Exploring Various Factors Behind the Capital University Law School Ranking


Capital University Law School was established in 1903 in Columbus, Ohio. It’s renowned for its practical method of legal training and also provides both externships and clinics. Its graduates have found meaningful work in law firms, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Concentrating on practical experience and excellence, Capital University Law School remains a respected institution producing ethical and competent lawyers for society.

This blog post notes several factors that helped Capital University Law School rank. Strengths in specialized programs and faculty achievements help support the institution’s rank. Concentrating on practical legal education, the school conducts clinics and externships to provide students with real-life knowledge. Capital University Law School also has stats to reflect its academic excellence and prospective career paths for law students. This comprehensive overview seeks to introduce potential students to the institution’s academic rigor and achievement in producing legal professionals.

The Capital University Law School building.

Capital University Law School Ranking

Rankings can be a measure of the quality of education provided at a law school. The Capital University Law School’s rankings in different legal areas reflect its academic excellence and standing in the legal world. Law school rankings consider faculty knowledge, student results, and the learning environment. Compare Capital University Law School rankings to make a sound choice about pursuing a legal degree and obtaining a high-quality education that meets your work objectives.

USNW Best Law Schools #175
Part-time Law #64-#70
Business/Corporate Law #164
Clinical Training #174
Constitutional Law #158
Contracts/Commercial Law #174
Criminal Law #182
Environmental Law #172
Health Care Law #174
Intellectual Property Law #187
Tax Law #149
Trial Advocacy #158

Ranking Trends at Capital University Law

LSD Law School rankings show a considerable decline for Capital University Law School over time. From 147 in 2021 and 2022, the school dropped to 175 by 2023 and remains among the country’s bottom law schools. This steady downward trend suggests very little to no improvement in performance over time for Capital University Law School in its pursuit to stay competitive in legal training. However, rankings are not all, but they suggest if the school has remained competitive in legal education.

Factors Influencing the Capital University Law School Ranking

For prospective applicants like you, the ranking trends of Capital University Law School can give you a sense of the school’s track record and competitiveness. A constant ranking can signify stability, though other factors like faculty expertise, career placement, curriculum offerings, and campus culture can help you figure out if the school matches your educational and career objectives. Lastly, your decision to apply to Capital University Law School needs to be based on a wide range of factors, not only its positioning.

1. Student-Faculty Ratio

Capital University Law School has a 10.6:1 student-faculty ratio and demonstrates personalized attention and excellence in academics. It’s noted for its law scholars and faculty who provide conducive learning environments. This specific readiness to engage faculty and students in meaningful interactions enhances both education and prestige in the legal world. Through great supervision, mentorship, and cooperative conversation, Capital University Law School prepares students to excel in their legal careers and also maintains its status as a premier law school.

2. Selectivity

Capital University Law School is selective in admissions illustrating that competitive nature. With a median LSAT score of 151, a median GPA of 3.33, and an acceptance rate of 67.50%, the school attracts achieving students. These metrics reflect the quality of admitted students in addition to influencing the school’s rankings. By maintaining rigorous admission standards, Capital University Law School remains a strong option for ambitious legal minds.

3. Peer Assessment

Peer assessment surveys offer insight into how Capital University Law School is viewed by the legal community. A peer evaluation score of 1.5 out of 5 speaks to the institution’s standing among lawyers and academics, and that also affects its rankings. Positive assessments help the school stand and attract prospective students by demonstrating a high standard for excellence in legal education and scholarly endeavors.

4. Bar Passage Rates

The high bar passage rate at Capital University Law School, at 77.6%, illustrates the effectiveness of its programs. This particular success reflects the quality of the education that the institution provides and influences its rankings favorably. The high success of graduates on the bar examination reflects the school’s training for legal practice and its status as a top legal school and training center.

5. Employment Outcomes

Capital University Law School’s employment outcomes influence its rankings. With 54.5% of students finding legal jobs, the institution shows its dedication to training students for effective legal careers. These high employment statistics reflect the usefulness of the school’s programs and also verify its standing as a prominent legal education and professional development institute in the legal world.

The Juris Doctor Program at Capital University Law School

At Capital University Law School, the Juris Doctor (JD) program comes with a legal education for several careers in law and beyond. Focusing on the JD program gives you a good ground in critical thinking and legal concepts, along with practical experience to help you succeed in the legal arena. Graduates have had careers as lawyers in law firms, company counsels for businesses, prosecutors, public defenders, judges, and government officials. These opportunities show the way a JD from Capital University Law School can be flexible and beneficial, giving you choices to go after a career in law or make a positive change in your community. 

Whether you would like to be a simple advocate, advise clients on legitimate matters, or impact legislation that impacts society, the JD program at Capital University Law School prepares you to be successful in your legal profession.

Capital University School of Law Stats

It’s important to look into the stats before you apply to Capital University Law. These numbers aim to offer you a greater chance of admission. It is equally as important to view the Capital University Law stats to see how you may do if accepted. Remember, comprehending these figures is the foundation of a sound choice regarding your future legal education.

Capital Law School LSAT Median 151
Capital Law Median GPA 3.33
Capital University Law School Ranking No. 175 in the US Best Law Schools
Capital University Law School Acceptance Rate 67.50%
Capital Law School Tuition $42,838 to $63,950

Students standing outside the Capital University Law School building

Capital University Law School Tuition

If you’re planning to attend Capital Law School, it’s important to know how the tuition costs vary from USD 42,838 to USD 63,950 yearly. This particular big gap includes baseline tuition of USD 42,838 and living costs, transport, books, and personal expenses. But do not let those numbers scare you. There are choices to help you relieve the financial load.

One is the Incoming Student Scholarship, which assists students like you financially. This specific scholarship provides awards between USD 3,000 and USD 30,000 dependent on good LSAT scores and undergraduate GPA as eligibility factors. This financial aid enables you to continue your legal education at Capital Law School.

Crucial Application Requirements to Capital University Law School

Meeting application requirements is vital for admission to Capital University Law School. These requirements give an important glimpse of your credentials and potential to the admissions committee. Your individual statement, diversity statement, resume, addendum, and letters of recommendation all serve a purpose, highlighting your match for law school. Making sure your application fulfills all requirements and is submitted in time increases your chance of being selected for admission to Capital University Law School.

1. Undergraduate GPA and LSAT Score

There are particular requirements for applying to Capital University Law School. To start with, you need an accredited bachelor’s degree. Additionally, you need to score high in the LSAT examination. Your LSAT score influences the way the admissions committee ranks your application and mirrors your probability of law school results. Hence, preparation for the LSAT is crucial to satisfy this desire. The median LSAT score for Capital University Law School is 151. Capital University Law School also anticipates a median graduate GPA of 3.33 to be admitted.

2. Law School Resume

Your law school resume summarizes your educational record, extracurricular activities, job experience along other abilities. It demonstrates to the admissions committee the way you manage academics alongside other obligations and how you lead with initiative. Be sure your resume is organized and centered on experiences that show your readiness for law school.

3. Law School Addendum

A law school addendum enables you to address discrepancies or weaknesses in your application like gaps in employment or a semester with lower grades. It gives context and explanations that are not apparent on your transcripts or resume. Make use of the addendum wisely to demonstrate accountability, growth, and resilience to challenge.

4. Law School Diversity Statement

This law school diversity statement describes the way your background, experiences, and viewpoints create an inclusive learning environment. It is a chance to tell how your distinctive identity benefits the campus community and your peers. Use this statement to think about your journey and articulate the value of diversity in the legal field.

5. Law School Letter of Recommendation

You must send two law school letters of recommendation to apply to Capital University Law School. These letters tell the admissions committee about your potential, education, and personality for law school success. Select recommenders who know you well and who can speak highly of your capabilities, achievements, and strengths in legal studies. Send these letters promptly with attributes that match Capital University Law School’s values and expectations.

6. Law School Personal Statement

Your law school personal statement is your opportunity to introduce yourself beyond grades and test scores. It helps you explain to the admissions committee why you wish to be a lawyer: your motives, abilities, and objectives. Use this chance to showcase your writing and differentiate yourself from other applicants by showcasing distinctive attributes.

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Although Capital University Law School’s ranking has some insight, there are more factors that must be analyzed in the rankings themselves. All of these could affect your choice to attend law school. But equally essential is understanding how to strengthen your application. Resources like LSAC and Odyssey Test Prep will assist you along the process.

Being informed and proactive should boost your odds of success along with a successful career in law.

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