Your LSAT Prep Guide: Evaluating LSAT Max for 2023-2024


Relatively new to the LSAT prep scene, LSAT Max is rapidly gaining attention for its unique approach to test preparation. Unlike traditional LSAT prep courses that focus on live class sessions and strict study plans, LSAT Max offers a modern, mobile-first approach coupled with flexible study options. 

Founded in 2011 by Mehran Ebadolahi, a Harvard graduate who scored a remarkable 174 on the LSAT, LSATMax has since assisted over 100,000 students in achieving their LSAT goals. Designed to provide a highly customizable remote learning experience, LSAT Max prep pushes most of its study materials and support through a user-friendly app, available from the moment you enroll with no expiration date. 

If you are looking for the best LSAT prep course on the market today, this review aims to provide an in-depth analysis of LSAT Max, its features, pros and cons, and overall value so you can make an informed decision for your LSAT preparation.

LSAT Max Review Pros and Cons

Understanding the LSAT and Its Significance

What is the LSAT? To pursue a career in law, it is essential to complete the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), which is administered by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). This test is divided into multiple LSAT sections that evaluate your logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, and reading comprehension skills.

Additionally, there is an unscored variable section and a separate unscored writing sample. While the scored sections are critical for your admission prospects, the unscored sections should not be disregarded, as they may be used for research or potentially appear as scored sections on future tests. 

Given the weight that law schools place on LSAT scores during the admissions process, a comprehensive and strategic preparation approach is vital, emphasizing the importance of choosing an effective prep program like LSAT Max.

What Is LSAT Max Prep?

LSAT Max Prep distinguishes itself from other LSAT prep courses such as Kaplan, Princeton Review, and LSAT Lab by offering a unique, mobile-first approach to its course structure. With a course that seamlessly blends thousands of LSAT practice questions with supplementary video content, LSAT Max stands out for using modern technology to enhance traditional education. 

Through adaptive learning algorithms designed to minimize study time without sacrificing effectiveness, a user-friendly mobile app for convenient, on-the-go preparation, and tablet-based support tailored for the digital LSAT, LSAT Max offers a comprehensive package for the modern student. Various LSAT Max reviews echo the sentiment that this course successfully merges convenience and effectiveness, making it an ideal choice for today’s aspiring law professionals.

Key Features of LSAT Max

When it comes to LSAT preparation, LSAT Max stands out with a variety of unique features. The following are the key components included in LSAT Max’s course offering, all designed to optimize your LSAT preparation:

  • Free Mobile App: LSAT Max provides a free mobile app that includes optional premium features, enhancing the convenience of studying on the go.
  • Extensive Practice Material: With over 9,000 LSAT practice questions, students have many resources to hone their skills.
  • In-Depth Video Lessons: The course provides over 400 hours of video lessons, which aim to break down complex topics and offer strategic insights.
  • Ample Practice Tests: LSAT Max offers 91 full-length practice tests, replicating the real testing environment to build your confidence.
  • LSAT-Flex Simulator: Tailored for the latest LSAT-Flex format, this simulator provides an authentic testing experience, allowing you to adapt to the new testing scenario.
  • Detailed Explanations: Beyond simply providing practice questions, LSAT Test Max includes detailed explanations for each question to help students understand their mistakes and improve.
  • Real-Time Analytics: The dashboard integrates real-time analytics, helping students track their progress and focus on their areas of weakness.
  • LSAT Max Tutoring: Every course comes with office hours and one hour of private consultation with an LSAT tutor, ensuring that students have the opportunity for personalized guidance.
  • Financing and Flexible Plans: With financing payment plans and multiple course lengths available, including 60, 180, and 365-day plans, LSAT Prep Max provides flexibility for any budget.

These features collectively make LSAT Max not just a traditional LSAT prep course but a comprehensive, modern, and flexible learning experience, reinforcing the positive sentiments expressed in many LSAT Max reviews.

What’s Included in LSAT Max

Easy-to-Use Mobile App

It can be challenging to study for the LSAT when your schedule is packed, but LSAT Max offers a solution with their mobile app. You may now learn on the go, making it more convenient for yourself. 

The app provides whiteboard lessons, Logic Games, and daily drills you can watch and engage in. The built-in analytics track your overall exam readiness as you progress through these materials.

Even though all of this material is available online and accessible via your computer, the mobile app makes it more phone-friendly and easy for quick study sessions. Additionally, the app now supports tablets for both Android and iOS versions, making it equally effortless for students to prepare for the digital LSAT.

Smart Analytic Feedback

LSAT Max sets itself apart with its robust analytic system. As you complete the LSAT practice tests in areas like logical reasoning and reading comprehension, the analytics dashboard provides clear insights into your performance. This feature helps you identify which LSAT sections you’ve mastered and which need more attention.

LSAT Practice Questions

With LSAT Max, you’re never short on practice material. You get access to a whopping 9,000+ LSAT practice questions. These are not just any questions; they are original and previously used LSAT questions, ensuring you’re well-prepared for what the actual exam will throw at you. Additionally, they offer 84 full-length LSAT exams in both digital and hardcopy formats, providing ample practice opportunities for any student.

Comprehensive Video Lessons

You can access more than 400 hours of video lessons that comprehensively cover all LSAT concepts. These engaging videos are designed to replicate an actual classroom environment and taught by experienced instructors who excelled in the exam. The expert teachers use a visual teaching style called “Whiteboard Video Lectures,” which utilize a whiteboard to emphasize key points and simplify challenging concepts.

Students are writing and studying using a laptop outdoor- LSAT Max

How Much Does LSAT Max Cost?

The LSATMax cost varies based on two main factors: the duration of course access and the amount of tutoring needed. More extended courses and additional tutoring sessions increase the price.

The LSAT Max package is an all-inclusive study resource packed with over 9,000 LSAT questions, 80+ hours of educational videos, 5 textbooks for detailed learning, and 90 prep tests to simulate real exam conditions. Additionally, it offers message board support for interactive learning and analytics to track your progress effectively.

LSAT Max Options Price Access Period Tutoring
LSAT Max 60 $595 60 days No
LSAT Max 180 $995 180 days No
LSAT Max 365 $1,495 365 days No
LSAT Max + Intro Tutoring $1,845 60 days Introductory
LSAT Max + Basic Tutoring $3,095 180 days Basic
LSAT Max + Complete Tutoring $4,695 365 days Complete

LSAT Max Pros and Cons

Are you still trying to decide if LSAT Max is the right prep option for you? To help guide your choice, here’s a balanced overview of the key pros and cons of this popular LSAT prep course.

LSAT Max Review: Pros

  • Realistic Exam Experience: With its Test Proctor feature, they aim to make your practice sessions as close to the real test as possible. The app gives you timing cues and even includes ambient sounds to train you to focus during the actual exam.
  • Actual LSAT Practice Material: Max Prep uses the genuine June 2007 LSAT exam for its practice tests and materials. This gives you a first-hand experience of what the test will be like. Moreover, seasoned instructors thoroughly explain each logical reasoning and logic game question in video lessons.
  • Smart Analytical Feedback: No more shooting in the dark. LSAT Max’s software analyzes your performance, helping you identify weak spots. This leads to a custom study plan that optimizes your prep time.
  • Expert Instruction: They provide a classroom-like experience with world-class instructors. Not only can you interact with them via live message boards, but you can also take advantage of their Office Hours for direct communication.
  • Budget-Friendly Options: They are among the few prep courses offering monthly payment plans, making investing in your LSAT success easier without breaking the bank.

LSAT Max Review: Cons

  • Limited Help for Reading Comprehension: Max Prep strongly emphasizes the challenging aspects of the LSAT, such as logical reasoning and logic game practice. If you struggle with reading comprehension, consider seeking additional resources to improve your skills.
  • No Face-to-Face Classes: Max is not a suitable option for those who prefer in-person classes, as it only provides online courses. 

For a detailed guide on preparing for the exam, take a look at our comprehensive LSAT study guide. This guide offers valuable tips, strategies, and resources that complement the LSAT Max course, helping you achieve your target score.

Boost Your LSAT Score With Expert Guidance

How to study for the LSAT? Prepping for the LSAT is a crucial step on your path to law school, and specialized guidance can make all the difference. While LSATMax is a good choice, Odyssey Test Prep is the best choice for LSAT preparation because we offer personalized study plans guided by expert tutors who’ve taken the official LSAT. We also provide in-person and online sessions, adapting to your learning style and schedule. To learn more, here are some proven and tested services you should consider:

  1. LSAT Prep Course

The LSAT Prep Course provides a structured study plan with practice tests, study guides, and other critical resources. Courses often come equipped with analytics tools to monitor your progress, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. This method allows you to make the most of your study time. Elevate Your LSAT Game with Odyssey Test Prep!

  1. LSAT Tutoring

Discover the power of personalized LSAT tutoring to pinpoint your weaknesses, provide targeted practice, and improve your test scores. Working one-on-one with an experienced tutor allows for more flexible pacing and a curriculum designed just for you. This kind of focused study can result in substantial score improvements. 

  1. Law School Admission Consulting

Beyond the LSAT, you’ll also face the intricate process of law school applications, including personal statements and recommendation letters. Law School Admission Consulting services guide you through each step, ensuring you present yourself in the best possible light. Consultants help you craft compelling narratives in your essays and prepare you for interviews, increasing your odds of admission. The journey to your dream law school starts with Odyssey Test Prep!


Is LSAT Max worth it? This prep course offers you many questions to practice, lots of video lessons, and even a payment plan that’s easy on the wallet. It covers nearly everything, although some additional assistance may be required for the reading comprehension section. If you are committed to achieving a high LSAT score, LSATMax is certainly worth considering.

While LSAT Max is commendable, Odyssey Test Prep emerges as a compelling choice due to its personalized courses and tutoring options, tailoring the learning experience to individual needs.

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