LSAT Prep: The Key to a High LSAT Score


The LSAT is significant for aspiring law school students, often causing anxiety and concern. Enrolling in an LSAT prep course is highly recommended to ease these worries, as it offers unparalleled preparation for the examination. This article aims to highlight the importance of LSAT prep and guide you in choosing a suitable course by considering various aspects.

What Is the LSAT Prep?

LSAT Prep is your game plan for getting ready to take the LSAT, the big test you need to pass to get into law school. It is a combination of study materials, practice tests, and a structured LSAT course to assist you in navigating the exam’s content. 

The objective is to acquaint you with the type of questions you will encounter and equip you with the necessary strategies to handle them. Whether you do it alone with books and online resources or get help from a course, LSAT Prep is your roadmap to doing your best on the test.

The Importance of the LSAT in Law School Admissions

What is the LSAT? The LSAT, commonly called the Law School Admission Test, is vital in pursuing a legal profession. It serves as an indispensable milestone on the journey towards law school admission. What distinguishes the LSAT and renders it of utmost importance? This examination rigorously evaluates candidates’ aptitude in reading comprehension, logical reasoning, and critical thinking capacities. You’ll need these crucial abilities for law school and your future profession as a lawyer.

Law schools rely heavily on your LSAT score when making admissions decisions. A high LSAT score can open doors to prestigious institutions, possibly leading to scholarship opportunities. Conversely, a lower score could hinder your opportunities. The LSAT holds substantial weight in determining the course of your legal studies. 

Given its significance, proper preparation for the LSAT should not be treated casually. LSAT test prep comes in various forms, from self-study to structured courses. Opting for a well-designed LSAT test prep course can give you the necessary skills and strategies to excel in the exam. These courses usually offer a thorough review of LSAT sections, equipping you with how to tackle each part of the test confidently.

For students with disabilities or special needs, LSAT Accommodations are available to level the playing field during the test. These accommodations can range from extended time to take the exam to providing a separate room or specialized equipment, making the LSAT more accessible for everyone.

How Long Does It Take to Prepare for the LSAT?

There is no defined timeline to study for the LSAT. Some students succeed by committing to learning 20 hours weekly for three months. However, this is just an average and may not apply to everyone. To correctly assess your readiness, it is advised that you begin your LSAT prep by taking a practice exam. This will give you a baseline score, helping you to set realistic study goals. 

Once you have that baseline, the next step is to look at the LSAT score range accepted by your target law school. Knowing this lets you adapt your study strategy to meet or surpass those scores. Equipped with a dependable LSAT study guide and a precise study plan, you will be well-equipped to optimize your preparation time.

Best LSAT Prep Course in 2023

LSAT test prep courses have become increasingly diverse and tailored to individual learning preferences. You can select a standard in-person LSAT prep program, an LSAT online course, or a mix of the two. Here is a list of the best LSAT prep companies, each with its own distinct approach.

Odyssey Test Prep

  • 48 hours of live online classroom instruction from an LSAT expert instructor
  • Content delivered over 16 weeks
  • 3 hours of live online classroom instruction per week
  • Instruction from a 170+ LSAT Course Expert Instructor
  • A dedicated Personal Success Coach to help provide practice plans and a study schedule
  • Odyssey Digital LSAT Books to maximize study time
  • Leveled Up LG Course™
  • 6-month Access to Score Support Center™
  • Law School Admissions Roadmap

The Princeton Review

  • LSAT 165+
    • 84 hours of live instruction
    • 165 LSAT score guaranteed
    • 150 hours of online drills and explanations
    • 70+ official LSAT practice tests
    • LSAT PrepPlus included
  • Immersion 165+
    • 144 hours of live instruction
    • 165 LSAT score guaranteed
    • 150 hours of online drills and explanations
    • 70+ official LSAT practice tests
    • LSAT PrepPlus included
  • Fundamentals
    • 30 hours of live instruction
    • 150 hours of online drills and explanations
    • 70+ official LSAT practice tests
    • LSAT PrepPlus included
  • Self-Paced
    • 150 hours of online drills and explanations
    • 70+ official LSAT practice tests
    • LSAT PrepPlus included


  • Live, scheduled lectures
  • Support team to answer questions during class
  • Guidance from LSAT experts
  • Access to every official LSAT question ever released
  • 180+ hours of live and on-demand lessons
  • Private, 1:1 tutoring (Tutoring + Live Online Course only)
  • Curated content (Tutoring + Live Online Course only)
  • Personalized homework assignments and study plan (Tutoring + Live Online Course only)
  • Consistent class schedule with 1:1 interaction (In-Person Course only)
  • Engaging classroom learning experience (In-Person Course only)
  • Personalized homework assignments (On-Demand Course only)
  • Over 300 customizable quizzes (On-Demand Course only)


  • 170+ Course
    • 75 hours of live instruction
    • 100+ hours of live review sessions
    • 9000+ practice questions
    • Customizable study planner
    • 300+ hours of video explanations
    • Weekly support from the LSAT coach
    • 18 practice tests
    • Customizable QBank
    • Detailed analytics
    • 170+ score guarantee
  • Live Course
    • 37+ hours of live instruction
    • 100+ hours of live review sessions
    • 9000+ practice questions
    • Customizable study planner
    • 300+ hours of video explanations
    • 18 practice tests
    • Customizable QBank
    • Detailed analytics
  • Self-Paced Course
    • 68+ interactive learning modules
    • Personalized study plan
    • 9000+ practice questions
    • Practice tests


  • Monthly subscription
    • Core Curriculum with 50+ hours of video lessons
    • 98 LSAT PrepTests
    • 8,440 question explanations
    • Custom problem-set generator
    • Personalized study schedule
    • Digital tester and PDFs
    • Modern and classic formats
    • Full LSAT Analytics
  • Monthly + Live subscription
    • Everything in the Monthly subscription, plus live classes and access to a library of recorded classes

How to Prepare for the LSAT

The LSAT is not just another exam but a unique beast. It plunges you headfirst into challenging problem-solving scenarios and intensifies the pressure by imposing time constraints. You aim to respond with utmost precision and efficiency as you race against the clock. So, how can you conquer this daunting test? The answer lies in comprehensive preparation and expert guidance.

1. Start Early

Begin your LSAT preparation early by determining which administration you plan to take. It is important to allow yourself to retake the test if needed. Start studying months in advance, dedicating a few hours each day. While most students spend 10 to 14 weeks preparing, adapt your study habits according to what suits you best.

2. Selecting Your Preparation Method

Take the time to explore your options for studying for the LSAT. You can prepare in many ways, such as taking the LSAT Prep Course, LSAT Tutoring, purchasing prep books, or using free online resources. Consider factors like your learning style, budget for prep materials, and what motivates you before deciding which option is best for you. The LSAC is a great place to start since they designed the test and even offer free LSAT prep materials.

3. Commit to Your Study Plan

Plan your LSAT test dates so that you can strategize and commit to a study plan. To enhance your score, you must devote substantial effort to LSAT preparation. Ensure that your preparation takes precedence by developing a strategy, setting a timeline, and adhering to it.

4. Understanding the LSAT Structure

To start preparing for the LSAT, becoming acquainted with the test’s format is essential. To adequately prepare for the LSAT, it is crucial to clearly understand the sections that evaluate your reading comprehension, logical reasoning, and critical thinking abilities. By becoming familiar with the details of these sections, you can pinpoint specific areas that require additional attention during your preparation process.

5. Take Practice Exams

Whichever method you choose, it is imperative to take multiple practice exams. These exams provide a realistic sense of the LSAT experience and serve as diagnostic tools to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

6. Time Management Strategies

Time management is a critical skill for success in the LSAT, as it is a timed exam. Many LSAT prep classes and courses include modules that offer tips and techniques for efficient time management during the test.

7. Review and Refinement

After completing practice exams, it’s crucial to review your performance. Examine both your correct and incorrect answers to understand your reasoning. This review process will enable you to adjust your strategies for improved performance in subsequent practices or the actual test.

Choosing the Right LSAT Prep Course

Selecting the best LSAT prep course can be a make-or-break decision in your law school journey. You need a course that matches your needs, from package offers to cost. With Odyssey Test Prep, we understand these needs and offer an LSAT comprehensive program designed to propel you toward your goals. Our LSAT instructors have firsthand experience acing the LSAT, and they bring this expertise into the classroom. We offer a full package at affordable prices, aiming to provide value every step of the way.

LSAT Prep Course

Dive into our comprehensive courses designed to master every section of the LSAT. Our LSAT Prep Course is aimed at students setting their sights high. We’re talking about those big, elite LSAT scores. You can expect a significant score increase of over 20 points. A score of 170 or above opens the door to admission to top legal schools such as Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. The course contains practice exams, skill drills, and one-on-one evaluations to ensure LSAT success. 

LSAT Tutoring

Elevate your LSAT performance with one-on-one tutoring from our expert instructors. The tutors we bring are highly trained instructors who have nailed a 170 or higher on their own LSATs. These pros use top-notch methods and are great communicators. They’ve spent years honing their LSAT test review skills and can help guide you to a stellar score. This service also includes custom practice tests, interactive sessions, and a personalized study plan tailored just for you.

Law School Admission Consulting

Get expert assistance in navigating the competitive world of law school admissions. We don’t just prepare you for the LSAT; we prepare you for the whole law school application journey. Our Law School Admission Consulting service helps you build a compelling application. Our personal success coaches will be by your side throughout the process, ensuring you’re well-positioned to get into your dream school.


Getting into law school can be tough, but with Odyssey’s LSAT Prep and law school test prep services, it becomes easier. We provide a Free LSAT Consultation to help you begin on the right track. Our comprehensive approach includes extensive courses and personalized tutoring to ensure a high LSAT score and a successful law school application. By choosing Odyssey, you’re guaranteeing success from beginning to end.

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