Looking Into Perspective: Excellence at FL AM Law School


Flordia A&M University Law School has been providing legal education in Orlando, Florida since 1949. It’s been recognized over time because of its dedication to diversity – producing diverse attorneys reflecting American society. The law school is acclaimed because of its emphasis on social justice and public interest law and is a friendly environment for students dedicated to their communities. Through hands-on experiential learning and rigorous academic programs, FL AM Law School trains its graduates to pursue careers in different legal areas.

After graduating from FL AM Law School, you can pursue various rewarding legal professions. Regardless of whether you wish to become a business attorney, a public defender, a government prosecutor, or maybe a civil rights advocate, the law school’s practical training and liberal education prepare you for success in your profession. With such a reputation and alumni network, FL AM Law School provides various avenues for involvement in the legal system and society in general.

FL AM College of Law building

Florida AM Law School Ranking

Checking its ranking among law schools is vital when applying to Florida A&M University College of Law. Rankings include elements like academic reputation, university quality, and work placement rates, to help you make educated choices regarding your legal education. Review these rankings before applying to ensure FL AM School of Law is a fit for your academic and career goals.

USNW Best Law Schools #180-196
Part-time Law #47
Business/Corporate Law #164
Clinical Training #185
Constitutional Law #177
Contracts/Commercial Law #153
Criminal Law #170
Environmental Law #118
Health Care Law #168
Intellectual Property Law #130
International Law #154
Tax Law #119
Trial Advocacy #158

Academic Programs at FAMU Law School

Are you considering law school yet overwhelmed by the options? This section will break down the Law programs at Florida A&M Law School for you to make an informed decision. From the J.D. to LL.M. and J.M., learn what each program provides and how it can enable you to reach your objectives in law. So, weigh the options and get going on your legal career!

1. Juris Doctor (J.D.)

At Florida A&M Law School, you can learn fundamental legal theory and develop your analytical and advocacy skills. From constitutional law to contracts, criminal law to civil procedure, you will study law in numerous areas. You can have encounters like mock trials and legal clinics that can prepare you to become a litigator, business counsel, or public interest advocate in the courtroom and can provide you with genuine career paths.

2. Master of Laws (LL.M.)

This particular advanced degree is intended for professionals with particular knowledge such as intellectual property or tax law. With faculty assistance and networking, you will be an expert in your field with enhanced credibility and career options. Regardless of whether you are going up the career ladder or visiting new frontiers, the LL.M. program offers you the skills and credentials to succeed.

3. Juris Master (J.M.)

The Juris Master (J.M.) program at FAMU Law School in Orlando is for non-lawyers looking to broaden their legal understanding and professional standing. With a flexible curriculum, you will learn crucial legal concepts relating to industries including public policy, business, and healthcare. With practical experience and customizable courses, you will acquire legal skills applied to many different aspects to help you navigate legal terrain. Whether you work in healthcare, policymaking, or business, the J.M. program prepares you to succeed and make a legal decision.

FL A&M Law School Stats

In taking your journey to FL A&M Law School, understanding the crucial numbers could be crucial to shaping your application strategy. Your GPA, LSAT score, and approval rate are metrics admissions committees consider when they choose candidates. For competitive numbers, keep up the GPA, study for the LSAT, and also emphasize your specific experiences and strengths within your program materials. With planning and dedication, you too can become a great applicant and also earn FL A&M Law School admission.

Florida AM Law School LSAT Median 150
FAMU Law School Median GPA 3.41
Florida AM Law School Acceptance Rate 35.50%
FAMU Law School Ranking No. 180 in the U.S. Best Law Schools
FAMU Law School Tuition $29,162

The faculty at FL AM Law School

FAMU Law School Requirements

Setting off on your journey to FAMU Law School? It’s important to know the admission requirements to bolster your application. This list will take you step by step through the admission requirements like GPA, LSAT scores, letters of recommendation, resume, personal statement, and the way to meet each one. Following these actionable steps will help you craft a good application that shows your fit for FAMU Law School.

1. Law School Curriculum

Be sure you’ve taken the prerequisites in your undergraduate studies to meet FAMU Law School’s law school curriculum requirements. This includes English, math, and social sciences courses. To meet these requirements indicates you’re ready for law school academic rigor and legal studies.

2. Law School Requirements

Be familiar with the law school requirements for FAMU Law, with a median LSAT score of 150 plus a median GPA of 3.41. Exceed these benchmarks to bolster your application. Excellence in these areas shows academic ability and improves the likelihood of success in law school.

3. Law School Letter of Recommendation

Get solid law school letters of recommendation from individuals who could confirm your potential, character, and grades for success in law school. Pick recommenders who know you well and may comment on your qualifications. These letters are credible and offer admissions committees insight into your capabilities and strengths.

4. Law School Resume

Make a law school resume that highlights your grades, extracurricular activities, job experience along other abilities. Make your resume reflect your readiness for legal studies and your pursuit of excellence. A well-written law school resume captures your achievements and helps admissions boards evaluate your application holistically.

5. Law School Personal Statement

Create a law school personal statement relating to your love of the law, your motives for pursuing law, and also exactly why you’re a promising prospect. Make use of this chance to highlight your writing abilities, critical thinking, and individual characteristics that turn you into a great fit for FAMU Law School. Your statement reveals your character and motives, helping admissions committees find out your potential as a lawyer.

Knowing and meeting these key admission requirements will position you to be a competitive applicant to FAMU Law School. With thorough preparation, evidence, and a personal narrative, you can create an argument for exactly why you merit admission to FAMU Law School.

FL AM Law School Tuition

As an incoming Law student at FAMU Law School, the USD 29,162 tuition per year will be a factor in your budget. How these costs impact you is crucial to managing your finances throughout your legal education course. Nevertheless, FAMU Law School makes available financial assistance, including Law School loans and scholarships. These resources might help with tuition costs and lower the economic burden on students. Explore these opportunities and weigh options like repayment terms and eligibility to help you finance your legal education. Making use of readily available financial aid and budgeting properly will enable you to budget for law school and completely focus on your academic and career goals instead.

Rattler for Justice Scholarship

The Rattler for Justice Scholarship at FAMU Law School recognizes incoming students who show a commitment to social Justice and community service. You need a minimum LSAT score of 150 plus a minimum college GPA of 3.0 to apply. You have to also provide an individual statement describing your dedication to advancing social justice causes and examples of your community involvement. This scholarship encourages social justice and activism from students who show financial need. For information, check out the FAMU Law School site.

LSAT Strategies to Get Into FL AM School of Law

Begin your LSAT preparation now – an important step toward one of the known law schools in Florida. With Odyssey Test Prep’s professional guidance and information, you can get the best for your LSAT score and your law school application. From free consultations and practice testing to prep books, courses, and tutoring, Odyssey Test prep can enable you to get the FAMU Law LSAT score you would need to get into your dream law school.

  • Start with a Free LSAT Consultation

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  • Take a Free LSAT Practice Test

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  • Utilize the Best LSAT Prep Books

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  • Enroll in an LSAT Prep Course

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  • Consider LSAT Tutoring

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  • Try Out the Law School Admissions Consulting

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Finally, with the knowledge you acquired about FL AM Law School and LSAT preparation, you can craft a good application. Using the resources and approaches outlined – such as LSAC‘s services and Odyssey Test Prep’s assistance – you can prepare for admissions with confidence and success.

Whether it is understanding admission requirements, scoring well on the LSAT, or even obtaining personalized support, you have the tools to attend FL AM Law School and go after a legal career.

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