Your Guide to Preparing for Delaware Law School


Delaware Law School, part of Widener University School of Law, stands out with a rich history and a strong reputation since its establishment in 1971. Renowned for academic excellence and practical training, it attracts top-tier faculty and students. Affiliated with Widener University School of Law, the school emphasizes critical thinking and practical application, making it a key player in shaping future legal professionals.

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Academic Programs at Widener University Law School

Widener University Law School offers a spectrum of academic programs. From the foundational Juris Doctor program to specialized Master’s and Doctoral offerings, Widener University Law School provides a comprehensive platform for individuals seeking excellence in various facets of the legal field.

1. Juris Doctor (JD) Program

The Juris Doctor (JD) program is the cornerstone of legal education at Widener University Delaware Law School. This comprehensive law school curriculum equips aspiring lawyers with the fundamental knowledge and skills required for a successful legal career. From foundational courses to advanced electives, the JD program provides a robust education that balances theory and practical application.

2. Undergraduate Legal Studies

Take on your legal journey with Widener University Delaware School of Law’s Undergraduate Legal Studies program. It provides a strong foundation in legal principles and critical thinking, making it an ideal stepping stone for a smooth transition into the Juris Doctor program.

3. Interpreter Programs

Delaware Law School Widener recognizes the global nature of the legal profession. The Interpreter Programs cater to bilingual individuals aspiring to make a mark in law. Designed to bridge language gaps in legal settings, these programs enhance communication skills, making graduates indispensable in a diverse and interconnected legal landscape.

4. Master of Jurisprudence

Gain expertise in specific legal areas without a JD through the Master of Jurisprudence program at Widener School of Law. Designed for professionals in diverse fields, it offers a detailed study of legal principles, empowering graduates to navigate complexities in their industries.

5. LLM Programs

Delaware Law School’s LLM programs offer an unparalleled opportunity for legal professionals and graduates worldwide to expand their expertise. With a focus on international and comparative law, these programs foster a global perspective, preparing graduates to thrive in the complex landscape of contemporary legal practice.

6. SJD Programs

For the legal scholars of tomorrow, the SJD (Doctor of Juridical Science) programs at Widener School of Law provide a platform to delve into advanced research and contribute to the evolution of legal theory. This program is tailored for those with a passion for shaping the future of law through rigorous academic exploration.

7. International Partnerships & Special Programs

Delaware Law School’s commitment to global legal education is further exemplified through its international partnerships and special programs. Collaborating with prestigious institutions worldwide, these initiatives provide students with unique opportunities for cross-cultural learning, internships, and joint degree programs, enriching their academic experience.

University of Delaware Law School Ranking

Law school rankings play a pivotal role in shaping the reputation and impact of Delaware Law School. Through the University of Delaware Law School Ranking, you can gain valuable insights into the institution’s standing across diverse fields, offering a compelling narrative of its significance in the realm of legal education. This law school ranking highlights the school’s excellence in legal education and its notable position in the broader academic landscape.

USNW Best Law Schools #175
Part-time Law #64-70
Business/Corporate Law #54
Clinical Training #126
Constitutional Law #140
Contracts/Commercial Law #64
Criminal Law #149
Environmental Law #44
Health Care Law #83
Intellectual Property Law #159
International Law #119
Legal Writing #52
Tax Law #164
Trial Advocacy #108

Widener University Delaware Law School Notable Faculty and Alumni

Widener University Delaware Law School exudes excellence through its distinguished faculty and accomplished alumni. From influential legal scholars shaping academia to alumni making significant contributions in their professions, these individuals serve as inspiring examples, offering a glimpse into the heights achievable in a legal career.

Joseph R. Biden Jr. – Faculty

Joseph R. Biden Jr., the 46th President of the United States, demonstrated a commitment to education as a faculty member at Widener University Delaware Law School. Serving as an adjunct professor from 1991 to 2008, Biden co-taught a constitutional law seminar. Despite his international obligations, he would occasionally fly back to fulfill his teaching responsibilities, underscoring his dedication to imparting legal knowledge. This period highlights Biden’s multifaceted career, showcasing not only his political leadership but also his enthusiasm for instilling a profound understanding of constitutional principles in future legal professionals at Widener University.

Cecil B. DeMille – Alumni

Cecil B. DeMille, a standout graduate of Widener University Delaware Law School, left a lasting impact on American cinema. From 1914 to 1958, he directed, produced, and acted in 70 successful films, both silent and sound. Recognized as a pioneer in American cinema, DeMille is hailed as the most commercially successful producer-director in film history. His movies, known for their epic scale and cinematic style across various genres, contribute to his celebrated legacy. Beyond filmmaking, DeMille’s active involvement as a Freemason and member of Prince of Orange Lodge #16 in New York City adds an intriguing dimension to his story.

Widener University Delaware Law School Stats

Exploring Widener University Delaware Law School’s statistics offers essential insights for prospective law students, covering acceptance rates, average GPA, and notable alumni achievements. These numbers give a comprehensive view, helping applicants understand the competitive landscape and admission requirements.

Delaware Law School LSAT Median 150
Delaware Law School Median GPA 3.26
Delaware School of Law Acceptance Rate 65.70%
Delaware Law School Ranking No. 175 in the nation’s Best Law Schools
Delaware School of Law Tuition $55,776 to $79,634 
Delaware School of Law Class Size 234

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Delaware School of Law Admissions Requirements

Applying to Delaware Law can be challenging, but this guide offers a concise roadmap, helping applicants identify key elements to strengthen their applications—from academic requirements to distinctive program highlights. Empower your candidacy and secure a place in Delaware Law School’s esteemed community with this comprehensive list.

  • Mastering Law School Requirements

To secure a spot at Delaware Law, aspiring students must meet certain benchmarks. Familiarize yourself with the admission criteria, ensuring you have the required undergraduate degree and any additional prerequisites. These law school requirements include a bachelor’s degree, your transcripts, and to meet all that there is in the checklist for admissions.

  • Law School Personal Statement

Your law school personal statement is your voice in the application process. Craft a compelling narrative that not only showcases your passion for law but also highlights unique experiences and perspectives that set you apart. Show, don’t just tell, why you’re a perfect fit for Delaware Law.

  • Aiming for the Target Law School GPA

Delaware Law sets a standard, and aiming for a law school GPA of 3.26 or higher can significantly boost your chances. Focus on excelling in your undergraduate coursework, especially in classes that align with your legal aspirations.

  • Crush the LSAT with a Median Score of 150

The LSAT is a pivotal component of your application. Aim for or exceed the median score of 150. Prepare thoroughly, consider prep courses if needed, and practice consistently. A strong LSAT score can make a substantial difference in your application.

  • Building a Well-Rounded Application

Beyond grades and test scores, Delaware Law values well-rounded individuals. Showcase your leadership skills, community involvement, and any relevant work experience in your application to demonstrate your versatility and commitment.

  • Connect with Alumni Success Stories

Dive into the achievements of Delaware Law School alumni. Understanding their journeys can inspire your narrative and demonstrate how the school’s community fosters success. Mentioning specific alumni accomplishments in your application can also signal your awareness and alignment with the school’s values.

Remember, the journey to Delaware Law is not just about meeting requirements but presenting a holistic picture of yourself as a prospective law student. Tailor your application to reflect your unique strengths and ambitions, and you’ll be one step closer to making your mark on this esteemed institution.

Widener University Delaware School of Law Tuition and Financial Aid

Delaware Law School’s tuition ranges from $55,776 to $79,634, a crucial consideration for prospective students. Navigating this financial aspect is made more manageable through available options such as law school scholarships and law school loans. These financial aid avenues play a pivotal role in alleviating the economic burden associated with legal education, offering aspiring law students the means to pursue their academic and professional goals. Understanding the interplay between costs and available financial support is essential for applicants seeking a well-rounded approach to financing their legal education.

Law School Scholarships

Delaware Law is committed to affordable legal education and recognizing student achievements. The school offers renewable merit-based law school scholarships, awarded upon acceptance, with amounts reaching up to $111,000 over a student’s full-time legal education. These scholarships are renewable for three years for full-time students and four years for part-time students, contingent on maintaining satisfactory academic performance, exemplifying the school’s dedication to supporting a diverse and accomplished community of future legal professionals.

Law School Loans

Delaware Law offers law school loans for students covering tuition and living expenses, up to the total cost of attendance. Federal Direct Loan Programs provide subsidized and unsubsidized options, but eligibility requires U.S. citizenship, half-time enrollment, Selective Service registration, no federal loan default, and satisfactory academic progress. Graduate students (JD, LLM, or MJ) seeking extra funds after other aid can consider GradPLUS Loans. If federal criteria aren’t met, including for International Students, private educational loans from eligible lenders may be an option.

Meeting the LSAT Requirements for Delaware Law

The LSAT is a crucial determinant for admission to Delaware Law, predicting academic success and contributing to the formation of a diverse and accomplished student body, essential in the competitive admissions landscape. This guide explores how aspiring law students can not just meet but exceed the LSAT median score, paving the way for admission to Delaware Law School and a successful legal career.

Start with a Check-In

Before diving into LSAT preparation, assess your baseline with an LSAT free consultation. This initial step helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses, laying the groundwork for a targeted study plan.

Customize Your Approach

Tailor your LSAT study plan to fit your schedule and learning style. Consistency is key, so find the balance that allows you to steadily improve over time.

Unlock the Power of LSAT Prep Courses

Explore LSAT Prep Courses, with Odyssey Test Prep being a standout option. Enroll in our comprehensive LSAT prep course to equip yourself with the skills and strategies needed to excel on the LSAT. These courses are designed to comprehensively cover each LSAT section, offering a structured approach to elevate your understanding and performance.

Personalized Guidance through LSAT Tutoring

Consider LSAT tutoring for a more personalized touch. Elevate your LSAT scores with personalized tutoring services designed to maximize your potential for success at Delaware Law School. One-on-one sessions can address specific challenges, providing insights and strategies to boost your confidence and overall score.

Tap into Law School Admissions Consulting

Beyond mastering the LSAT, engage with Law School Admissions Consulting. Gain a competitive edge in the Delaware Law School admissions process with our expert consulting services. These experts can guide you in crafting a compelling application that extends beyond just meeting the LSAT median score, increasing your chances of securing a spot at Delaware Law School.

Perfect Score Aspiration

While achieving a perfect score on the LSAT is an ambitious goal, focus on surpassing the LSAT median score for Delaware Law School. This targeted approach ensures you meet the specific requirements for admission.

Success in the LSAT is not just about reaching a number; it’s about understanding the nuances of the exam and strategically showcasing your strengths. Combine preparation, personalization, and expert guidance to not only meet but exceed the LSAT requirements for Delaware Law School, setting yourself on the path to legal success.


In conclusion, Delaware Law School offers a robust academic environment and a commitment to fostering the next generation of legal minds. As you take on this journey, remember that the LSAC plays a pivotal role in shaping your path to admission. Whether navigating LSAT requirements, exploring financial aid options, or delving into the rich academic landscape, Delaware Law School provides a platform for growth, learning, and the pursuit of a fulfilling legal career.

Embrace the challenges, leverage the resources, and step confidently into the realm of legal education that Delaware Law School proudly represents.