Entering Excellence at Mercer University School of Law


Mercer University School of Law, also known as the Walter F. George School of Law, has been a respected institution in legal education since its establishment in 1873. Named after Senator Walter F. George, the school is dedicated to excellence and tradition, evolving to equip students for the complexities of the legal field.

As a component of Mercer University, the law school is committed to delivering a robust education that empowers students to positively influence society. The curriculum combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience, providing students with the essential skills for success in the legal profession. The faculty, comprising seasoned legal scholars and practitioners, cultivates an environment fostering intellectual curiosity and academic challenge.

Mercer University School of Law building.

Mercer Law School Ranking

Mercer University School of Law has consistently garnered acclaim in the legal education landscape, with its noteworthy standing reflected in Mercer School of Law rankings. The comprehensive Law School Data underscores Mercer’s excellence across various legal fields, showcasing its commitment to academic rigor and preparing students for success in the dynamic legal profession.

USNW Best Law Schools #99
Business/Corporate Law #154
Clinical Training #167
Constitutional Law #140
Contracts/Commercial Law #109
Criminal Law #127
Environmental Law #138
Health Care Law #148
Intellectual Property Law #123
International Law #140
Legal Writing #21
Tax Law #136
Trial Advocacy #15

Academic Programs at Mercer University Law School

Explore Mercer University Law School’s diverse academic programs in this list, from a strong Juris Doctor program to hands-on advocacy initiatives, clinics, externships, and the art of mastering legal writing. Get a glimpse of the multifaceted education that awaits aspiring legal professionals.

1. Juris Doctor (JD) Program Curriculum

Mercer’s Juris Doctor program is a well-crafted curriculum designed to equip aspiring lawyers with a comprehensive understanding of foundational legal principles. Dive deep into subjects vital for legal prowess, including constitutional law, contracts, and criminal procedure, fostering the skills necessary for a successful legal career.

2. Advocacy Programs

Mercer University Law School goes beyond textbooks, offering advocacy programs that transform students into courtroom champions. Whether honing negotiation skills, perfecting trial advocacy, or participating in moot court competitions, aspiring legal advocates find a dynamic platform to cultivate their persuasive prowess.

3. Clinics and Externships

Mercer’s commitment to practical legal education shines through its clinics and externship programs. Here, students seamlessly transition from theory to practice, engaging in real-world legal scenarios. Gain hands-on experience, working with real clients under the guidance of experienced faculty, and emerge ready to navigate the complexities of the legal profession.

4. Legal Writing

Mercer University Law School recognizes the paramount importance of effective legal writing. The curriculum emphasizes the art of crafting persuasive legal documents, giving students the tools to communicate complex legal concepts with clarity and precision. Elevate your written advocacy skills and stand out in a profession where words carry immense weight.

At Mercer University Law School, academic programs go beyond just earning a degree—they pave the way for excellence. Graduates emerge well-versed in legal theory and equipped with practical skills essential for success in the ever-evolving field of law.

Mercer University School of Law Stats

The Mercer Law School law school numbers present essential statistics where aspiring law students can find invaluable numbers to guide their path toward successful admission. From acceptance rates to median LSAT scores, these key metrics offer a roadmap for prospective candidates aiming to navigate the admissions process and set strategic goals for their legal education journey.

Mercer Law School LSAT Median 154
Mercer Law School GPA Median 3.48
Mercer Law School Acceptance Rate 46.10%
Mercer University Law School Ranking No. 99 in the nation’s Best Law Schools
Mercer Law School Tuition $41,992 to $61,035

The Mercer University School of Law Admission Requirements

Entering Mercer University Law School demands a thorough grasp of admission requirements, each shaping the path to legal education excellence. Aspiring law students can gain valuable insights into the admissions process, unlocking the keys to successfully navigate Mercer’s rigorous standards.

Start your Mercer Law School journey by checking the law school application timeline. Be aware of crucial dates – the priority deadline for acceptance and scholarships is January 15, and the final application deadline is June 1. This strategic approach improves your chances of securing a spot in this esteemed institution.

  • Crafting Your Law School Resume:

Mercer values a well-crafted law school resume that reflects your academic achievements and extracurricular engagements. Present yourself effectively on paper, emphasizing experiences that highlight your potential as a future legal professional.

  • Law School Letter of Recommendation:

Secure strong endorsements with compelling Law School Letters of Recommendation. Understand what makes a recommendation impactful and strategically approach potential referees to bolster your application.

  • Exploring Part-Time Options:

Mercer acknowledges the diverse paths to legal expertise, offering a law school part-time option for those balancing work or other commitments. Explore the flexibility of part-time study and discover how it aligns with your aspirations.

  • Mastering Law School Outlines:

Master creating effective law school outlines, a skill integral to Mercer’s academic environment. Learn how to organize legal concepts systematically, demonstrating your preparedness for the challenges of a rigorous legal curriculum.

In the pursuit of Mercer Law School admission, aspiring law students can elevate their applications by understanding and strategically addressing the institution’s requirements. From timely submissions to compelling letters of recommendation, each element plays a crucial role in securing a place in Mercer’s legal education community.

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Mercer University Law School Tuition and Financial Aid

Mercer University Law School recognizes the financial considerations of pursuing legal education and offers a transparent approach to tuition. The current tuition for Mercer Law School ranges from $41,992 to $61,035, reflecting the institution’s commitment to providing accessible legal education. Aspiring law students can explore various avenues to alleviate the financial burden, including Law School Scholarships tailored to recognize academic achievement and potential. Additionally, Mercer facilitates the journey through available Law School Loans, ensuring that students can pursue their legal aspirations with financial support.

Mercer Law Internal Scholarships

Mercer Law School offers annual merit scholarships based on academic excellence. All accepted applicants are automatically considered. Additional scholarships may be awarded to high-performing students after the first year, and eligibility requires meeting the January 15 priority deadline, including the George W. Woodruff Scholarship deadline. Admissions applications must be submitted and completed by January 15 for Woodruff Scholarship consideration.

George W. Woodruff Scholarship

The George W. Woodruff Scholarship at Mercer Law School has a priority deadline of January 15. To be eligible for consideration, applicants are required to submit and complete their admissions application by this same date. This scholarship opportunity emphasizes the significance of meeting the January 15 deadline, underscoring the importance of timely submission for those aspiring to be recipients of the esteemed Woodruff Scholarship.

Key LSAT Insights for Aspiring Mercer University Law Students

Prepare strategically for law school admission, especially if you’re aiming for Mercer University Law School. This list unpacks essential tips beyond standard LSAT preparation, offering a comprehensive guide to help you succeed in the admission process.

Begin with a Free LSAT Consultation

Mercer University Law School values applicants who demonstrate a clear understanding of the LSAT. Start your journey with an LSAT free consultation to assess your strengths and weaknesses. Use this opportunity to gain insights into the specific requirements of Mercer University Law School and tailor your preparation accordingly.

Mastering LSAT Sections

Master the LSAT sections—Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension. Organize your study time according to your strengths and weaknesses in each section. Recognize common question types in Mercer’s admission exams for a strategic advantage on test day.

Aim for the LSAT and GPA Sweet Spot

Mercer University Law School provides a benchmark with an average LSAT score of 154 and a GPA of 3.48. Recognize that these numbers are not just statistics; they are your goals. Tailor your study plan to ensure you meet or exceed these requirements.

Enroll in an LSAT Prep Course

Consider joining a reputable LSAT prep course to receive expert guidance. Mercer University Law School values applicants who show dedication to their LSAT preparation. Prepare for success at Mercer Law with our targeted LSAT Prep Course. These courses focus on specific law school requirements, helping you to align your efforts with the expectations of the admissions committee.

LSAT Tutoring for Personalized Improvement

Opt for LSAT tutoring to receive personalized attention and guidance. Work with a tutor to address your unique challenges and refine your skills in areas where improvement is needed. Ace the LSAT and secure your spot at Mercer Law with personalized tutoring. Our tutors can provide targeted strategies for approaching Mercer’s preferred question types, giving you a competitive edge.

Law School Admissions Consulting for a Winning Application

Leverage the expertise of law school admissions consultants to craft a compelling application. Mercer University Law School appreciates applicants who demonstrate a strong understanding of their program. Maximize your chances at Mercer Law with expert admissions consulting. Consultants can guide you in presenting your LSAT score and GPA effectively, showcasing your strengths in a way that aligns with Mercer’s values and expectations.

Remember, success in the LSAT is not just about reaching a certain score but also about understanding the specific requirements and preferences of the law school you aspire to join. Mercer University Law School values applicants who demonstrate a genuine commitment to their program, so tailor your LSAT preparation accordingly to stand out on test day and in your application.


In conclusion, Mercer University School of Law stands as a distinguished institution committed to fostering academic excellence and preparing students for successful legal careers. With a holistic approach to admissions, taking into account factors like LSAT scores and academic achievements, Mercer ensures a diverse and accomplished student body. As applicants navigate the admissions process, the Law School emphasizes a commitment to fair evaluation through the LSAC platform, reflecting its dedication to transparency and equal opportunity in legal education.

Choosing Mercer University School of Law is not just a step towards legal expertise; it is an investment in a supportive and enriching academic community.

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