How to Get Full-Ride Law School Scholarships


Attending law school is usually costly and requires a large financial commitment. The good news is that many law schools provide worthy applicants with full-ride law school scholarships. By covering all expenses, these fully funded law school award packages allow students to focus on learning without tuition stress.

Law schools offer full-ride scholarships to recruit exceptionally promising candidates, often with perfect scores on the LSAT or standout grades. The scholarships reward diligent and high-achieving applicants who otherwise couldn’t afford law school full tuition rates.

Competition is stiff for these scholarships, but with stellar academics, test scores, resumes, and application essays, deserving students are rewarded with law school full-ride scholarships.  With full financial support, students don’t accumulate costly debt burdens and can dedicate themselves wholly to rigorous law programs.

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Top Law Schools Offering Full Ride Scholarships

The availability of full scholarship law school choices is crucial while planning your legal education. Verifying that a law school offers full-ride scholarships is essential before applying. While some institutions may not provide full scholarships law school, they might offer a range of law school merit scholarships. Contacting schools directly to understand scholarship offerings is recommended.

1. New York University Law School

New York University Law School is a high-ranked institution located in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. The school offers various scholarships to its students. These include the Dean’s Awards, which are grants based on merit or need and can cover full tuition. There are also Programmatic Scholarships such as the Furman Academic Scholars Program and the Mitchell Jacobson Leadership Program in Law & Business. The Root-Tilden-Kern Program covers three years of tuition for students committed to public service. Additionally, the program provides Named Scholarships that focus on specific areas such as women’s and children’s rights and public service.

2. The University of Pennsylvania Law School

The Pennsylvania Law School places a strong emphasis on offering students cross-disciplinary education to prepare them for success in the legal industry. Students can apply for financial aid and law school scholarships, such as the Levy Scholars Program, which covers one exceptional student’s tuition for three years. 

Students focused on public interest law can apply for full tuition reimbursement under the Toll Public Interest Scholars Program. Additionally, Penn Law Merit Scholarships is a law school full tuition scholarship available for students who demonstrate exceptional potential.

3. UCLA School of Law

Founded in 1949, the UCLA School of Law currently holds the 14th position among the Best Law Schools according to US News World and Report. The university grants complete three-year tuition through the UCLA Law Distinguished Scholars Award, one of the scholarships it awards to deserving candidates. Under the UCLA Law Achievement Fellowship, outstanding students who have overcome major obstacles in their personal, intellectual, or socioeconomic lives can receive three years of tuition free of charge. 

For those interested in Native American law, there is a scholarship called the Graton Scholarship that pays for three years of tuition. For an entering student who is enthusiastic about environmental law, there is a three-year, full-tuition law school scholarship available: the Emmett Family Environmental Law Award.

4. Arizona State University Law School

The Arizona State University is located in the center of Phoenix and is ranked 32nd in the US. The school provides a state-of-the-art, multicultural learning environment that prepares students for the rigors of the legal field. 

Aside from law school loans, numerous scholarships are available to students at ASU Law, such as the O’Connor Honors Program, which awards exceptional students with complete tuition, fees, and a stipend. Students who meet certain law school GPAs are eligible for complete tuition through the Willard H. Pedrick Scholarships. The Armstrong Family Scholarship awards full tuition to students who pledge to work in the public interest. 

5. Washington University School of Law

The Washington University is ranked 20th among the Best Law Schools in the country. They offer challenging academic programs and promote a friendly and collaborative community. Renowned for its cutting-edge research and knowledgeable instructors, WashULaw assists students in becoming leaders in the dynamic legal field. The school offers a merit scholarships law school called the “Scholar in Law Award.” This award can cover full tuition for selected students.

6. University of Texas School of Law

The University of Texas is a public law school in Austin founded in 1883. It offers a challenging legal education and emphasizes public service. UT Austin Law provides two types of scholarships: the highly competitive Forty Acres Scholars Program covers full tuition, living expenses, and global experiences, while the Rapoport-King Thesis Scholarship is for students completing a social justice honors thesis. It is among the oldest and most respected public law schools in the U.S., ranking 16th on the US News and World Report list.

7. Duke Law School

Located in Durham, North Carolina, Duke Law School is ranked 6th nationally among the Best Law Schools. It is well-known for its vibrant campus environment and demanding academic program. The university is renowned for its distinguished academic members who are dedicated to public service and carry out cutting-edge research.

The institution offers two full-tuition law school scholarship programs. The Mordecai Scholars Program provides full-tuition scholarships to qualified individuals who showcase outstanding personal and professional qualities. The B.N. offers scholarships covering full tuition to students who display leadership skills, academic excellence, and continuous engagement in the community, making them eligible for the Duke Scholars Program.

8. Boston University School of Law

Boston University is well-known for its broad curriculum and diverse student body. An extra benefit is that it’s situated in Boston’s historic district. BU Law offers various scholarships, including need and merit-based scholarships that may cover full tuition. Additionally, the school provides full-tuition scholarships for students committed to practicing public interest law through its Public Interest Scholarships program.

9. Cornell Law School

Cornell Law School’s supportive community and the faculty’s commitment to excellence make it a welcoming environment for strong legal minds. Among the numerous scholarships that Cornell Law School offers are the Charles Evans Hughes Scholars and the Berger Scholarships. Full-ride scholarships law school are given out for the Berger Scholarship, which celebrates people with a strong interest in business law, and the Charles Evans Hughes Scholar, which honors students with the greatest potential for leadership in the legal profession.

10. Columbia Law School

Columbia Law School is the 8th Best Law School in the country and is located in New York City. With a focus on business law and international legal studies, the school is renowned for its outstanding faculty, extensive programs, and accomplished graduates.

The school offers two scholarships that cover full tuition: the Hamilton Fellows Award, given based on merit, and the Greene Public Service Scholarship, awarded to two incoming students committed to public interest or public service law. Grant applications are reviewed during the admission process, so prospective candidates should submit their applications promptly.

Other Types of Scholarships

  • Need-Based Scholarships: These are given out according to the necessity for money. The Free Application for Federal Student Assistance (FAFSA) and maybe the financial assistance form specific to the law school must be filled out by applicants.

  • Merit-Based Scholarships: These depend on academic achievements, primarily your LSAT score and undergraduate GPA. They can also be awarded to second and third-year students who excel academically. Law schools, law organizations, and firms often offer these, with factors like employment experience and extracurricular activities considered.

  • Criteria-Based Scholarships: These are awarded to students who match specified criteria, such as current undergraduates at a specific university who aspire to join its law school or those interested in studying specific fields of law.

  • Endowed Scholarships: Established by donors, these scholarships have specific qualifications set by the benefactor, which might include participation in certain activities or pursuit of a particular field of law.

  • External and Local Scholarships: Offered by various organizations outside of law schools, these scholarships have diverse qualifications and amounts, often tailored to specific fields of law, locations, or backgrounds.

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How To Get a Full Scholarship to Law School

It takes planning, a strong application, and strong academic qualifications to get a full scholarship for law school.

Invest in LSAT Prep to Achieve a High LSAT Score

Achieving a strong LSAT score is crucial for consideration in the scholarship selection process, highlighting the tremendous value and opportunities associated with this accomplishment. Enrolling in the best LSAT prep course will significantly improve your score. Remember that a high LSAT score increases your likelihood of being accepted into college and positions you to apply for scholarships.

If you already know what your college GPA will be, focus on your LSAT score, which you can still improve. An outstanding LSAT score significantly boosts the probability of securing a full scholarship, opening up exciting opportunities for your academic journey. Many law schools have LSAT requirements in order to be eligible for scholarships.

Enhance Your Law School Resume

Law schools seek candidates with rich professional experiences that reflect strong character and potential. Diversify your law school resume with relevant experiences that showcase your capabilities beyond academics.

Prepare a Compelling Application

Well-written essays and personal statements that highlight your unique path should be included in your application. Check the quality and error-free writing of your law school letter of recommendation and other application documents.

Negotiate if Necessary

Consider discussing with the law school if you do not receive an initial scholarship offer. Provide the admissions committee with a persuasive letter outlining your reasons for deserving a scholarship, including any offers you have received from other universities.

Weigh Your Options

Be open to various possibilities. Choosing a full scholarship from a lower-ranked law school is better financially than paying full tuition at a highly-ranked school. Determine which matters more to you: graduating debt-free or enjoying the law school status.

Consider Early Decision Programs

Some law schools offer substantial scholarships to early-decision applicants. These applicants commit to attending if accepted. Planning a law school application timeline is crucial to take advantage of these opportunities. Mark important dates and deadlines to ensure you don’t miss out on these exclusive scholarship programs.

How to Achieve an LSAT Score for a Full Scholarship

The Law School Admission Test is crucial in law school admissions. The LSAT scores are a key sorting factor used by many law schools, which gives candidates’ performance a lot of weight. In fact, LSAT scores, together with undergraduate GPAs, comprise major factors in the admissions formulas and rankings models employed by most programs. To excel in the LSAT, Odyssey Test Prep offers comprehensive services tailored to your needs.

LSAT Prep Course

Ace the LSAT and unlock the doors to full-ride law school scholarships with our comprehensive LSAT Prep Course. Our LSAT prep course includes video lessons and live sessions taught by high-scoring instructors to assist you in mastering each section and question type on the exam. The course offers analytics to personalize your study plan, while quizzes, drills, and practice questions reinforce the reasoning skills you need to succeed.

LSAT Tutoring

Maximize your LSAT score potential with personalized tutoring, opening doors to lucrative full-ride law school scholarships. Odyssey matches students with an expert tutor for personalized 1-on-1 LSAT prep designed to pinpoint and improve your strengths and weaknesses. Highly experienced LSAT tutors work with you on official practice questions, explaining the logic and reasoning behind the test to build your skills.

Law School Admission Consulting

Odyssey’s law school admission consultants provide guidance on school selection, personal statement editing, application completion, and developing an overall strategy tailored to your goals. Odyssey helps you craft compelling applications by ensuring your experiences and passions come across genuinely so schools appreciate more than just test scores. Secure your spot and boost your chances of obtaining full-ride scholarships with expert guidance from our expert consultants!


The path to a law career can be made more accessible thanks to the numerous full-ride law school scholarships. Your dedication, proactive approach, and unique life story can be critical to these opportunities. So, don’t lose heart. Put in your best effort to land a full scholarship.

With such financial support, a prosperous and debt-free future in law is not just a dream but a real possibility. Best of luck on your journey!

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