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Wyoming Law School was established in 1920 by the University of Wyoming College of Law, Wyoming, Laramie. Noted for practical legal training, the school has carved a niche in natural resources law, environmentally friendly law, and energy law reflecting the Rocky Mountain setting. Its faculty of seasoned legal professionals imparts theoretical knowledge and practical experience to students, and it is noted for producing skilled graduates.

This post provides stats, acceptance rates, rankings, LSAT requirements, and admission requirements for Wyoming Law School. A legal degree from Wyoming Law School often prepares graduates for diverse legal careers. A few opt to practice law in Wyoming and join the state’s legal society while others travel to various other states or beyond. Whatever their path, Wyoming Law alumni apply their education and experiences to their legal careers and beyond.

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The Wyoming Law School Ranking

Rankings can be a useful guide when weighing law school choices, such as Wyoming Law School. Wyoming Law has gained top rankings in specialization areas like natural resources law, energy law, and environmental law. These rankings reflect the school’s reputation and give insight into what possibilities await you upon graduation. Whether you intend to practice law locally, or you intend to go outside Wyoming, the rankings will help guide your decision, so you select a route that best matches your career and ambitions.

USNW Best Law Schools #111
Business/Corporate Law #100
Constitutional Law #120
Contracts/Commercial Law #109
Criminal Law #149
Environmental Law #44
Health Care Law #103
Intellectual Property Law #176
International Law #163
Legal Writing #25
Tax Law #164
Trail Advocacy #189

Wyoming Law School Academic Programs

With many academic programs to pick from, Wyoming Law School provides a wide selection that fits your interests and needs, creating your legal education customized to your interests and goals. Regardless of whether you enjoy another area, environmental advocacy, corporate law, or public service law, Wyoming Law School has programs designed for you. From courses in community engagement and social responsibility to courses in corporate strategy and entrepreneurialism, there is a range to match your legal studies interests and ambitions. At Wyoming Law, you design a tailored academic path toward a legal career.

Juris Doctor (JD)

Being a cornerstone program at Wyoming College of Law, the Juris Doctor prepares you to practice law. With this particular degree, you can be a lawyer, judge, or legal consultant amongst many other legal careers.

Joint Degree Programs

Wyoming Law School has several joint degree programs that enable you to mix your JD with various other graduate degrees for example:

  • Master of Environment and Natural Resources (MA ENR): This program emphasizes environmental policy and law and also prepares you for jobs in environmental attorneys, federal organizations, or non-profit organizations.
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA): Blending a JD and an MBA provides you with great ground in law and business – be it business law, business consulting services, or even entrepreneurialism.
  • Master of Public Administration (MPA): With a JD/MPA dual degree, you can work in advocacy, public policy, or government, or with legal matters in the public sector.

The Wyoming Law School Stats

The Wyoming law school statistics is an important information that can help you better position yourself in applying. These numbers, including your LSAT and GPA scores, are goals that mirror the academic accomplishment and aptitude the admissions committee expects. Meeting or exceeding these goals can boost your odds of acceptance into Wyoming Law because you show readiness and potential to succeed in the rigorous legal education provided by the school. Concentrating on attaining these targets will help your application stand a much better chance of acceptance to Wyoming Law School for your legal education.

Wyoming Law School LSAT Median 154
Wyoming Law School Median GPA 3.48
Wyoming Law School Acceptance Rate 51%
University of Wyoming Law School Ranking No. 111 in the US Best Law Schools
University of Wyoming Law School Admission Statistics 68 out of 520 applications
Wyoming Law School Tuition $18,080
Wyoming School of Law Bar Pass Rate 71%
University of Wyoming Law School Employment Rate 53%

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Admission Requirements to Wyoming Law School

It’s important to know the admission requirements to stand out on your application to Wyoming Law School. Having all your requirements organized and submitted on time is crucial to presenting a strong application. Focusing on a strong personal statement, obtaining letters of recommendation, keeping a competitive GPA, and getting an excellent LSAT rating may all boost your odds of admission.

1. LSAT Score

It’s important to know the admission requirements to stand out at Wyoming Law School. Assure timely fulfillment of requirements. A good LSAT score – with a median of 154 – shows your interest in legal studies and can also help the admissions committee assess your likelihood of flourishing in the arduous academic setting.

2. GPA and Transcript

Your undergraduate GPA along with your educational transcript shows you can handle challenging coursework and still excel academically. The median GPA requirement of 3.48 at Wyoming Law shows your aptitude for the rigorous curriculum. It prepares you for law school with the educational foundation you require.

3. Law School Letter of Recommendation

Law school letters of recommendation are from individuals who know you well, such as professors, employers, or mentors. They describe your skills, work ethic, and persona, and help admissions boards gauge your potential as a lawyer or law student.

4. Law School Personal Statement

Your law school personal statement expresses your character, experiences, and motives for studying law. It lets the admissions committee know you beyond your grades and extracurricular activities and also demonstrates your law-making perspective a lot better than most.

Taking the LSAT for Wyoming Law School

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When you select Wyoming Law School for your legal journey, you’re making a big decision, not simply a choice. You’re opening the door to opportunities to catapult you toward success. Here, you will find a supportive community that treats your goals as their own and helps you flourish. With a faculty of skilled professionals devoted to your development, you will get individual attention and mentorship while you build your legal abilities. From law school scholarship opportunities to job services, Wyoming Law School offers you the tools and assistance to succeed in your legal profession. 

By choosing Wyoming Law School, you’re not investing in your education only. You are investing in your long-term, on the path toward a prosperous legal career.

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