Be Well-Prepared for the LSAT: Your Full Guide to LSAT Login


Starting a career in law begins with the Law School Admission Test. This article will discuss the LSAT’s significance to legal studies and professional development. We’ll also look at the steps to set up an LSAT account. Understanding the LSAT Login process is key for anyone planning to study law. This guide is here to help you through it, making sure you’re prepared to take your first steps towards becoming a law student.

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Importance of the LSAT in Admissions to Law School

The LSAT is an essential component in determining admission to law school. Performance on this lengthy and challenging test is a key component of law school application. It is necessary to register for the exam via the LSAC portal. This allows one to sign up for the LSAT test dates and locations. It also provides access to score reports when they become available.

The LSAT Sections

What is the LSAT? The exam itself has several sections designed to assess skills like logical reasoning, reading comprehension, and analytical thinking. Test takers must grapple with complex multiple-choice questions and reading passages under strict time constraints. Each section poses unique demands. Success requires extensive preparation and practice.

Logical Reasoning

This section tests the ability to analyze, critically evaluate, and complete arguments. It presents students with short passages and asks questions about the reasoning within those passages. Students must identify assumptions, inferences, main points, and flaws in arguments. There are typically 2 logical reasoning sections.

Analytical Reasoning

Often called the logic games section, this tests the ability to consider a group of conditions, rules, or positions, and draw conclusions. Students must find order and structure within a challenging set of rules and scenarios. This section measures skills in organizing information, identifying relevance, and making inferences.

Reading Comprehension

This section measures the ability to understand long, complex reading material. Passages are presented on topics like science, law, arts, and humanities. Students must then answer questions testing skills like reasonably drawing inferences, understanding tone, and identifying key information. There is typically 1 reading comprehension section.

LSAT Writing

The writing section of the LSAT is an important part of the test that is often overlooked. It contains one 30-minute writing sample prompt.

The prompt provides a choice of two topics generally related to issues, policies, or laws. Students must choose one topic and write an argumentative essay expressing their perspective. The writing section evaluates critical reasoning in an extended, essay form. Strong writers can demonstrate their ability to logically analyze complex issues and present reasoned arguments on a timed test. This section provides law schools with a sample of an applicant’s written communication capacities which are vital for success in law school and legal careers.

While many law schools heavily weigh exam performance during the admission process, some law schools don’t require the LSAT. Applicants should research if their target schools obligate submitting scores. If not mandated, one can decide if taking the exam is beneficial or unnecessary.

With strategic preparation and an understanding of how scores are utilized, prospective students can make informed decisions about the standardized exam on their path to law school. To determine one’s actual LSAT score, the raw score must go through an LSAT Raw Score Conversion process handled by LSAC. This accounts for minor variances between test versions and ensures standardized scoring, allowing law schools to accurately interpret and compare applicant results.

Creating an Account and LSAT Login Process

The LSAT is mandatory for admission to the majority of law schools, and many of them require you to take the test by November or December. It is recommended, therefore, to take the test sooner, in June or September/October. Plan your exam date so that you have enough time to receive your results before the deadline for the first law school application. You must prepare to be sure you’ll perform as well as you can on the test.

Registration for the LSAT begins much earlier, and the cutoff is usually 5–6 weeks prior to the test date. When you’re prepared to register for the LSAT, just follow these LSAT Login steps.

1. Register for an LSAC Account or Create One

You will be asked to log into your LSAC account after clicking Register. You will need to create one if you don’t have an LSAC account yet in order to LSAT Sign in. 

2. Sign the Candidate Agreement

You will need to sign a candidate agreement after logging into your LSAC account. You cannot register for the LSAT if you do not sign this agreement. This is how the page should appear, with the agreement underneath.

3. Upload Your Photo

After signing the agreement, you will be instructed to upload a selfie with just your head and shoulders and a government-issued ID to your LSAC account. You will be given a deadline for uploading photos, but you won’t be required to upload these requirements just yet. Make sure you read this page all the way through since it will inform you what kinds of selfies are OK and what are not.

4. Decide on a Test Location

You will be prompted to choose and submit the country in which you want to take the test after clicking Continue To Registration. 

3. Select a Test Date

You will be asked to choose your preferred test date after submitting your test location. There will appear a list of all the forthcoming tests. 

4. Continue with the Registration

You will be taken to a page confirming your test dates and outlining the $222 registration fee after selecting your test day. Click Continue with Registration once you’ve reviewed this.

5. Upload Your Selfie Picture

At this point, uploading a selfie is required in order to proceed with the registration procedure.

6. Verification 

You will be prompted to verify your personal details, ethnicity, undergraduate institution, bachelor’s degree, and optional pre-law information after you have uploaded your photo. 

7. Cover the Registration Cost

After that, you’ll be required to pay the $222 registration cost when prompted to check out. You will be registered and receive many emails verifying your successful LSAT registration as soon as your payment is finalized.

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The LSAT Fees

When registering for the LSAT, applicants should research all associated LSAT costs. Be ready to pay the following basic fees when you register for the LSAT and CAS:

Service Fee (USD)
LSAT (includes LSAT Writing) $222
Credential Assembly Service (CAS) $200
CAS Report $45
LSAT Score Preview $45 (before test day)
$75 (after test)
Official Candidate LSAT Score Report $50
Score Audit $150 ($75 with fee waiver)
Test Date Change No charge (by registration end)
$135 (up to 10 days later)
$222 (11 days to test day)

Alleviating Financial Burden

Applying to multiple law schools with application fees, LSAT registration, preparatory materials and more carries a heavy economic toll for some candidates. However, assistance is available in the form of LSAC Fee Waivers. The fee waiver offers free access to approved LSAT study resources in addition to covering expenses like the LSAT test fee and the Credential Assembly Service (CAS) charge. Demonstrating financial need in alignment with LSAC’s criteria opens the door to the possibility of a waiver, which can significantly alleviate the financial burden.

Accessibility Assistance for Examinees

The LSAT aims to accurately assess the skills and abilities of all prospective law students on an equal basis. Yet some individuals require accommodations to demonstrate their talents fully when taking the exam. Disabilities, medical conditions, or other barriers to performance may warrant special assistance.

These LSAT Accommodations include extended testing time, additional breaks, or alternative test formats. Once your LSAT registration is complete, you can use LSAC to request these accommodations. After receiving your request, LSAC will let you know its decision within 14 days. 

2024 LSAT Test Dates

Administration Primary Test Dates LSAT Writing Opens Registration Deadline Scheduling Opens Score Release
January 2024 1/10/2024
1/2/2024 11/30/2023 12/12/2023 1/31/2024
February 2024 2/9/2024
2/1/2024 12/26/2023 1/23/2024 2/28/2024
February 2024 (Puerto Rico) 2/23/2024
2/15/2024 1/9/2024 2/6/2024 3/13/2024
April 2024 4/11/2024
4/3/2024 2/29/2024 TBD 5/1/2024
June 2024 6/6/2024
5/29/2024 4/23/2024 TBD 6/26/2024

The LSAT can be taken at several testing centers across the United States, with nine options available each year. Law school applications become available in the fall and accept candidates on a rolling basis. If you want to improve your chances of getting into your dream law school, you should take the LSAT early.

Taking the LSAT during June, July, or September is advisable. The November/December LSAT provides a valuable opportunity for you to be considered for admission in the following fall. Because you will have no time to retake the exam before the application period ends. After finalizing a test date, verify if your chosen testing center will be conducting the LSAT. Some testing centers do not provide the exam on all nine test dates. 

You may monitor the progress of each step you take when you apply to the institutions of your choice using your LSAC online account. Every school has different deadlines and law school requirements. For all LSAC services, use your LSAC account number as your primary means of identification.

How to Prepare for the LSAT?

You need to create an LSAC account to be able to LSAT Login. The LSAT plays a crucial role in law school admissions since it effectively predicts future academic success. Thoroughly preparing and expending maximum effort is crucial for achieving success on the LSAT, as it significantly influences your future. Odyssey Test Prep offers a range of services to help you establish an effective strategy and achieve outstanding results on the LSAT.

LSAT Prep Course

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LSAT Tutoring

Elevate your LSAT performance with one-on-one tutoring sessions tailored to your strengths and weaknesses – let our expert tutors guide you to your highest potential. We offer personalized LSAT tutoring where students work one-on-one with an expert tutor to target weak areas through customized drills and review sessions twice a week, tailored to their schedule. Our tutors provide strategic coaching on all question types to assist each student in attaining their target score.

Law School Admission Consulting

Gain a competitive edge in your law school journey – our admissions consultants are here to craft a compelling application, maximize your strengths, and help you secure your spot at the top law schools. The law school admission consulting service helps applicants identify target institutions, create appealing personal statements, evaluate and revise applications, and prepare for interviews through practice sessions. Consultants assist applicants in developing an application strategy for each school based on their profile and aspirations, resulting in the strongest possible law school applications.


As we wrap up, remember that your journey toward law school is a significant one, and preparing for the LSAT is a crucial part of it. Utilize your LSAT login to access a wealth of resources and support. Take advantage of our LSAT Free Consultation, which can provide personalized guidance and answer any specific questions you might have. This is a chance to address any uncertainties and plan strategically for your LSAT preparation.

Approach this journey with confidence and dedication, and you will make significant progress toward realizing your aspirations of attending law school.

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