Getting to Know Excellence With the Lewis and Clark Law School Ranking


Lewis and Clark Law School opened in 1915 in Portland Oregon, concentrating on laws for the environment, natural resources law, and public interest law. Many graduates also enter these fields after law school. Lewis and Clark Law enjoys a great reputation for resources and faculty.

It currently ranks 84th according to the U.S. News and World Report rankings. Although rankings aren’t all that there is, they still provide solid proof of quality legal education. Rankings take a great deal into account, and achieving the 84th position in the top 100 of the best law schools is a great feat. It is about finding the best fit for you and your career objectives. Several successful lawyers have graduated from Lewis and Clark Law School and have successful careers.

Lewis and Clark College Northwestern School of Law signage on mossy concrete.

The Lewis and Clark Law School Ranking Trend Since 2020

In recent years, Lewis and Clark Law School has increased its law school rankings. The school has moved up from 93rd in 2020 onwards. It kept that 88th spot in 2021 and 2022. However, the school jumped to 84th in the recent 2023-2024 ranking. This upward trajectory suggests that the institution is improving its academic offerings, faculty quality, and student results.

These ranking trends reflect a continued effort by the law school to raise its educational standards and picture. For potential applicants like yourself, this demonstrates that Lewis and Clark Law School is committed to offering a premier legal education and is working to elevate its standing amongst peers. With its rankings showing positive momentum, applying to Lewis and Clark Law might give you a chance to be part of a community working toward excellence in law school. 

Lewis and Clark Law School Ranking

We present you with a table showing where Lewis and Clark Law ranks amongst various legal areas. These rankings could provide you with a sense of the school’s strengths and areas of law concentration. As a future law student, knowing these rankings enables you to match your preferences with exactly what the school does best and also customize your application to its strengths. With this info, you can demonstrate you’re a smart applicant who wants to be part of Lewis and Clark’s exclusive opportunities.

USNW Best Law Schools #84
Part-time Law #24
Business/Corporate Law #125
Clinical Training #51
Constitutional Law #79
Contracts/Commercial Law #109
Criminal Law #73
Environmental Law #2
Health Care Law #135
Intellectual Property Law #88
International Law #75
Legal Writing #16
Tax Law #119
Trial Advocacy #108

5 Factors Affecting The Lewis and Clark Law School Ranking

Several factors rank Lewis and Clark Law School and how they impact your application. Knowing these factors is going to help you make educated choices and represent yourself effectively to admissions committees. Understanding what factors of a law school’s reputation matter most can enable you to place yourself as a leading prospect and boost your odds of acceptance.

1. High-Quality Law Education

The reputation and expertise of faculty also affect a law school’s rank. Lewis and Clark have professors who are experts in their areas and also perform research. This indicates a good academic atmosphere. When applying, explain how engaging with known faculty members can improve your learning and contribute to your professional or academic growth.

2. Bar Passage Rates

With an 80.85% bar passage rate for first-time takers, Lewis and Clark Law School effectively educates graduates to practice Law. This particular statistic is important to the school’s current rank and reflects the school’s curriculum, staff, and student support. Such good performance enhances Lewis and Clark’s reputation amongst law schools and attracts potential students searching for a top legal education.

3. Employment Outcomes

Law schools with high employment results, like high rates of graduates finding work in big law firms or federal agencies, rank higher. As of March 15, 2023, over 92% of Lewis and Clark Law School’s 2022 graduates were working or pursuing additional education within ten months of graduating. These remarkable employment statistics help the school rank highly. A positive record of graduates working and seeking advanced degrees right after graduation reflects favorably on the institution’s academic quality, relevant curriculum, and career support services. Ranking organizations evaluate such data and influence Lewis and Clark’s position among other law schools. High employment rates demonstrate the school can produce competent legal professionals, making it appealing to potential students.

4. Student-Faculty Ratio

When considering Lewis and Clark Law School, note its 7.6:1 student-faculty ratio. This ratio affects the attention professors give you, which is crucial for your learning. With a low ratio, expect more personalized guidance and perhaps higher education quality and student satisfaction. This ratio also influences Lewis and Clark’s rankings. When applying, specify your preference for a supportive academic environment with relationships amongst faculty and peers.

5. Academic Resources

Lewis and Clark Law School boasts state-of-the-art facilities, libraries, and research resources that significantly contribute to the enhancement of their law school’s ranking. Tailor your application to demonstrate exactly how you’ll leverage the school’s resources to pursue your professional and academic objectives successfully.

Knowing how Lewis and Clark Law ranked could help you craft an application that mirrors the school’s values and strengths. Concentrate on your aspirations and qualifications and the way they fit the school’s academic mission and offerings. Showing you fit the school’s culture and resources can boost your chances of admission and help you flourish in your legal education journey.

Lewis and Clark Law School Admission Statistics

As an aspiring Law student, key statistics about Lewis and Clark Law School will enable you to make the best choice for your application. Such stats as acceptance rate, median LSAT scores, and employment results reflect the school’s competitiveness and quality of education. With these stats in mind, you can estimate your chances of admission, look at the school’s readiness for your legal career, and make wise choices regarding your application.

Lewis and Clark LSAT Median 161
Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark College Median GPA 3.52
Lewis and Clark Law School Acceptance Rate 52%
Lewis and Clark College Law School Ranking No. 84
Lewis and Clark College Law School Tuition $42,220 to $56,296
Lewis and Clark Law School Class Profile 149 out of 1163 applicants

Chester E. McCarty Classroom Complex at Lewis and Clark Law School

Academic Programs at Lewis and Clark Law

Lewis and Clark Law School offers a wide range of academic programs from which you can choose your legal education path. Whether you want to get a Juris Doctor (JD), Master of Laws (LLM), or Master of Studies in Law (MSL), this overview describes the emphasis and possibilities within each program. The specifics of these degrees will enable you to make a sound choice regarding your legal education and career path.

1. Juris Doctor

The JD program at Clark and Lewis prepares you to be a practicing attorney. You’ll build upon legal practice and theory through courses, clinics, and experiential learning.

2. Master of Laws

The LLM program provides specific legal training for practicing attorneys or international students wanting advanced knowledge in certain areas of law. Concentrations include Environmental Law, Animal Law, or Business Law.

3. Master of Studies in Law

The MSL program is for non-lawyers who wish to find out more about pertinent legal principles to their professions. It’s created for professionals in business, healthcare, or government who want to get additional legal knowledge without a JD.

4. Joint JDMBA with PSU

Lewis & Clark Law School provides a Joint JD/MBA program with Portland State University (PSU). This dual degree program confers a Juris Doctor along with a Master of Business Administration in law and business management.

5. Summer Courses

Lewis and Clark Law School doesn’t specify a 2-Year Law School program. Nevertheless, you can accelerate your JD studies by taking summer time coursework or perhaps by taking a heavier course load each semester, depending on individual circumstances and academic performance.

Admissions at Lewis and Clark

The school has specific requirements that are crucial to meet in your application. By comprehending and satisfying each requirement in this particular list, you can submit a strong application that shows your academic capabilities, individual strengths, and ambition to be a lawyer.

1. LSAT Score

A competitive median LSAT score of 161 is essential. You must take the GRE or LSAT and submit your scores to show law school readiness. Aiming for a strong LSAT score is the basis of your application—a chance to shine and secure admission to Lewis and Clark Law School.

2. Transcripts

Provide official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions attended. Transcripts must reflect high academic performance as this can help your application.

3. Personal Statement

Write a personal statement about why you chose a legal education, your experiences, and your career goals. Use this opportunity to highlight why you’re a top candidate.

4. Letters of Recommendation

Send letters of recommendation from individuals who could speak to your academic capabilities, work ethic, and personality. Pick recommenders who know you effectively and who could shine a light on your potential as a law student.

5. Optional: Diversity Statement and Addendum:

Publish a law school diversity statement describing the way your background, experiences, and viewpoints facilitate an inclusive and diverse educational environment. In case there are additional aspects of your application that require further clarification or context, like a gap in your educational record or LSAT score, you can include a law school addendum to deal with those areas.

Accomplishing these admission requirements and submitting an extensive application package demonstrates you’re serious about obtaining a legitimate education at Lewis and Clark Law School. A strong academic record along with a great personal statement in addition to supporting documents such as letters of recommendation and optional statements might boost your odds of admission to the program.

Dean’s Scholarship for Excellence

Incoming law students like you frequently think about how to pay for law school. The tuition ranges between USD 42,220 and USD 56,296 yearly at Lewis and Clark Law School. However, the cost shouldn’t discourage you. The school provides the Dean’s Scholarship for Excellence to help students finance their legal training. For this scholarship, academic achievement, and leadership opportunities along with contributions to the legal community are the guiding elements for granting funding. Applying for scholarships like the Dean’s Scholarship for Excellence can relieve the price of law school tuition and also make you a lawyer.

Taking the LSAT for Lewis and Clark

Excellent overall performance on the LSAT matters for law school admission. It’s a standard test that evaluates critical thinking, critical reasoning, and rational abilities important for law school success. Admissions committees use LSAT scores to rate your academic potential and anticipate exactly how you’ll do in a competitive legal education. Odyssey Test Prep will assist you in getting ready for the LSAT with confidence.

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Lastly, knowing the Lewis and Clark Law School ranking and its effect on your application may be overwhelming. With the info here, you can make informed choices. No matter whether it is studying the educational programs, completing admission requirements, or even exploring tuition fees and scholarships – you finally have a road map to assist you on the way. You may also take Odyssey Test Prep for the LSATs and improve your odds of getting into Lewis and Clark Law School. You can even leverage various other LSAC tools to strengthen your application. 

Keep in mind that being successful in the LSATs and admission into your dream law school is achievable, and Odyssey Test Prep will be here to assist you.

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