Your Guide to the Top Law School in Chicago


Did you know that Chicago has several accredited law schools? Chicago is known for its rhythmic music, incredible food, and culture that will captivate you. Another feature of this busy state that may astound you as an aspiring attorney is the length of its list of major legal organizations and law firms.

The state is home to several prestigious law schools in Chicago that can give you direct access to these opportunities, helping you get your foot in the door! This guide will cover these universities, their best attributes, and important admissions data.

The Chicago Bean - Law School in Chicago

Why Chicago is a Top Pick for Law School

If you’re starting a career in law, a law school in Chicago, Illinois, should be on your list. Chicago sets itself apart as a city where law education extends beyond the classroom. Here, students intern at renowned firms and participate in hands-on externships. These experiences are about observation and active involvement in significant legal work.

In Chicago, the legal landscape is as diverse as its neighborhoods, offering a range of opportunities in both prominent and smaller legal organizations. This variety allows students to gain experience in different legal fields, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of the law. The real highlight of studying in Chicago is how these professional experiences integrate with academic studies. The focus here is on learning the law through practical application, not just from textbooks. This approach provides a more immersive and effective legal education.

Best Law Schools in Chicago Illinois

Presented below are the six accredited law schools in Chicago:

Law School  Rankings GPA Percentile LSAT Scores Percentile Acceptance Rate Tuition
The University of Chicago #3 Best Law Schools
#1 Business/Corporate Law
#1 Contracts/Commercial Law
3.81-3.97 169-175 14.2% $74,607
Northwestern University – Pritzker #10 Best Law Schools
#4 Tax Law
#6 Clinical Training
#7 Dispute Resolution
3.63-3.95 166-172 15% $72,212
Loyola University Chicago #84 Best Law Schools
#18 Part-time Law
#4 Health Care Law
3.37-3.72 157-161 41.7% $53,156 (Full-Time)
Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago-Kent Law School #99 Best Law Schools
#12 Part-time Law
#9 Trial Advocacy
3.31-3.79 155-161 50.5% $52,170 (Full-Time)
$38,330 (Part-Time)
DePaul University #135 Best Law Schools
#31 Part-time Law
#35 Health Care Law
#36 Intellectual Property Law
3.18-3.76 152-158 41.8% $51,132 (Full-Time)
$33,396 (Part-Time)
University of Illinois-Chicago Law School #159 Best Law Schools
#37 Part-time Law
#24 Trial Advocacy
#25 Legal Writing
3.05-3.6 149-154 66.4% $40,488 (Full-Time, In-State)
$38,330 (Full-Time, Out-of-State)

1. University of Chicago Law School

The University of Chicago Law School is considered a top law school in Illinois and ranked 3rd nationally. This school’s superior multidisciplinary law school curriculum, which combines humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, is unique. 

To help its students get the most out of their studies and to enable them to establish personal relationships with some of the most prominent individuals in the legal profession, it also provides a small, close-knit community. Several of these individuals also oversee the clinics at the school: 

  • Abrams Environmental Law Clinic
  • Civil Rights and Accountability Project
  • Criminal and Juvenile Justice Clinic
  • Employment Law Clinic
  • Federal Criminal Justice Clinic
  • Housing Initiative Transactional Clinic
  • Immigrants’ Rights Clinic

Given top law school rankings, the University of Chicago’s acceptance rate is just 14.2%. High scores are required for admittance to this school. Aspiring law students should strive for an LSAT score of 173 and a GPA of 3.91 to meet the competitive median of former applicants.

To get into this elite school, applicants must be excellent. If you work hard and get into this prestigious law school, you’ll be ready for a legal career and sought after by some of the nation’s largest law firms. Over 95% of their graduates get jobs within a year, and approximately 97.8% pass the bar exam on their first try!

2. Northwestern University- Pritzker

The Northwestern University is another T14 law school Chicago. Northwestern has a slightly higher acceptance rate of nearly 15% and a median GPA of 3.89 together with a median LSAT score of 171, matching the University of Chicago’s admission requirements. 

If admitted to this prestigious college, students will benefit from the country’s third lowest student-to-faculty ratio, the most interdisciplinary research faculty, and a clinical program known for altering the law and improving justice. 

Almost all Northwestern graduates, specifically 99%, can secure employment within one year after graduating. Additionally, a high percentage of them, around 95.1%, successfully pass the bar exam on their initial try. Many of these grads work at some of Chicago’s biggest law firms.

3. Loyola University Chicago

The school is another best law schools in Illinois, with a good Loyola Chicago Law School ranking nationwide. The school health program ranks fourth in the US. This school is student-centered and guided by the Jesuit values of intellectual openness, service to others, devotion, and academic excellence.

If these values coincide with what you value, Loyola might be an excellent fit for you! Loyola’s admittance rate stands at 41.7%, with an employment rate above 74% and a bar passage rate of 82.3%. Your chances of getting into Loyola should be assessed in light of the school’s 3.56 median GPA and 159 LSAT score. To get admitted, you must also submit a law school personal statement, resume, and recommendation letter demonstrating your qualifications and experiences.

4. Illinois Technological Institute Chicago-Kent 

Illinois Institute of Technology is the fourth-best law school in Chicago. When considering the Chicago Kent Law School ranking, it’s noteworthy that this institution is ranked 12th for its part-time program, and 99th overall for the best law school in the country.

The school aims to provide students with a comprehensive skill set, a forward-thinking mindset, and practical experience to thrive in the dynamic field of law. With Kent Law School’s solid relationships with the Chicago legal community, students have several alternatives when it comes to locating an externship.

Illinois Tech’s first-time bar passage rate of 74.7% and employment rate of 82.9% respectively testifies to the importance of the opportunities and resources this law school offers its students.

Students need to have LSAT scores between 155 and 161 and GPAs between 3.31 and 3.79 to join this school’s illustrious line of successful attorneys. Thankfully, more than half of all candidates are accepted by this institution, thus your chances of being admitted to Illinois Tech are good!

5. DePaul University Law School

DePaul University is the fifth law school in IL that enables students to obtain invaluable real-world experience both domestically and overseas. The health and intellectual property law departments at this university are particularly well-known, consistently ranking in the top 40 in the nation. Here are some of its distinctive centers that complement its demanding curriculum, enabling students to explore their interests:

  • The Center for Animal Law
  • The Center for Art, Museum, and Cultural Heritage Law
  • The Center of Intellectual Property Law and Information Technology
  • The Center for Jewish Law and Judicial Studies
  • The Center for Public Interest Law
  • The DePaul Migration Collaborative
  • The International Human Rights Law Institute

Additionally, this Illinois state law school fosters students’ intellectual curiosity and inquiry by providing a wide selection of courses and friendly instructors who consistently come up with creative ways to help students learn and succeed. 

The goal for applicants to this dedicated law school should be an LSAT score of 156 and a GPA of 3.57. Approximately 41.8% of candidates are deemed eligible for admission by DePaul. Approximately 68.4% of these successful applicants get hired shortly after graduation and clear the bar test on their first attempt.

Every incoming student is given immediate consideration for any available law school scholarships. A limited number of scholarships are given by the school to incoming first-year legal students, mostly based on academic merit. A notification of scholarship eligibility is included in the acceptance letter.

6. University of Illinois – Chicago

The University of Illinois-Chicago is the last law school Illinois on our list. The school has earned acclaim for providing an extensive array of experiential learning options, empowering students with valuable hands-on experiences to enrich their education. The Community Legal Clinics is where students engage in real-life cases and externships, offering practical legal experience.  

UIC Law School is in downtown Chicago, the nation’s third-largest legal industry. UIC Legal’s premium location is conveniently located near the Chicago Bar Association building, federal courthouses, and a slew of famous legal firms, providing several possibilities for students to intern, extern, and stay connected to companies. 

Furthermore, UIC Law is dedicated to fostering inclusiveness and diversity. It has been recognized as one of the “Most Diverse Law Schools in the Nation” and consistently works towards creating an inclusive campus community. This commitment is reflected in various initiatives and programs to diversify the legal profession.

With a solid 66.4% acceptance rate and 72.8% of graduates securing full-credit positions within ten months, not to mention a 64.4% first-time bar passage rate, UIC Law isn’t just a place to learn; it’s a launchpad into the legal profession in Illinois.

Law School Students standing for a photo inside a library

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Final Thoughts

Selecting target law schools from the nearly 200 accredited programs across the country is daunting, but focusing your search on law schools in Chicago helps narrow the options. As a major legal hub, Chicago fosters a vibrant community to learn the law and jumpstart your career. Each featured institution can sufficiently equip students through quality education, hands-on training, and networking to succeed as legal professionals. 

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