Admissions Guide to Mitchell Hamline School of Law


Mitchell Hamline School of Law, located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, is a popular choice for those interested in the field of law. With its roots deeply entrenched in history and its eyes set on shaping future legal leaders, this school embodies the essence of dedication, commitment, and excellence in legal education.

The institution takes pride in a mission that goes beyond just providing education. Mitchell Hamline Law School is committed to studying and promoting just and accessible law.

The institution aims to provide high-quality legal education while equipping students with skills for current and future job markets, promoting justice and the rule of law for all. 

Mitchell Hamline School of Law: History and Legacy

Mitchell Hamline School of Law boasts a deep-seated history grounded in a legacy of forward-thinking and accessible legal education. Originating in 1900, St. Paul lawyers visualized a unique approach to legal studies, establishing a night law school to cater to working individuals. This pragmatic foundation, combined with the efforts of four other local schools, culminated in the William Mitchell College of Law creation in 1956.

Emphasizing real-world application, William Mitchell introduced one of the nation’s first clinical programs in 1973, while around the same period, Hamline University School of Law emerged with a comparable dedication to practicality and accessibility. Hamline particularly shone in experiential learning, carving dispute resolution, and health law niches.

By 2015, a monumental fusion took place; William Mitchell College of Law and Hamline University School of Law combined forces, culminating in the birth of Mitchell Hamline School of Law. This merger intensified the shared values of experiential learning and innovation.

As the largest regional law school, Mitchell Hamline offers top dispute resolution and health law programs and has pioneered various legal education programs.  

Is Mitchell Hamline a Good Law School? 

Mitchell Hamline Law School carries weight in the legal community, not just because of its rich history. The academic reputation of Mitchell Hamline Law School, with roots tracing back to William Mitchell Law School, is a testament to its dedication to shaping the future legal minds. And being voted the number 1 best law school in Minnesota is another testament to their quality of legal education.

To delve deeper into the stature and prominence of Mitchell Hamline, it’s crucial to examine the Mitchell Hamline School of Law ranking scores and data. These numbers and metrics provide an empirical foundation, reflecting the school’s commitment to academic rigor, student success, and overall institutional excellence.

Mitchell Hamline School of Law – School Rankings and Statistics

Overall Score 42
Peer assessment score (out of 5) 1.9
Assessment score by lawyers/judges (out of 5) 2.1
GPA (25th-75th percentile) 2.97-3.57
Median undergraduate GPA for all program entrants 3.33
LSAT scores (25th-75th percentile) 149-155
Median LSAT score for all program entrants 152
Acceptance rate 64.9%
Student-faculty ratio 10.8:1
Full-credit outcomes 10 months after graduation 61.6%
% First-time bar passage 59.6%
Average first-time bar passage among states 78.2%
Bar passage rate for the graduating class of 2019 84.5%
Student per library staff 238.8
Part-time Law Ranking Scores  
Overall Score 35
Peer assessment score (out of 5) 2.1
Median undergraduate GPA for part-time program entrants 3.28
Median LSAT score for part-time program entrants 151

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Mitchell Hamline School of Law 2023-2024 Rankings

Ranking Category Ranking
Best Law Schools #167 
Part-time Law #44 
Business/Corporate Law #164 
Clinical Training #45 
Constitutional Law #151 
Contracts/Commercial Law #131 
Criminal Law #149
Dispute Resolution #5 
Environmental Law #145 
Health Care Law #26 
Intellectual Property Law #81
International Law #140
Legal Writing #52
Tax Law #164
Trial Advocacy #68

From the table, it’s evident that Mitchell Hamline School of Law ranking holds a notable position in the legal education landscape. Specifically, Mitchell Hamline School of Law occupies the No. 167 spot (tied with other institutions) in the Best Law Schools category. Furthermore, when it comes to Part-time Law programs, the school shines brighter, clinching the No. 44 spot (again in a tie).

Knowing these law school rankings is important because it offers prospective students a snapshot of an institution’s reputation and academic quality within the broader legal education landscape. Understanding these rankings can be pivotal in making informed decisions about where to study, as they often reflect a school’s standing, alumni success, and overall educational excellence.

Law School Acceptance Rate and Cost

Is law school hard? Well, law school, in general, is known for its rigorous curriculum, and Mitchell Hamline is no exception. But compared to other top-tier schools like Harvard, which has a passing rate of 10%, and Yale, with a passing rate of 6%, Mitchell Hamline’s acceptance rate of 64.9% is quite high, indicating a more inclusive approach to admissions. This allows a broader range of students to access quality legal education and pursue their ambitions in the field. 

Another advantage is the cost. Mitchell Hamline is more affordable than many other law schools. If you live in-state and study full-time, it costs $18,994. For those from out-of-state studying full-time, it’s $37,752. Still, this is a good deal compared to other schools.

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Hamline School of Law: Comprehensive Law Programs & Opportunities

At Mitchell Hamline, they offer more than just law lessons. Dive into a wide range of programs and chances to learn and grow in the real world of law.

  • Degree Preparation: Focus on real-world law practice.
  • Classroom Experience: Grasp fundamentals, precedents, and advanced legal analysis.
  • Simulated Practice: Build advocacy and problem-solving skills through simulations.
  • Hands-On Experience: Volunteer with Minnesota Justice Foundation; engage in externships, clinics, and residencies.
  • Centers & Institutes: Enhance credentials with institutions like the Dispute Resolution Institute and Health Law Institute.
  • Certificate Programs: Advanced knowledge in Child Welfare, Dispute Resolution, and Native American Law.
  • Degree Programs: Options include 3+3 Programs, combined J.D. + Master’s, and LL.M.
  • Journals and Law Reviews: Contribute to the Mitchell Hamline Law Review, Cybaris®, and others.
  • Special Programs: Experience added programs like the Expert Witness Training Academy, Self-Help Clinic, and World Without Genocide.

Flexible J.D. Enrollment Options for Every Lifestyle

Mitchell Hamline School of Law pioneered becoming the nation’s first ABA-accredited law school to provide students an opportunity to attain a law degree via online and in-person classes. Initially dubbed the Hybrid J.D. program, this distance learning alternative has drawn a diverse mix of conventional and unconventional students.

Mitchell Hamline recognizes the varied needs of its students and offers tailored enrollment choices to cater to their diverse lifestyles. The school provides tailored enrollment choices:

  • Full-time: Dive deep with a comprehensive, immersive academic experience.
  • Part-time (day or evening): Flexibility for those balancing work, family, or other commitments.
  • Blended learning: A combination of online and on-campus sessions for a balanced learning approach.

The Mitchell Hamline School of Law online offers an innovative program, allowing students to access top-tier legal education from the comfort of their homes. Each option is meticulously crafted with a curriculum to maximize the learning experience within that specific schedule.

Nationally Recognized Health Law Program at Mitchell Hamline

Mitchell Hamline’s Health Law Institute stands out, earning national rankings. If you’re a law student or a health expert, this institute offers a deep dive into health law. Through tailored courses, study certificates, moot court challenges, and hands-on experiences, students get to learn in real-world settings. 

The U.S. News & World Report often lists them among the top health law programs. In 2023, preLaw even rated them #26 with an A grade.

Certificates to Boost Your Health Law Skills 

The institute provides several certificate programs to sharpen your expertise, whether you’re a lawyer, a health worker, or in business. They offer flexibility with online, hybrid, and on-campus classes:

  • Health Care Compliance Certificate
  • Health Law Certificate
  • Virtual Health Care Compliance Certificate
  • Online Health Care Compliance Certificate
  • Dedicated Team for a Rich Learning Experience 

The Health Law Institute is backed by a team of full-time and visiting teachers who are all about helping students reach their dreams. They believe in fair, inclusive, and just health laws and policies. Plus, there’s an Advisory Board made up of varied industry experts. They offer a fresh view of health law issues and the community’s health needs.

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Clinics and Experiential Learning

At Mitchell Hamline Law School, rooted in the traditions of both William Mitchell Law School and Hamline University School of Law, practical experience is emphasized. Real-world legal learning is indispensable. With various clinics, students dive into areas like civil rights or environmental law. These clinics offer direct engagement in legal tasks, from drafting documents to representing clients, ensuring students are prepared for the professional world.

Hamline Law School MN: Alumni Success

Mitchell Hamline boasts a vibrant alumni network of over 20,000 members, many of whom are making significant strides in Minnesota and globally. These graduates, holding the values of both William Mitchell Law School and Hamline University School of Law, are a testament to the institution’s quality. 

The school emphasizes the importance of alumni connections, offering numerous events and services to ensure everyone stays interconnected. Alumni are encouraged to actively participate in shaping the experiences of the next generation by connecting with peers, current students, faculty, and staff, helping them navigate the ever-evolving legal landscape.  

Hamline University School of Law St. Paul Minnesota: Admissions Process of the School

To join Mitchell Hamline School of Law, applicants need to navigate several law school requirements:

  1. LSAT Preparation: Crucial for both admissions and predicting bar exam success. Aim for at least 160 study hours using resources like Khan Academy and Kaplan.
  2. Taking the LSAT: Offered nine times a year, it’s a fundamental requirement. The highest score is often considered for scholarships.
  3. LSAT Writing Sample: A mandatory piece evaluated for its analytical and writing quality.
  4. Credential Assembly Service (CAS) Registration: A centralized service for consolidating application materials, including transcripts and LSAT scores.
  5. Academic Transcripts: All post-secondary transcripts should be sent to CAS. Mitchell Hamline mandates a bachelor’s degree for entry.
  6. Letters of Recommendation: At least two are required, addressing the applicant’s potential and qualities for success in law school.
  7. Online Application: Comprises a personal statement, values statement, scholarship essays (if applicable), a detailed résumé, and, if necessary, a character and fitness addendum.
  8. Other Tests: While the LSAT is primary, GRE scores can be submitted for supplementary insights.
  9. Bar Exam Eligibility: Ensure awareness of bar examination criteria and character evaluations in your intended jurisdiction.

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