Your Full Admission Guide to B P P Law School


In the United Kingdom, B P P Law School is widely recognized for its emphasis on practical competencies and professional applicability. It provides an exceptional framework for legal studies that closely corresponds to the practical requirements of the legal field. 

The school’s robust affiliations with law firms and committees support its stellar standing, guaranteeing that the curriculum consistently incorporates the most recent developments in industry practices. This article functions as an admission guide on BPP Law School, providing valuable insights regarding the academic programs available, the admissions procedure, and indispensable strategies for attaining admission to this esteemed establishment.

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Overview of BPP Law School

BPP University, founded in 1976, is a London-based institution specializing in legal education. Being classified as a University College, this institution became the first private degree-awarding university in the UK, showcasing its exceptional higher education options. The university has around 15,000 students spread over its 13 locations in England, and international students enrolled here represent 150 nations. BPP University offers undergraduate and master’s studies through four schools: law, business and technology, nursing, and healthcare. 

BPP Univeristy Law School brings together academic rigor with profound professional relevance across its wide range of programs. Whether undergraduate, graduate, or professional courses, BPP ensures its law school curriculum aligns seamlessly with the real-world demands placed on legal careers.

What gives B P P Law School its edge is its close relationship with top players in the legal industry. The school maintains direct partnerships with elite law firms and chambers across the country. These collaborations allow BPP to provide teaching that leads rather than follows standards and trends in the field.

Students are immersed in environments meticulously designed to nurture academic growth and professional development side-by-side. With centers spread across major UK cities, BPP makes its signature approach to legal education accessible nationwide. It continues to build upon its strong foundation and reputation as the needs of the dynamic legal landscape evolve.

BPP University Law School Programs and Courses

B P P Law School’s practical law courses focus on employer-desired abilities. Students learn academic and practical skills for the legal profession in these courses. 

Course Award Mode of Study Duration Tuition
SQE1 Preparation Full-time / Part-time 4 months (FT) / 9 months (PT) £5,500- £6,500 
SQE2 Preparation Flexible structure Independent study + coaching £4,000
Legal Practice Course PG Diploma in Legal Pract. Blended / Online 9 months (FT) / 18-24 months (PT) £15,200- £19,300 
Law Conversion Course PG Diploma in Law (PGDL) Online (live) / Face-to-face 8 months (FT) / 20 months (PT) £10,700-£13,400 
Barrister Training Course PG Diploma in Legal Pract. Face-to-face 9 months (FT) / 24 months (PT) £14,800- £17,100
Master of Laws (LLM) Master of Laws  Face-to-face 12 months (FT) £14,200 – £19,300 

Solicitors Qualifying Exam

These courses assist students in preparing to demonstrate the legal knowledge and abilities that are evaluated on the SQE tests.

  • SQE1 Prep Course: Students who have already finished an undergraduate law degree or graduate legal conversion program are intended for the SQE1 Preparation Course. Students examine important legal ideas in a variety of domains, such as contracts, torts, criminal law, property law, trusts, and other subjects covered in SQE1, with an emphasis on developing their Functional Legal Knowledge (FLK).

  • SQE2 Prep Course: After an online self-study course for the SQE2 test of practical legal skills, BPP offers an intense coaching program.

Legal Practice Course (LPC)

Upon the completion of an undergraduate law degree or a legal conversion course, students typically proceed to undertake the postgraduate Legal Practice Course. Their LPC program offers access to a comprehensive network of more than 400 legal businesses, ensuring that you will have the necessary information, skills, and connections to get a crucial training contract.

Law Conversion Course

The Law Conversion Course (PGDL) is the initial step on your legal journey. A PGDL is a pathway for people without legal degrees to become solicitors or barristers, and it was created as a substitute or alternative to the GDL. The postgraduate Law Conversion Course improves your legal knowledge, professional capabilities, and problem-solving skills while also closely aligning with the SQE1 assessment’s foundational law aspects.

Barrister Training Course (BTC)

The Barrister Training Course prepares you exclusively for a successful Bar career. This full Bar training course is taught by practicing barristers and judges who contribute their professional experience and broad network to your studies. During the training, you will practice core advocacy skills in small groups to build confidence and receive detailed, real-time feedback to equip you for a successful and satisfying barrister career. To simulate a professional atmosphere and the pupil barrister-student supervisor interaction, tutors will support you throughout.

Master of Laws (LLM)

Master of Laws programs allow lawyers to specialize in important legal areas and get valuable insight into the modern financial and business world. You’ll study different legal systems and contextualize your learning from practicing lawyers, international experts, and guest lecturers, including top academics, researchers, judges, officials, and practitioners.


  • LLM in Financial Regulation and Compliance
  • LLM in The Law Relating to Fraud and Financial Crime
  • LLM in Chinese Investment and Business Law
  • LLM in Transnational Criminal Justice
  • LLM in International Business Law
  • LLM in Islamic Finance and Business Law
  • LLM in Comparative Commercial Law
  • LLM in Commercial Law

What Makes B P P Law School a Good Choice

B P P Law School’s practical focus pays dividends for graduates entering the job market. According to the most recent Graduate Outcomes survey by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA):

  • 98% of BPP law graduates secured highly skilled jobs within 15 months of finishing their program.
  • 95% of all BPP graduates were employed in high-skilled occupations after graduating.

These exceptional statistics showcase the school’s effectiveness in preparing students for professional success. Graduates transition smoothly into legal roles across diverse sectors, equipped with relevant knowledge and abilities to contribute from day one.

For students seeking an efficient pathway into the legal profession, B P P Law School has a proven track record of outcomes. Graduates consistently transition into skilled legal roles that utilize their BPP training and education in the real world of law.

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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Scholarship Benefit Eligibility Criteria
Career Commitment Up to 100% tuition fee waiver Promising future professionals with academic excellence, career commitment, and financial need
Dean of BPP Law School Up to 100% tuition fee waiver Outstanding law students with academic excellence, leadership potential, and legal profession contribution
Future Leader Up to 100% tuition fee waiver Exceptional business students with academic excellence, leadership potential, and entrepreneurial spirit
Chancellor’s Up to 100% tuition fee waiver Deserving students from underrepresented backgrounds, academic excellence, social impact, and financial need
Macfarlanes BPP Full waiver + training contract Talented law students from underrepresented backgrounds, academic excellence, interest in corporate law
BTC Excellence Up to £3,000 tuition reduction Meritorious students enrolling in BTC at BPP University
BTC Advocacy Up to £5,000 reduction + mini-pupillage Skilled students with exceptional advocacy skills in moot competition
Diversity Access Scheme Full waiver + mentoring/work experience Aspiring law students from underrepresented backgrounds facing challenges in legal career pursuit

For its postgraduate legal studies, BPP University Law School awards more than £1.25 million in law school scholarships. This fund aims to make the legal field more diverse by helping more people get into law school. Part or all of the expense of education may be covered via scholarships. Specific scholarships may have additional requirements. 

Along with scholarships, most universities allow students to utilize government or private law school loans to pay for their program. Students should contact BPP’s financial aid office to learn the full details of loan options and how to apply them to their studies.

BPP Law School London Application Process

Getting into BPP University Law School requires meeting academic and English fluency prerequisites, as well as submitting a compelling application package including:

  • Academic Transcripts: You must have completed an undergraduate degree with a minimum classification of 2:1 honors or international equivalent. Graduate applicants require at least a 2:2. Include full-grade transcripts from all university-level studies.
  • English Proficiency Requirements: Meet the specific minimum component scores required for admissions consideration. If possible, aim to achieve scores higher than the minimum required to make your English skills stand out:

    • IELTS: 6.5 Minimum Score
    • TOEFL iBT: 80-93 Minimum Score
    • PTE Academics: 58 Minimum Score

  • Personal Statement: Craft a detailed 1-2 page law school personal statement highlighting your motivations to study law, relevant experiences, and specific reasons for applying to BPP Law School. Follow prompt instructions carefully.
  • CV/Resume: In your law school resume, showcase extracurricular activities, volunteer work, internships, and employment. Highlight any prior law-related experiences and roles of responsibility held to exhibit your fit and motivation.
  • References: Secure recommendations well in advance from referees that can effectively speak to your academic and professional abilities plus capability to take on rigorous law studies. Where appropriate, obtain letters from legal sector professionals detailing your relevant competencies. Submit 1-2 law school letters of recommendation highlighting your academic/professional capabilities and readiness for rigorous law study.
  • Addendum (Optional): Submit a law school addendum to further explain a weakness like low grades in a particular semester if needed.

Elevate Your LSAT Score and Stand Out to Law Schools

To pursue a legal education in the United States and the United Kingdom, one must be prepared for and score well on the Law School Admission Test. This admission exam evaluates critical thinking skills like reading comprehension, logical reasoning, and analytical thinking. Law schools use a student’s LSAT score as part of a holistic evaluation.

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LSAT Prep Courses

Supercharge your LSAT performance with our top-notch LSAT Prep Course, strategically crafted to align with BPP Law School’s standards and elevate your chances of success. Odyssey’s structured curriculum and expert instructor-led lessons focus on building skills for LSAT excellence through content aligned with exam format changes, thousands of official LSAT practice questions, and performance analytics.

LSAT Tutoring

Ace the LSAT with personalized tutoring from our experts, tailored to match BPP Law School’s expectations, and unlock your path to legal excellence. We pair you with a 170 LSAT scoring tutor to diagnose weaknesses, create customized study plans, provide private lessons catering to student needs, and offer ongoing communication channels for any guidance required along their prep journey.

Law School Admission Consulting

Let our Law School Admissions Consulting service be your guide to success at BPP Law School, as we assist you in crafting a compelling application that stands out. Odyssey consultants become student advocates across the entire law school application process – from school selection to essay editing – positioning ambitious applicants to stand out through holistic packages covering each component.


Earning a place in BPP University Law School’s selective programs requires applicants to demonstrate top-tier academic ability, English language proficiency, and motivation to succeed in law. Specifically, domestic applicants should rank in the top 15% of their high school cohort, showcasing mastery across challenging coursework. Beyond grades alone, BPP Law School London evaluates holistic profiles, prioritizing those exhibiting a passionate, focused drive to thrive in rigorous legal study and future practice.

For any questions on qualifications or advice in putting your best foot forward, consider our LSAT Free Consultation with an admission coach to discuss how to showcase your fit. With sound preparation and a compelling application, you can prove you belong among BPP’s exclusive incoming law school cohort.

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