembly Service (CAS) report should include all your post-secondary transcripts, LSAT scores, and LSAT writing samples if applicable.
  6. Letters of Recommendation: At least one letter of recommendation should be included in your CAS report.
  7. Application Fee: Pay a nonrefundable $75 fee to complete your application submission.

Application Dates To Remember

    • September 1: The application period starts for all degrees.
    • November 1: JD Early Decision interview recommendation.
    • November 15: Completed JD Early Decision application deadline.
    • February 15: Completed JD, JD/LLM Tax, and JD/LLM-IHR application deadline.
    • February 28: JD Program video interview completion deadline.
    • March 1: Financial aid forms due for JD applicants admitted before Feb 28.
    • May 15: JD Transfer application period starts.
    • June 26: Completed JD Transfer application deadline.

Keeping track of law school requirements and deadlines is crucial for a successful admission.  Getting guidance from professionals who know the ins and outs of the law school admission process can improve your chances of getting accepted. Consider using Law School Admission Consulting services to help navigate the complex requirements and deadlines.

What LSAT score should I get for Northwestern Law School?

For a good chance of admission at Northwestern Law School, targeting a median LSAT score of 171 or higher is advisable. LSAT scores for Northwestern Law School usually range from 166-172, falling between the 25th and 75th percentiles. Considering the competitive Northwestern University Law School acceptance rate, achieving a strong LSAT score can make your application stand out.

To achieve a high LSAT score, you can enroll in an LSAT Prep Course to get structured lessons and practice tests that mimic the real exam conditions. Alternatively, LSAT Tutoring services offer personalized guidance and strategies tailored to your strengths and weaknesses, ensuring you’re well-equipped to answer the exam.

What GPA do I need for Northwestern Law?

The law school GPA benchmarks are crucial for those aiming to get admitted. The Northwestern Law School GPA for accepted students typically falls between the 25th and 75th percentiles, which are 3.63 and 3.95, respectively. The median law school GPA for entrants is 3.89, so aiming for this score or higher will increase your chances of admission.

 Expert Tips for Northwestern Law School Applicants

If you’re aiming for Northwestern Law School, you need to take note of every facet of your application. This is crucial, especially given Northwestern Law School ranking and competitive acceptance rate. Here are some expert tips to guide you through the admissions process:

LSAT Prep Courses

Northwestern LSAT score is pivotal to your admissions profile. Signing up for an LSAT Prep Course can familiarize you with the test format and the questions you’ll face. These courses offer a structured study plan and practice tests to prepare you for the exam. Unlock Your Potential with Our LSAT Prep Course!

LSAT Tutoring

For more tailored assistance, opt for LSAT Tutoring. A specialized tutor can hone in on your weak areas and develop targeted strategies to improve your score. Don’t Leave Your LSAT Score to Chance. Enroll in Tutoring for Your Northwestern Law School Dream.

Competitive GPA

Northwestern Law School GPA expectations are high; with the median GPA for accepted students standing at 3.89, your undergraduate GPA needs to stand out.

Captivating Personal Statement

This is your chance to differentiate yourself from the pool of applicants. Make your personal statement engaging, sincere, and well-written.

Standout Resume

Include all relevant academic, leadership, and work experiences that make you a strong candidate for law school.

Strong Letters of Recommendation

Secure letters from those who can vouch for your skills and qualifications in a detailed manner.

Interview Prep

Northwestern Law generally interviews all applicants, making the interview a crucial part of the admissions process. The interview is conducted online, where students record answers to questions within a time limit. The interview helps the school assess your interests, achievements, and future goals, so it’s important to practice and dress appropriately.

Meet All Deadlines

With Northwestern Law School’s competitive ranking, every deadline is crucial. Keep a calendar of all application deadlines to ensure you meet them, as late submissions are generally not entertained.

Law School Admission Consulting

Navigating the complexities of the law school admission process can be overwhelming. Consider consulting a Law School Admission expert for customized guidance. Get Expert Guidance for Northwestern Law School Admissions.

By meticulously planning and preparing each application component, you’ll be better positioned for success at Northwestern Law School.


If you’re aiming for a spot in one of the top-rated law schools in the United States, you can’t afford to overlook any detail, especially given the Northwestern Law School ranking. Every piece matters, from acing your LSAT to crafting a compelling personal statement. 

One way to get a leg up is to take advantage of our LSAT Free Consultation, which could provide targeted guidance for this critical part of your application. By being thorough and strategic, you’ll strengthen your chances of joining this elite institution.

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