Key Factors Behind the Northeastern Law School Ranking


Northwestern University Law School was established in 1899 in Chicago, Illinois. It’s renowned because of its law school and faculty. Northwestern Law is situated within the nation’s legal hot spots and offers students unmatched access to the best legal resources, internships, and even a lively legal community. Its location in Chicago provides students with real-life experience and networking opportunities crucial to launching successful legal careers.

Northwestern Law School ranks no. 71, an area for innovation and excellence in legal education. Concentrating on experiential learning and practical skills development, students participate in real-life legal problems through centers, externships, and pro bono work. The faculty are practicing scholars who bring insights and experience to the classroom. With its very long history, recognized reputation, and constant pursuit of perfection, Northwestern Law School is a great match for emerging lawyers intent on transforming the legal world.

Northeastern University Krentzman Quadrangle

Current Ranking Trends at Northeastern Law School

Recently, Northeastern University Law School’s ranking has somewhat changed. The school maintained a steady No. 67 ranking in 2021 and 2022. However, in subsequent years, the ranking slid to No. 71. These changes might be small but reflect shifts in such things as faculty reputation, student satisfaction, or employment results.

The steady ranking in 2021 and 2022 signifies stability in the school’s performance and reputation in those years. But the plunge to No. 71 in subsequent years might encourage a better look at areas for improvement. Considering these ranking trends in context is crucial and should be balanced with the school’s overall mission and objectives. Despite the fluctuations, Northeastern University Law School’s dedication to offering top-notch legal education doesn’t waver, and the rankings offer an excellent tool for improvement and self-assessment.

The Northeastern Law School Ranking

Rankings in different legal fields are useful in selecting the right law school. It also presents insight into the reputation and quality of education at Northeastern Law School. Higher rankings usually mean excellent faculty, resources, and employment opportunities after graduation. Moreover, understanding exactly where Northeastern Law School compares with several other institutions can help with your application, showing your drive to obtain legal education at a competitive school.

USNW Best Law Schools #71
Business/Corporate Law #140
Clinical Training #22
Constitutional Law #86
Contracts/Commercial Law #144
Criminal Law #61
Environmental Law  #94
Health Care Law  #9
Intellectual Property Law #36
International Law #67
Legal Writing #21
Tax Law #91
Trial Advocacy #80

6 Key Factors that Propel the Northeastern Law School Ranking

It’s important to know the six factors that made Northeastern Law School a top institution. From experiential learning that links practice and theory to faculty members recognized for their expertise, Northeastern Law provides a remarkable educational experience. These determining factors define Northeastern Law and account for its high ranking in legal education rankings. These components also contribute to a uniquely successful academic experience at Northeastern Law School.

1. Employment Rate

Northeastern Law School employment figures for 2022 suggest that 94% of graduates are employed within ten months of graduating. This particular high employment rate impacts the school’s rank. More students finding jobs after graduation helps the school’s reputation with employers. This particular factor reflects the school’s emphasis on training students for the real-world legal environment so they have the abilities and expertise to succeed in law careers.

2. Bar Passage Rate

The latest bar passage rate is another factor in Northeastern Law School’s ranking. The institution has prepared its students for this crucial examination as 87.3% of Northeastern University graduates pass the bar on the very first try. This high bar passage rate reflects the good quality of Northeastern School of Law education and also the assistance and information readily available to students in their studies.

3. Faculty Resources

The ranking is also influenced by the faculty resources the Northeastern School of Law provides. The school features a diverse faculty with differing experience and knowledge, as reported by the Association of American Law Schools (AALS). These faculty members add value to the academic experience by mentoring or perhaps sharing thoughts with students. Northeastern Law invests in faculty growth and support to reflect its commitment to academic excellence and innovation in legal education – a description of its ranking.

4. Student Selectivity

Northeastern Law School’s rankings additionally factor in its present acceptance rate of 50.40%. The selectivity of incoming students will determine the school’s ranking and reputation. A selective admissions process attracts outstanding students dedicated to academic excellence and future success in the legal profession to Northeastern Law School. This reflects positively on the school’s reputation and helps develop a supportive student community.

5. Peer Assessment Score

Northeastern Law School possesses a No. 73 Peer Rank and a 2.6 Peer Score found in its Peer Assessment statistics. Peer assessment – which captures the views of law school deans, administrators, and faculty from other institutions – drives many rankings. Positive peer assessments reflect general recognition and admiration among the legal community and reflect Northeastern Law’s track record of excellence in legal training and scholarship.

6. Faculty Diversity

Another element in its ranking would be the faculty diversity rate at Northeastern Law, with 69% being female,31% male, and 33% faculty of color. A diverse faculty brings fresh experiences and perspectives into the classroom. This dedication to diversity and inclusion prepares students to face a multicultural and diverse society and improves the school’s reputation. It shows Northeastern Law School’s dedication to equality and social justice in Law training.

These factors considered in ranking Northeastern Law School reflect its dedication to excellence, innovation, and inclusion in legal education. Excellence in employment outcomes, bar passage rates, faculty resources, and student selectivity position Northeastern Law School as a leader in legal education. These factors not only impact the school’s rank but also affect the quality of education and the results of its graduates in the legal field. As a student, you will get an arduous and thorough legal education which positions you for a prosperous and satisfying career in law.

Northeastern Law School Admissions Stats

For aspiring law students like you, knowing important stats at Northeastern Law School is crucial. These statistics reveal the quality of education, student results, and standing of the law school. Knowing these stats can enable you to make the best decision in law school based on your goals and dreams. Whether it is employment rates, bar passage rates, or even student-to-faculty ratios, learning these statistics helps you navigate the law school application process confidently to pursue a legal profession.

Northeastern Law School LSAT Median 163
Median GPA Required at Northeastern Law 3.70
Northeastern Law School Ranking No. 71 in the US Best Law Schools
Northeastern Law School Acceptance Rate 31.10%
Bar Pass Rate at Northeastern Law 89.44%
Student-to-Faculty Ratio 8.5:1
Employment Rates at Northeastern Law 2022 83.9% had long-term, full-time legal jobs
Annual Tuition at Northeastern Law $83,628

Two Northeastern Law School graduates smiling while talking.

Crucial Admission Requirements at Northeastern Law That Can Make or Break Your Application

The choice to attend law school is a turning point in your legal career, so, passing admission requirements is incredibly crucial. A complete application showcases your academic achievements along with your potential, dedication, and character as a future lawyer. Each component of your application shows the admissions committee your abilities, skills, and aspirations, and how they are going to evaluate your potential. Failure to meet these requirements or submitting a lacking application could sabotage your chances of admission and legal career.

1. Law School Resume

To write an effective law school resume must highlight your educational, extracurricular, and professional experience. Meeting this requirement shows you can thrive in various environments and are dedicated to legal studies. Your resume captures your achievements and also gives admissions boards a sense of your potential as a law student.

2. Law School Application Timeline

Following the law school application timeline means you submit your materials on time and are organized. Application forms for Northeastern Law School close on March 1, so ensure to submit them on time. Meeting this requirement by the specific date shows you support the application process and enables admissions committees to review your resources in a timely fashion. Following the timeline saves you anxiety and also boosts your chances of admission to Northeastern Law School.

3. Law School Letter of Recommendation

Obtaining strong law school letters of recommendation from professors, employers, or mentors strengthens your application and showcases your character and capabilities. This requirement enables admissions committees to gauge your overall potential as a law student. A strong letter of recommendation could differentiate you from other candidates for admission.

4. Law School Personal Statement

Creating a law school personal statement reflects your goals, motivations, and experiences for getting a legal education. This particular requirement enables you to express your desire for the Law and also explain exactly why you’re an outstanding applicant to Northeastern Law. Your personal statement is a chance to show the way you can write and how your background reflects the institution’s values.

Northeastern Law Annual Tuition and Financial Aid

Northeastern Law’s yearly tuition price of USD 83,628 might be daunting, but not to worry. They recognize the financial hurdles of getting a legal education, therefore Northeastern offers financial help to assist students. Among them is the Northeastern Faculty Law Grant, a merit-based law school scholarship given to inbound first-year students based on academic performance, leadership traits, and other things. This particular grant can lower tuition expenses, making law school even more available to students.

Also offered would be the Federal Direct Loan program for law school students which provides competitive interest rates and adaptable payment programs. These law school loans cover tuition, and living expenses, along with any other academic costs, and are an asset in your legal profession. By making use of these financial aid options, you can concentrate on your studies and go after your legal desires without stressing about financial strain. The Northeastern University Law Grant acknowledges your potential and hard work and Federal Direct Loans offer the funds you need to start your legal career.

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Consider factors like Northeastern Law School’s ranking when picking out a law school. These rankings will enable you to make an educated choice regarding reputation, resources, and academic quality. Understanding why things like job outcomes and faculty quality matter helps match your aspirations in the right institution. You can also turn to organizations like Odyssey Test Prep and the LSAC for advice and tools for LSAT preparation, application crafting, and admissions navigating. To better help you excel in the LSAT, we invite you to join our LSAT Free Class, providing access to the first three complete sessions of our acclaimed LSAT Prep Course. Immerse yourself in our top-ranked program and witness firsthand how it can significantly contribute to achieving an outstanding LSAT score.

With careful consideration of rankings and supportive resources, you can launch your legal education journey with conviction and purpose.

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