What You Need to Know About The Mizzou Law School Ranking


Looking for an affordable yet high-quality law school ranked among the nation’s best institutions? In an environment of rising tuition costs and difficult job markets, Mizzou Law School stands out by providing an exceptional and affordable legal education. 

This article will guide you through the Mizzou Law School ranking and statistics in detail. Factors such as bar passage rates, employment outcomes, student-faculty ratio, and cost profile paint a full picture. 

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Overview of Mizzou Law School 

As the oldest public law school within the nation’s first state university situated west of the Mississippi River established in 1839, the University of Missouri School of Law was founded in 1872 and stands as an eminent seat of legal education benefitting from over 150 years of accumulated excellence. 

Its geographic proximity to the capital city of Jefferson offers unique opportunities for students to get involved in state government and gain experience working in the center of Missouri’s legal community. Many graduates become judges, governors, lawmakers, or other leaders.

Based in the friendly college town of Columbia, ranked one of America’s most livable places, Mizzou Law combines small community charm with big city opportunities. Students get a top-notch, affordable public law school degree while enjoying everything Columbia has to offer, from culture to sports to outdoor fun. For anyone wanting an esteemed law school education deeply rooted in state government and service, Mizzou Law is a great choice and value. 

2023-2024 Mizzou Law School Ranking

Rank Specialty
71 Best Law Schools (tie)
100 Business/Corporate Law (tie)
133 Clinical Training (tie)
86 Constitutional Law (tie)
80 Contracts/Commercial Law (tie)
94 Criminal Law (tie)
4 Dispute Resolution
125 Environmental Law (tie)
83 Health Care Law (tie)
74 Intellectual Property Law (tie)
103 International Law (tie)
109 Tax Law (tie)
126 Trial Advocacy (tie)

The University of Missouri School of Law is consistently ranked among the top 100 law schools in the United States. The school holds the #71 spot in the U.S. News Report’s Best Law Schools in 2023. Even better, Mizzou stands at #4 nationwide specifically for dispute resolution. Students learn to resolve disputes outside expensive, draining lawsuits. With legal costs high and people often seeking compromises, demand for these abilities is skyrocketing.

Factors Influencing the University of Missouri School of Law Ranking

As methodologies evolve, several factors now carry more weight that impact Mizzou Law’s standing.

Increased Emphasis on Bar Passage Rates

Passing the bar exam upon graduating from law school has become one of the most heavily weighted factors in evaluating the Missouri Law School ranking. The logic is clear – if students invest 3 years and take on debt for a law degree but then cannot practice law because they don’t pass the bar, then the school has failed in its core mission regardless of other markers.

Mizzou Law School performs very well on this critical metric with an 83% first-time bar pass rate. Compared to a state average of 81% for new test takers, the school demonstrates higher bar readiness. The rankings methodology also now looks at each state’s exam difficulty individually and then calculates ultimate 2-year pass rates. So, Mizzou’s 93% ultimate rate fully reflects the school’s performance while accounting for the relative difficulty of different state bar exams​.

Increased Focus on Employment Outcomes

Mizzou Law School tuition is quite affordable compared to other schools, but attending law school is still a career investment. So, a newly heightened focus on graduate employment rates makes sense. If students cannot secure well-paying legal jobs to pay off debt after graduation, the value proposition of law school is severely compromised. 

Here as well, Missouri Law School excels by delivering a 92.9% employed within 10 months rate. Being successful at placing graduates in the actual legal careers they trained for shows its real-world return and relevance for students and the community.

Library Resource

Previous rankings used several weighted library factors like budgets and volumes. Now, there is one metric based on the ratio of professional librarians to students. At almost 86 students per library staff member, Mizzou Law earns full points by ensuring ample specialized resources for research and reference needs.

Less Emphasis on Peer Assessments

The rankings now focus exclusively on verifiable data reported to the ABA. This provides objectivity compared to incorporating subjective peer reviews from other institutions. Outcomes like bar exams and jobs matter more than opinions.

Input from Legal Education Experts

Over 100 law deans helped adjust ranking factors this year to better represent student priorities. As experts in legal education and the needs of future attorneys, their consensus lent credibility in identifying the most relevant data. The refreshed methodology therefore signals where prospective students should look when selecting a school.

The updated system validates the Mizzou Law School ranking specialized approach. The school has long focused specifically on bar exam preparation and career placements as central to its public education mission.

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Application Checklist 

Gaining acceptance to Mizzou Law requires meeting objective academic criteria and subjective character assessments during the application process. Here are step-by-step requirements:

1. Take the LSAT 

The LSAT is mandatory for applying to any law school, including Mizzou Law School. It rigorously tests reading comprehension, logical reasoning, and written argument skills that lawyers need through five 35-minute sections plus an unscored writing sample. Meticulous preparation through an LSAT study plan, tutor, or prep course helps many applicants reach their target Mizzou Law LSAT score.

2. Submit Transcripts and Documents through CAS

The Credential Assembly Service centralized platform of LSAC organizes all key application materials for efficient submission to law schools. This includes registration, academic transcripts, LSAT scores, evaluations, and letters which must pass through CAS first.

3. Complete Online Application

Programs have school-specific applications to complete, covering personal, demographic, academic, and professional details. This provides the essential data and demonstrates genuine interest. 

The school starts accepting applications on September 1 for next year’s incoming class. Given the competitiveness and rise in applicants, submit a completed application before January 15 for full consideration. The Admissions Committee begins review in October on a rolling, space-available basis until filled. The last deadline is March 15. For scholarship eligibility, all materials must be received by January 15 to allow optimal award review. 

4. Personal Statement

Crucial for revealing character, applicants must write an insightful, carefully edited essay highlighting how their background will enrich the school’s diverse community. This is about a two-page story of your life’s challenges, achievements, or any aspect that has significantly impacted you, making you a great fit for Missouri Law School.

5. Letters of Recommendation

Admissions committees want external opinions validating the applicant’s skills and readiness for law school’s rigors. Submit at least 2 letters, ideally from college faculty closely familiar with your academic abilities. Applicants years out of school can provide manager/supervisor references.

6. Resume

A summary of your academic, extracurricular, and professional achievements will complete your application package. Crafting a compelling, well-formatted resume paints a holistic portrait of who you are beyond test scores, including research, passions, leadership roles, and career ambitions.

7. Law School Addendum

Applicants use the optional law school addendum to explain weaknesses in their application profile that could raise flags if unaddressed. This could involve clarifying poor grades or test scores, gaps in education history, criminal incidents in their background check, or other perceived red flags. The addendum allows applicants preemptively to mitigate concerns through brief additional context, thereby avoiding automatic application denial.

With numerous complex steps involved in having the best law school application possible, seeking Law School Admission Consulting services can help provide end-to-end guidance. Their expertise helps applicants master every piece of the process efficiently.

How To Get Into Mizzou Law School

With the Mizzou Law School ranking, getting accepted feels more challenging every year. So, how can driven candidates potentially tip the admission scales in their favor? 

Your LSAT score is a major factor determining acceptance, which tests the analytical reasoning vital for legal studies. Sufficient preparation and guidance maximize your test performance. This is where Odyssey’s expert LSAT and admissions consulting services prove invaluable:

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Final Thoughts

The University of Missouri School of Law’s consistent placement in the top 100 overall rankings represents its strong academic programs, distinguished faculty, and commitment to serving students. The Mizzou Law School ranking signals to prospective students that Mizzou provides a quality legal education with good career outcomes after graduation.

For any questions about the student experience, LSAT prep, or navigating law school applications, students can schedule an LSAT Free Consultation with our advisors. More importantly, you can excel in the August LSAT and secure your spot at the University of Missouri School of Law with our top-ranked LSAT Prep Courses across the US, including New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, and Dallas Fort

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