If searching for “LSAT prep classes near me” doesn’t yield any results in your area, don’t worry, because online LSAT prep has come a long way since the advent of the internet. There are plenty of reputable LSAT resources available online that will reliably prepare you for your test administration date; from digital self-study tools to group or private online instruction, there’s a digital preparation method available for every student’s preferred learning style. Students can perform a resource reliability check by referring to LSAC’s licensing page—listed resources have licenses to distribute official LSAT questions, and students should prepare using only official resources!

LSAT Class Cost & Free LSAT Classes

LSAT class cost can put a financial burden on many prospective LSAT takers, and as such, it’s important for students to put a lot of consideration into the method of preparation that will LSAT Prep Classesultimately lead them to the best outcome—your LSAT score will dictate where you go to school and how much scholarship money you’ll be offered, and a score increase of a single point on the LSAT may lead to a scholarship offering increase of tens of thousands of dollars. Consequently, whereas in the short-term, the cost of LSAT test prep classes can be a financial burden for many test takers, in the long-term, even a slightly higher score will likely drastically reduce the overall financial burden law school students encounter over the course of their education.

While it’s anomalous to find free LSAT in person classes—a free licensed LSAT prep course does exist! Found on the Khan Academy platform is a completely free “Official LSAT Prep” course, and it’s a superb resource for LSAT students on a budget or for those who simply want to incorporate an additional tool into their studies. This free LSAT prep course was created in partnership with LSAC, so students can rest assured that, although free, it’s a reliable and approved method!

Additionally, students that have applied for and that have been granted fee waivers by LSAC can use their LSAC fee waivers to obtain discounted test prep. A comprehensive list of test prep companies offering fee waivers is available on the LSAC website. As per LSAC’s policy, students should take note that any requests for test prep fee waivers must be made directly to the test prep companies providing them.

LSAT Study Classes

The best LSAT classes are taught by individuals who have, both, a thorough understanding of the material and a passion to teach it. While it can be difficult to ensure that you’ll be paired with an instructor who is passionate about their job, it’s quite easy to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of the material—ask them for their own LSAT score and whether they instruct any other graduate admissions exams. The former will provide insight as to qualifications, and the latter will enable you to determine whether they specialize in the LSAT, or whether they simply have learned multiple exams to find employment. It’s always in a student’s best interest to work with an instructor who has the LSAT specialty—these individuals won’t accidentally teach you methods nonapplicable to the LSAT. Moreover, choosing a test prep company that specializes in the LSAT only will further reduce the chance of encountering such a scenario.