A Comprehensive Admission Guide to John Marshall Law School


John Marshall Law School is a place many law enthusiasts dream about. Located in the heart of Atlanta, it’s a hub for legal education, offering various programs and courses tailored to your needs. Whether it’s full-time study or online options, the John Marshall Law School has something to fit your career goals. 

If you’re considering a career in law, John Marshall offers many promising opportunities. This article will tackle the John Marshall Law School’s acceptance rate, rankings, bar passage rate, and admission requirements to guide your admission journey.

Brief History of John Marshall Law School

Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School (AJMLS), founded in 1933, was created to provide quality educational opportunities to non-traditional learners and underserved communities in Georgia. Under the first Dean, S.B. Fenster, the school became one of the first southern law schools to integrate its student body and include women from its inaugural class. The school has continually opened doors to those who might have been denied legal education elsewhere. 

Notable achievements include gaining approval from the Supreme Court of Georgia, complying with ABA Standards, and collaborating with Argosy Education Group (AEG). The school achieved full approval by the Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar of the American Bar Association in 2009.

Where is John Marshall Law School? John Marshall has been part of Midtown Atlanta, occupying two separate campuses before a significant expansion in 2011. Its focus on part-time evening programs has made it a unique institution in Georgia. Recent advancements include appointing the first African-American Dean, Jace C. Gatewood, and establishing the John Marshall Law School Foundation. 

In 2021, the school relocated to a new, state-of-the-art facility at 245 Peachtree Center Ave. NE, occupying floors 18-20. This move represents Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School’s commitment to growth and continued service to its students, alumni, and the broader legal community, positioning it at the center of commerce, hospitality, entertainment, transit, and retail in Atlanta.

Students studying inside the campus-Marshall School of Law

2022 Entering Class Profile of Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School

2022 Entering Class
Number of Applicants 1,127
Applicants Accepted 473
Entering Class Size 134
Full-time Class Size 95
Part-time Class Size 39
Part-time Day 9
Part-time Evening 30
Gender Female: 69%
Male: 31%
Residency States represented: 21
Georgia resident: 76%
Non-Georgia resident: 24%
(Birth) Countries represented: 15
Native Languages Spoken 7
Entered with an Advanced Degree 15%
Minority 69%
Average Age Overall: 28
Part-time program: 30
Full-time program: 26
Undergraduate Data Institutions represented: 69 schools
Majors represented: 30+
Military 5%
Scholarship Overview >$2.1 million in merit scholarships awarded
95% of entering students were awarded a merit scholarship

The provided information gives an insightful glimpse into the 2022 entering class of the school. Atlanta John Marshall Law School profile conveys a school that values diversity, offers flexible learning schedules, and provides substantial support through scholarships. The inclusive institution has attracted a broad spectrum of students regarding gender, residency, age, educational background, and even military service.

Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School 2023-2024 Rankings

The most recent U.S. News rankings place Atlanta’s John Marshall Law at 171st in the Best Law Schools. These law school rankings consider widely accepted measures of excellence, highlighting its strong commitment to delivering top-notch legal education and its esteemed position within the academic community.

Ranking Category
#171 Best Law Schools (tie)
#186 Business/Corporate Law (tie)
#174 Clinical Training (tie)
#177 Constitutional Law (tie)
#195 Contracts/Commercial Law (tie)
#133 Criminal Law (tie)
#165 Environmental Law (tie)
#174 Health Care Law (tie)
#105 Intellectual Property Law (tie)
#159 International Law (tie)
#98 Legal Writing (tie)
#164 Tax Law (tie)
#96 Trial Advocacy (tie)

A female student using a laptop and talking to her tutor inside a library

Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School Statistics

When considering admission to John Marshall Law School Atlanta, it is important to keep the following information in mind:

Entering Class of 2022 LSAT And GPA

The range of scores provides a clear target for prospective students, with the median score as a valuable benchmark.

High 75% Median 25%
LSAT 165 153 151 148
GPA 4.0 3.55 3.14 2.75

Aim for an LSAT score of 151 and a GPA of 3.14 or higher to improve your chances. Although the school has no LSAT and GPA requirements, having a high score will strengthen your application. The provided figures suggest a more flexible admissions approach, which may appeal to those seeking a quality legal education without facing overly stringent LSAT score demands.

Acceptance Rate

When considering where to apply for law school, knowing how many students get in is good. John Marshall Law School Atlanta’s acceptance rate is a welcoming 45.8%. This number indicates the school’s selectivity, creating a competitive yet fair environment for dedicated students. Applying this goal in mind shows the school values providing opportunities to many students.

Bar Passing Rate

The school’s first-time bar passage rate is 66.7%. This percentage reflects how many students pass the bar exam on their first try after graduating. John Marshall’s commitment to quality education and support is evident in their high success rate for students pursuing legal careers, with room for improvement.

J.D. Program Length in Academic Years

How many years is law school? Law school programs in the US last for three years and result in a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree, which is necessary for most states to take the bar exam and practice law.

Becoming a lawyer is a significant commitment, and John Marshall Law recognizes that students have different needs and schedules. That’s why the school offers three distinct paths to a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree, each tailored to fit different lifestyles:

Juris Doctor Program
3-Year Full-Time Day J.D. Program A three-year, full-time program is offered in the morning and afternoon. This is the only full-time J.D. program offered.
4-Year Part-Time Day J.D. Program A four-year, part-time program is offered in the morning and afternoon.
4-Year Part-Time Evening J.D. Program A four-year, part-time program that is offered in the evening.

Another important question that many aspiring lawyers ask is, “Can you take the bar without going to Law School?” In several places, including California, Virginia, Vermont, and Washington, those who want to practice law can choose an apprenticeship program with experienced attorneys or judges rather than attending traditional law school. This path to becoming a lawyer, known as “reading the law,” is demanding and distinctive.

However, most states require a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from an accredited law school to take the bar exam. This standard path ensures that candidates comprehensively understand the law before practicing it.

If you prefer the traditional path but are looking for flexibility in your studies, John Marshall Law could be a good fit for you. With options including a 3-Year Full-Time Day J.D. Program and two different 4-Year Part-Time J.D. Programs, our school offers the adaptability to meet your needs.

John Marshall Law School Online

Atlanta John Marshall Law School (AJMLS) does offer an online law program. Specifically, they have launched an Online LL.M. in American Legal Studies, a four-semester program designed to educate foreign-trained attorneys in American law. This allows students to earn a Master of Laws degree while residing in their home countries. However, it does not offer a law school online for J.D. (Juris Doctor).

John Marshall Law School Cost and Scholarships

How much does law school cost? The cost varies based on the school. For the 2023-2024 academic year at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law, full-time student’s tuition is $25,503 per semester, while part-time students are charged $15,434 per semester. Other fees such as technology, graduation, and installment payment application fees may also apply. 

Understanding the full-tuition cost is essential for students, especially when considering additional expenses such as the LSAT Cost, a separate expense necessary for admission to most law schools. An installment payment program is available for those who wish to break down their tuition payments, with specific terms and conditions to be adhered to. All rates and fees are subject to change, and students must consider their financial obligations thoroughly.

The AJMLS offers various scholarships, including merit-based, need-based, and service-based awards to make legal education accessible. The school also encourages students to seek external scholarships, reflecting a commitment to support both traditional and non-traditional students in their legal studies.

Admission Requirements for John Marshall Law School

Here’s an overview of the essential admission requirements you’ll need to fulfill:

  • Complete, sign, and submit an application, either dated or electronically.
  • Provide a 2-3 page personal statement and a one-page resume via email or electronic attachment.
  • Submit a reportable Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score; it must be taken no later than June for the fall class.
  • Send official transcripts from all attended colleges and universities to LSAC and register with LSAC Credential Assembly Service (CAS); transcripts must be submitted to AJMLS by October 15th if admitted.
  • Include two letters of recommendation that discuss character, academic ability, and potential for success (family members cannot write these letters); they can be sent to LSAC or mailed directly to AJMLS. 

If you’re applying to law school and need community support, the Law School Admissions Reddit forum is a go-to destination. With insightful threads from fellow applicants, alumni, and even admissions officers, you can find answers to specific questions or general guidance.

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John Marshall Law School is committed to delivering an education that embodies quality and affordability. Unlike many institutions, the lower cost at John Marshall doesn’t compromise the richness of learning, as it offers flexible programs tailored to meet various needs. Moreover, the school prides itself on fostering a diverse environment where all students can thrive, regardless of their background.

One essential aspect of preparing for a successful John Marshall Law School application is achieving a high LSAT score. With expert LSAT guidance, aspiring law students can better understand the test, enhance their skills, and thus increase their chances of admission. By embracing this personalized support, future students can unlock the potential for success at the AJMLS, taking advantage of the opportunities within its affordable and inclusive setting.

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