Top 15 Best Law Schools in the World


Attending one of these leading law schools worldwide gives students a competitive advantage and prepares them for a successful legal profession. Being a member of the best law school in the world demonstrates a solid academic background and great intellectual ability.

As we change our attention from national to global rankings, the criteria for evaluating law schools broaden. The Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) team at Top Universities uses a model that considers academic reputation, employer reputation, research citations per paper, and H-index. Additionally, the robustness of international research networks is an important consideration. These indicators, taken together, provide a more comprehensive knowledge of a worldwide law school ranking, allowing prospective students to make educated judgments about where to pursue their legal studies.

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Key Factors in Determining the Best Law School in the World

As aspiring law students searching for the top law school in the world, there are several crucial aspects we must consider when evaluating programs. The QS World University Rankings look at five critical indicators that help quantify academic and employer reputation, research impact, and international connectivity.

Academic Reputation 

Firstly, the academic reputation survey collects input from over 130,000 academics from various fields. Respondents identify up to 10 domestic and 30 international universities they view as exceptional for discipline-specific research. This peer feedback from global scholars helps benchmark perceptions of academic excellence. As students, we can glean insights into faculty expertise and cutting-edge legal research happening at different law institutions.

Employer Reputation  

The employer reputation survey reaches over 75,000 graduate employers worldwide. These recruiters are asked to name higher education institutions they consider prime for sourcing graduate talent, including preferred academic areas. Their feedback assists with determining the best law school in the world that successfully produces practice-ready, skilled legal professionals. The employability component holds weight for us as students focused on our post-graduation career trajectories.

Research Citations

Additionally, research citations per paper, sourced from the Elsevier Scopus database, help quantify research impact. Thresholds set for publications and citations avoid anomalies while adapting to reflect patterns within legal academia. As students, we can discover which law schools are producing influential, widely cited research shaping legal theory, policy, and practice.


The H-index also calculates research productivity and influence based on citations accrued by a university’s top publications. This gauges whether law schools can achieve high-volume legal research output coupled with meaningful scholarly impact over time.

International Research Network

Lastly, the international research network index shows the geographic reach of sustainable cross-institutional research partnerships. This indicator demonstrates which best international law school in the world facilitates global legal connections.

These metrics allow aspiring lawyers to evaluate the top law schools worldwide, the influence of faculty experts, graduate career progress, research leadership, and worldwide academic networks that align with our priorities. Consulting these multifaceted law school rankings paints a comprehensive picture of institutional excellence.

Top Law School World Rankings

Here are the top 15 best law schools in the world:

Law School Location
1. Harvard University USA
2. University of Oxford UK
3. University of Cambridge UK
4. Yale University USA
5. Stanford University USA
6. New York University USA
7. London School of Economics and Political Science UK
8. Columbia University USA
9. UC Berkeley USA
10. University of Chicago USA
11. The University of Melbourne Australia
12. National University of Singapore (NUS) Singapore
13. The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney) Australia
14. UCL UK
15. King’s College London UK

1. Harvard University

As prospective law students researching premier legal programs, we often ask: which institution is the number 1 law school in the world? With so many factors to weigh, from bar pass rates to employment outcomes, it can be challenging to pinpoint one school that outperforms all indicators of excellence. However, Harvard University Law School stands apart for its rigorous academics, prestigious reputation, and diversity of specializations like International Law, Environmental Law, and Human Rights.

Harvard upholds an extremely competitive 9.6% acceptance rate, attracting some of the most talented scholars globally. The school is known for its top-tier legal education reflected by exceptional 98.5% first-time bar pass rates for 2022 graduates. Additionally, Harvard grads benefit from high employment rates, with 89.2% securing long-term, full-time legal positions where graduates can apply their comprehensive legal training. 

Alumni often obtain roles within elite law firms, the judiciary, government, and academia. With such sterling bar passage, employment figures, academic rigor, and faculty expertise, one can make the case that Harvard Law School sets the gold standard for legal education worldwide. Utilize the Law School Predictor to gain an estimate of your admission chances based on your LSAT scores and GPA for strategic application planning.

2. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford in the UK stands out as a top contender for those exploring the best international law schools globally. Ranked 1st in the UK, Oxford maintains a competitive 13% acceptance rate for its prestigious law program. To be considered, prospective students must take the Law National Admissions Test (LNAT) showing the university’s selectivity.

The Faculty of Law provides focused study in high-demand specializations like Criminology, European Union Law, and Intellectual Property Law. With small class sizes and direct access to faculty experts at the forefront of their fields, Oxford offers a rich learning environment. Graduates from Oxford Law are highly sought after with strong employment outcomes across legal domains, including roles within international law firms, the judiciary, public service, and more. 

3. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge’s Faculty of Law is a top contender for those exploring the best school to study law globally. Cambridge stands out for its academic rigor and diverse specialized law concentrations. Areas of excellence include Commercial Law, International Law, and Legal History, reflecting the university’s broad expertise. The Faculty maintains a highly selective admission process, curating an intellectually vibrant student body. 

Cambridge law graduates have tremendous employment success securing roles across legal sectors. Alumni leverage their legal training in corporate law, public policy, government, and legal academia. The school consistently produces graduates ready to apply their elite legal education to impactful careers worldwide. For these reasons, Cambridge is the best school to study law for those seeking a premier global legal credential grounded in rich history and education excellence.

4. Yale University Law School

When it comes to world law school rankings, Yale Law School consistently ranks as one of the global leaders in legal education excellence. Students pursue unique specializations like Environmental Law, International Human Rights, and Legal History, taught by pioneering scholars.

A very acclaimed school with a 5.6% acceptance rate promotes an intimate academic environment through small class numbers and close student-faculty interaction. To get admission to Yale, prospective candidates must submit compelling law school application components such as law school letters of recommendation, law school personal statements, and a high LSAT score.

Stellar bar exam pass rates evidence Yale’s elite legal training. For 2022 graduates, the first-time bar pass rate reached an impressive 95.8%, reflecting Yale’s comprehensive curriculum. Graduates also achieve outstanding employment outcomes, with 79.8% of 2022 grads securing long-term, full-time legal positions. Alumni often obtain prestigious clerkships, academia appointments, public service roles, and law firm partnerships where they apply Yale’s gold-standard legal education.

5. Stanford University

Stanford admitted academically exceptional students who excel beyond the classroom with a remarkably selective 7.3% acceptance rate in 2023. In addition to submitting transcripts, LSAT scores, and other materials such as creating appealing law school resumes that highlight their experiences.

Stanford pioneers a forward-thinking approach to legal education across areas like Technology Law, Environmental Law, and International Economic Law. The school’s premier training is evidenced by its 2022 first-time 94.4% bar exam pass rate, reflecting the rigor of its comprehensive curriculum.

Graduates achieve tremendous career success, with 81.5% of 2022 grads securing long-term, full-time JD-required jobs where they apply their Stanford legal training. Alumni work across spheres like Silicon Valley, international law firms, public service, and more.

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Choosing the Right Law School: Factors to Consider

When researching the best law school in the world, first ensure you meet all baseline law school requirements. This typically entails possessing or pursuing an accredited four-year bachelor’s degree, taking the LSAT entrance exam, and submitting law school diversity statements, academic transcripts, resumes, and admission essays. Competitive applicants will excel across these areas which assess critical thinking skills, writing abilities, test scores, work experiences, and academics.

Evaluating Affordability and Financial Aid Options

The cost of attending law school is substantial, so affordability factors heavily in selecting among top programs. However, many elite universities like Harvard offer generous need-based financial assistance, merit law school scholarships, and loan repayment programs. Thoroughly investigate each school’s aid opportunities to identify affordable options that make a program accessible.

Considering Geographic Location

Law school location merits reflection depending on your career aspirations and post-graduate plans. Attending school in a larger legal market like New York or Washington D.C. fosters networking contacts in those areas. Conversely, staying in-state often provides localized on-campus recruiting for those aiming to return home after graduation.

Identifying Specializations

If you have an area of particular legal interest – such as Civil Rights Law, Tax Law, or International Commercial Law – research schools with comprehensive, immersive coursework in those specializations. Identify professors spearheading research, clinics allowing practical experience, and abundant electives to customize your focus.

Evaluating Culture and Teaching Methodologies

Law school culture and classroom teaching styles vary between programs. Consider whether you prefer lectures, open Socratic dialogue with intensive questioning between professors and students, group case study analysis, or practical learning through legal clinics. Reflect on whether a collaborative, intimate cohort or more ultra-competitive environment suits you best for personal thriving.

Researching Employment Statistics and Alumni Networks

Finally, among top contenders examine post-graduation employment data. The best global law schools enable graduates to pass the bar exam, secure legal positions in their intended field, and provide alumni support. These indicators speak to the quality of legal training and professional preparedness candidates can anticipate.

Analyzing these well-rounded factors as you conduct law school research will lead to finding the best-fitting program for your needs. 

How to Successfully Get into a Top Law School in the World

Pursuing admission to the greatest law school in the world might be intimidating, but breaking it down into small steps makes it more bearable. Success on the Law School Admission Test is arguably the most important factor. This standardized test assesses skills like logical reasoning, analytical thinking, reading comprehension, and logical structuring that are vital for legal study. 

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When evaluating criteria to identify the best law school in the world for one’s goals, several key factors merit consideration including admissions benchmarks, affordability, academic specializations, post-graduate employment, and more. Balancing these priorities and narrowing options down to reach a final selection means weighing personal needs. 

For those still determining where they stand competitively for top-tier global law schools, scheduling an LSAT Free Consultation can prove invaluable. Our consultations offer prospective applicants clarity on where their LSAT scores, GPAs, and overall profiles currently stand compared to accepted student standards at their desired schools.

Receiving feedback and guidance early on from admissions experts helps focus preparation efforts on the right targets to become the strongest contender. Taking these steps will lead to finding the right law school fit!