Looking Into Success at the University of Idaho Law School


Since 1909, Idaho Law School has been shaping the legal minds of its students as the best law school in Boise Idaho. UI Law’s way of teaching is staying true to its commitment to excellence and Idahoan heritage.

What makes Idaho Law School unique is its focus on hands-on experience. Its faculty and a community of legal minds deliver you a well-rounded education that combines theory with real-world application. Outside the classrooms, this close-knit community builds lasting connections and provides you with diverse opportunities for hands-on learning. These can help prepare you for the practical challenges of modern legal practice.

Students at the University of Idaho Law School in graduation gowns, raising the banner for the University of Idaho.

University of Idaho Law School Ranking

Law school rankings are a great proof of the school’s excellence. It’s like your window to what world you are stepping into. Think of it as you from the outside looking in. The table below lists the Idaho School of Law’s rankings in the recent U.S. News and World Report rankings.

USNW Best Law Schools #141
Business/Corporate Law #100
Clinical Training #161
Constitutional Law #131
Contracts/Commercial Law #131
Criminal Law #133
Environmental Law #61
Health Care Law #148
Intellectual Property Law #176
International Law #154
Legal Writing #90
Tax Law #136
Trial Advocacy #195

Programs and Specializations at Idaho Law

Wanting to be a lawyer in Idaho? Idaho Law provides degrees ranging from Juris Doctor (J.D.) to dual degrees and personalized coaching to match your personality and career objectives. Their comprehensive explanations of each program’s distinctive offerings allow it to be simple to navigate and can get you on your road to being a lawyer.

1. Juris Doctor (J.D.) Degree

Idaho Law’s J.D. curriculum trains graduates to be effective lawyers. It features a broad curriculum and also serves as a good ground for legal ideas, preparing students for a prosperous future in a dynamic and varied profession of law. This curriculum is going to prepare you to be a lawyer.

  • Business Law and Entrepreneurship

The Business Law and Entrepreneurship program teaches you about Business and Law – topics such as Contract Law, acquisitions and mergers, and regulatory compliance. This curriculum teaches skills for dealing with the corporate world and it is appropriate for those keen on law/business. Get experience in legal and business topics.

  • Native American Law

Idaho Law recognizes the importance of understanding and respecting Native American legal systems. Specializing in Native American Law allows you to learn about different legal issues that indigenous communities face. Be a champion for justice, striving to preserve and protect Native American rights.

  • Natural Resources and Environmental Law

If you’re passionate about water management, this program is designed for you! Explore laws, water management techniques, and policies to understand and address challenges in this crucial field. Joining this curriculum will equip you with the skills to support sustainable water practices, making it the perfect place to learn and contribute to solving water-related issues.

2. Dual J.D. Law Degrees

Idaho Law takes your education a step further by offering dual J.D. Law degrees. These programs combine legal expertise with specialized knowledge in other fields, opening up diverse career paths.

  • J.D./M.ACCT. (Master of Accountancy)

Merge your legal skills with a mastery of accountancy. This dual degree enhances your financial law, taxation, and corporate governance capabilities. With this dual degree program, you can become an excellent thinker and expert in both topics.

  • J.D./M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration)

Combining a J.D. will boost your professional possibilities. Get your master’s in business administration for law and business. This program teaches you the law and also the corporate world. You’ll gain the knowledge to be a smart advisor, skilled at handling law and corporate stuff. It broadens your understanding of business and law and sets you up to be an expert advisor in both fields. Achieving this master’s program makes you a pro prepared to contribute thoughtfully to the dynamic fields of law and business.

  • J.D./M.S. in Accountancy, Taxation

With this dual degree, you will learn every aspect of tax law. Master the legal issues of taxation while also developing your accounting skills. Your unique skill set will be in demand. Add particular areas such as tax law consultancy.

  • J.D./M.S. in Environmental Science

Bridge the gap between law and environmental science. This dual degree helps make sure you can tackle legal challenges in environmental protection, resource management, and sustainable development. Be at the forefront of legal solutions to environmental issues.

  • J.D./M.S./Ph.D. in Water Resources (Law, Management, and Policy)

If you care about water management, this program is for you! It’s made for people interested in water issues. You’ll learn about laws, how to manage water, and policies. Joining will help you understand challenges in water management and gain skills in this important field. In case you love solving water issues, this particular curriculum consists of lessons in law, management, and policies to enable you to allow for sustainable water habits.

  • J.D./M.P.A. (Master of Public Administration)

Do you dream of working in public administration? This dual degree prepares you for roles in government, policy analysis, and public service. Combine legal expertise with public administration skills. Know more about the legal challenges of public administration to drive positive change.

The University of Idaho School of Law Statistics

A law school’s statistics are as important as the other aspects of its identity. For aspiring law students like you, it’s your guide to know what they are looking for so you know what the goals are. Pay attention to crucial requirements such as LSAT scores and GPAs. These numbers are your keys to getting into the University of Idaho School of Law.

Idaho Law Median LSAT Score 152
Idaho State Law School GPA Requirement 3.36
University of Idaho Law School Acceptance Rate 66.80%
Idaho Law School Ranking No. 141 in the nation’s Best Law Schools
University of Idaho Law School Tuition $41,984 to $61,220
UI Law School Class Size 148 out of 644 applications

Idaho Law School building.

Admissions to Idaho Law

Get ready for success at Idaho University Law School with this guide. Research important admission requirements, like improving your resume and crafting a compelling personal statement. Strengthen your application to boost your chances of securing a spot at this esteemed institution. 

1. Law School Resume

Crafting a strong law school resume is crucial. Highlight your school achievements and skills, and include work experiences like internships to show your understanding of legal matters. Don’t forget to showcase any volunteer work or activities related to law to demonstrate your commitment and provide a full picture of your skills and interests. Your resume showcases your educational achievements, job experience, and enthusiasm for law. 

2. Law School Letters of Recommendation

Select recommenders wisely, picking those who can talk about your academic skills, work ethic, and suitability for law school. Ask professors, employers, or mentors who know you well for your law school letter of recommendation highlighting your abilities and character for your law school application. Picking the right recommenders is important to make your application stand out. Choose those who can provide strong examples to strengthen your case. 

3. Law School Personal Statement

Write a genuine law school personal statement, expressing your reasons for choosing law. Share your goals, and relevant experiences, and explain why Idaho University Law School is your ideal choice. This straightforward approach helps you effectively convey your unique qualities and aspirations.

4. Highlight Your Academic Strength

Boost your chances by ensuring your GPAs and LSAT scores meet the school’s standards. UI Law School looks for a median GPA of 3.36 and an LSAT score of 152 or higher. Aim for a perfect score in the LSAT, if possible. Prepare well for the LSAT, aiming for excellence, and consider using resources like Odyssey Test Prep for guidance in your LSAT and law school admissions journey.

5. Be Transparent with Any Weaknesses

If your LSAT or GPA scores aren’t excellent, fix those in your personal statement. Showcase your growth, resilience, and plan for success in law school. Addressing these issues shows that you’re self-aware, determined, and ready to overcome challenges.

6. Follow the Timelines “to the T”

Follow the guidelines and deadlines in the law school application timeline, ensuring you submit all documents on time. Idaho Law School’s admission deadline runs from September 15, and scholarship priority continues until March 15. Double-check for any specific requirements unique to Idaho University Law School.

7. Stay Positive

Approach the application process with confidence, knowing your unique experiences make you a valuable candidate. Clearly express your passion for law and your commitment to excelling at Idaho University Law School. By confidently sharing your strengths and dedication, you make yourself stand out as an exceptional applicant.

University of Idaho Law School Tuition and Financial Aid

The tuition for 2023-2024 at the University of Idaho Law School is USD 41,984 to USD 61,220. High tuition sometimes poses challenges for law students, influencing their education and future jobs. Many incoming law students often think of how to pay for law school. This is especially true for people who may be facing financial struggles but want to succeed in law school. Student debt becomes a significant hurdle, leading to long repayment periods. The steep costs create barriers, limiting access to legal education for those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. It also influences career choices toward higher-paying legal areas, potentially affecting the availability of legal services in certain fields. Fortunately, prospective law students with financial challenges can explore financial aid options, including scholarships and loans. These options are available at UI Law School to ease the cost burden. These resources aim to make legal education more accessible.

Idaho Law Scholarships

The College of Law at the University of Idaho awards this law school scholarship grant to incoming law students like you. This grant is based on your performance in the LSATs and your GPA, so make sure to lay your foundation right. This grant does not need a separate application as it comes with the law school application you submit in the beginning. Once you qualify, you will receive a notification through a scholarship letter. Continuing students may also have access to scholarships from endowed funds, awarded based on criteria set by alumni. Most scholarships offered by Idaho Law are renewable for up to three years. Just keep in mind that this continuing opportunity depends on your good academic standing and keeping a full-time course load.

Taking the LSAT for Idaho Law

The key to admissions would be taking the LSAT. A high LSAT rating gets you into the very best law schools, and additionally, it opens doors to scholarship applications which will help you finance your legal education. Get prepared for the LSAT with expert guidance from Odyssey Test Prep. This list is your guide to effective LSAT preparation.

  • Start Early

Begin LSAT preparation well in advance to build a strong foundation. The earlier you start, the more time you have to grasp essential concepts and practice.

  • Utilize Reliable Resources

Explore trustworthy LSAT prep materials and official practice tests. Elevate your LSAT scores with our comprehensive prep course and gain a competitive edge for admission to the University of Idaho Law School. Odyssey Test Prep is right here to help you prep for the LSAT with some of the best LSAT Prep Courses.

  • Practice Regularly

Consistent practice is key. Simulate exam conditions often with timed practice testing to get your pacing right and test the format.

  • LSAT Tutoring

Invest in LSAT tutoring. Odyssey Test Prep offers LSAT tutoring in person and online one-on-one to match your preparation style and timetable. Receive personalized LSAT tutoring to maximize your potential and enhance your chances of securing a spot at the University of Idaho Law School.

  • Explore the Admissions Roadmap

Familiarize yourself with the specific requirements and criteria Idaho Law considers during the admissions process. Odyssey’s carefully crafted Admissions Roadmap is here to help guide you through the application process, including scholarship submissions.

  • Law School Admissions Consulting

Use Odyssey Test Prep’s law school admissions consulting services. Get expert advice on all admissions. Navigate the admissions process seamlessly with our expert consultants, tailored to help you secure a spot at the prestigious University of Idaho Law School.


Starting a legal profession is both rewarding and fulfilling. Here, you will receive practical legal education that goes beyond theory and applies concepts to everyday situations. The institution’s friendliness encourages student camaraderie and accomplishment, and LSAC makes application processing quicker and simpler for you. The curriculum at the University of Idaho Law School fuses practice and theory to give you the legal chops you need to succeed in the field. The faculty fosters critical thinking skills to prepare graduates.

You can also utilize LSAC assistance during your application, and with a solid application, you may confidently pave the route for a rewarding and successful legal career.

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