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The Abraham Lincoln Law School founded in 1996 in Los Angeles, California by President and CEO, Hyung J. Park, is officially referred to as Abraham Lincoln University School of Law. It’s renowned for its flexible online programs which encourage accessibility and affordability for all legal students. Its graduates find success in various legal fields because of its practical teaching of law and emphasis on real-world application. Abraham Lincoln Law School is a nationally recognized law school that encourages access to legal education for individuals who might not otherwise obtain it, while concurrently offering a nurturing and inviting learning environment that prepares graduates for effective legal careers.

This blog post discusses how Abraham Lincoln inspired students at Abraham Lincoln University Law School. It illustrates Lincoln’s concern for liberty, equality, and justice. Additionally, it talks about the school’s reputation and history, stats, rankings, acceptance rates, and how to apply. It’s a guide for potential law students who wish to be part of Lincoln Law.

The Abraham Lincoln University School of Law logo.

Who Is Abraham Lincoln?

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States, who guided his country during the Civil War and promoted slavery abolition. His legacy of integrity, determination, and dedication to justice inspires generations. Law schools including Abraham Lincoln University School of Law were influenced by Lincoln to found a school in his honor. For instance, Lincoln’s policy of equal opportunity for all prompted the founders of ALU Law School to create an environment for studying open to all aspiring lawyers.

Abraham Lincoln Law School Accreditation

The Abraham Lincoln School of Law is not accredited by The American Bar Association (ABA) yet is accredited by The Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) and it is recognized by The Committee of Bar Examiners (CBE) of The State Bar of California. Accreditation means schools meet specific criteria established by accreditation organizations. As a potential law student, accreditation makes sure the college meets a minimum standard of quality and that various institutions and employers will acknowledge your degree.

The absence of ABA accreditation may initially appear as a disadvantage because of its importance in the legal area but do not be concerned. DEAC accreditation and CBE registration remain significant. DEAC verifies academic benchmarks and CBE registration enables you to take the California Bar Exam. However, the lack of ABA accreditation might limit your choices. Some employers or states might favor candidates coming from ABA-accredited schools, so research and consider how this may impact your career goals before selecting Lincoln Law.

The Abraham Lincoln School of Law Ranking

Rankings for law schools is an enormous guiding factor in your decision-making. The rankings of Abraham Lincoln School of Law provide a look at its academic quality. These rankings show its position in different locations and offer a sense of Lincoln Law’s strengths and areas of expertise. Think about law school rankings carefully if you intend to obtain a legal degree as these can provide you with an idea of the school’s resources and reputation and can impact your education and career path.

World Rankings 9, 510 out of 14,131
Rankings in the United States 2,166 out of 2, 496
North American Rankings 2, 263 out of 2, 597
California State Rankings 203 out of 249
Rankings in Los Angeles 24 out of 31

Abraham Lincoln University School of Law Los Angeles CA JD Program

At Abraham Lincoln University Law School, the only law program is the Juris Doctor (JD) program, where students like you receive personalized attention and information to succeed in Law School. Abraham Lincoln Law School in California is an online law school that lets you design your study around your life. Working full-time, starting a family, or even managing other obligations means the online format lets you pursue your legal education without compromising your present job or commitments.

ALU Law’s JD program teaches you the Law and legal concepts. You will connect with seasoned faculty along with other learners from various backgrounds through interactive online coursework. This program emphasizes useful skills and experiential learning which prepares you for the legal profession. With ALU Law, accessibility and affordability mean you can obtain a Law degree without emptying your wallet.

ALU School of Law Numbers

Law School numbers are crucial for candidates like you applying to ALU School of Law. These numbers include your LSAT and GPA scores and are benchmarks for boosting your chances of acceptance to ALU School of Law. Meeting or exceeding these goals signals your academic ability and interest in legal education and makes you a far more competitive applicant. Concentrating on these numbers and hitting your targets increases your chances of acceptance to ALU Law School and a legal career.

Median LSAT Requirement Not required
Median GPA Requirement Minimum of 3.0
Acceptance Rate 100% (among the 23% of law schools easiest to apply to in the US)
Law School Ranking 203 out of 249 in the State of California

The Statue of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln Law School Reviews

Here are some reviews from graduates of Abraham Lincoln Law School through GradReports. Hearing directly from individuals who completed their legal education at ALU Law provides you with first-hand accounts of the program’s strengths and weaknesses. These reviews can help you determine if ALU Law is appropriate for you in terms of professional and academic goals.

On Flexibility ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I graduated in 2008 and took the California Bar Examination in 2009. I passed the California Bar Examination on the first try. After passing the California Bar Examination, I opened my law practice and still practice today. I was admitted to the United States Supreme Court in 2016. I would not have been able to accomplish any of these achievements without Abraham Lincoln Law School. Also, I enjoyed every minute and studied in the car with the recordings made available from on-line lectures. And I also created study groups and I am still in touch with those students, many of whom have passed the California Bar and are in practice now. Since I worked full-time as a litigation paralegal while going to ALU, I could pay my tuition on an ongoing basis and graduated without any debt.

On Affordability⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

ALU’s JD program is really great. I was able to earn a JD in 4 years and spent $45k altogether. To all of the other cry babies out here, earning a JD degree is hard, and you need to work for it, it’s a great school but you need to put the work in order to actually earn a JD. The material is relevant and on point. I was able to go through the full 4 years while working 30 hours a week. Overall I recommend ALU’s JD to everyone who wants to keep their job, but is also hard-working enough to study because the bar exam isn’t going to be easy no matter where you go.

ALU Law School Tuition and Financial Aid

With Abraham Lincoln Law School, legal education is inexpensive as tuition begins at USD 11,375 a year for the Juris Doctor degree, or USD 45,500 for 4 years. This particular cost is considerably less than other law schools, which helps with the economic burden on promising attorneys. Moreover, ALU Law School is a participant in the Federal Direct Loan Program and you can get tuition subsidies from USD 3500 to USD 6000, especially if you’re independent. This means that regardless of the common worry that legal education is costly, you can get yourself a degree from ALU Law School, assisted by financial aid that helps relieve the economic burden on tuition.

Abraham Lincoln Law School Online Application Requirements

Stepping off your application to ALU Law School does much more than filling out forms – it requires planning and preparation. The key requirements to help make your application stand out. From drafting a strong personal statement to obtaining letters of recommendation, and submitting a resume, each step impacts your application.

1. Online Application

You must apply online and pay the USD 50 application fee via the ALU Law School admissions site to Abraham Lincoln Law School. Because ALU Law is online, all admissions are done digitally or by mail so you can do them from home. This convenience makes it accessible to potential law students worldwide. Submit your application within 30 days once the course begins to ensure consideration. Include a government-issued photo ID.

2. Law School Resume

Make a short, professional law school resume that discusses your academic accomplishments, job experience, extracurricular activities, and some pertinent skills or certifications. Include details of your education, including your undergraduate degree plus extra law school courses or certifications.

3. Law School Letter of Recommendation

Submit at least one law school letter of recommendation by an authority on your academic performance, work ethic, and character. Pick recommenders who know you well and can articulate specific examples of your potential and strengths as a law student.

4. Law School Personal Statement

Your law school personal statement must be 500-1000 words about yourself and your objectives for the Juris Doctor program when applying to Abraham Lincoln Law School. This particular statement has to reflect your love for the law, your reasons for applying, and what separates you from other candidates. Use this chance to show your writing abilities, critical thinking skills, and your dedication to equality and justice.

5. Law School Diversity Statement

Submit a law school diversity statement describing your background, experiences, and perspectives. Use this statement to go over the way your diverse identity enhances the learning environment and supports the legal profession’s diversity and inclusion objectives.

6. Law School Addendum

If you discover some discrepancies or weaknesses in your application, for instance, educational record gaps or a poor GPA, you can submit a law school addendum with background or reasons. Use this opportunity to deal with any concerns and show you can handle challenges.

Preparing for the LSAT

The LSAT is the doorway to your law school ambitions, demonstrating your potential for legal studies. Your LSAT score proves your readiness for law school and also opens doors to admission to elite schools and scholarships. Even though Abraham Lincoln Law School doesn’t require the LSAT, preparation for and success in it can still be beneficial, particularly in prime Law schools. Take the LSAT prep you need to reach the top schools or into alternatives like Abraham Lincoln Law School with Odyssey Test Prep. Mastering the LSAT opens doors to a career in law.

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As you start your goal of law school, investigate your options and assess your prior obligations. With online law school becoming a more popular option, you need to weigh your choices very carefully. Utilize resources like Odyssey Test Prep and the LSAC to determine which option is best for both you and your legal goals. Doing so will set you in place for success along with a satisfying career in the legal field.

If you have questions about the LSAT and law school admissions, feel free to contact us!

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