A Comprehensive Guide to Excelling at the University of Denver Law School


The University of Denver Law School, or DU Law School, established in 1892 in Denver, Colorado, is renowned for its commitment to high-quality legal education. The Sturm School of Law, named after philanthropist Donald L. Sturm, is known for its innovative approach. Led by respected legal scholars and practitioners, the comprehensive curriculum prepares students for the complexities of the legal field, emphasizing experiential learning through clinics and externships. Fostering a diverse and inclusive community that encourages collaboration, DU Law School maintains its legacy while shaping the legal minds of the future to meet evolving professional demands.

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Available Programs at Denver Law School

Explore specialized programs like Environmental Law and International Legal Studies at the University of Denver Law School. Dive into innovative JD certificates and dual-degree options (JD/MBA, JD/MA) for a customized legal education. Expect a rewarding academic experience with expert guidance and practical learning, setting the stage for success in your legal career. Find out more about these top-notch programs here:

Law School Curriculum

The University of Denver Law School boasts a comprehensive Law School Curriculum that lays the foundation for legal expertise. From foundational courses to advanced electives, students receive a well-rounded legal education.

Best Majors for Law School

The University of Denver Law School provides guidance on the Best Majors for Law School, helping students choose a strong academic foundation for their legal journey.

Animal Law Program

For those passionate about animal rights, the Animal Law Program at DU Law offers specialized courses addressing legal issues related to animals. From advocacy to legislation, this program equips students to make a difference in the lives of our furry friends.

Constitutional Rights and Remedies Program

Dive deep into the heart of legal principles with the Constitutional Rights and Remedies Program. This program focuses on understanding and applying constitutional law, ensuring students are well-versed in protecting individual liberties.

Corporate and Commercial Law Program

For aspiring business lawyers, the Corporate and Commercial Law Program is a gateway to mastering the legal intricacies of the corporate world. Covering contracts, transactions, and regulatory aspects, this program prepares students for success in the business legal landscape.

Environmental and Natural Resources Law Program

Addressing the critical need for environmental stewardship, this program delves into the complexities of Environmental and Natural Resources Law. From conservation to regulatory compliance, students learn to navigate the legal dimensions of protecting our planet.

Intellectual Property and Technology Law Program

In a world driven by innovation, the Intellectual Property and Technology Law Program at DU Law equips students with the tools to navigate the legal aspects of intellectual property and technology. From patents to copyrights, this program is at the forefront of legal tech education.

International Legal Studies Program

Take on a global legal journey with the International Legal Studies Program. This program offers a comprehensive understanding of international law, preparing students for careers that transcend borders and cultures.

Workplace Law Program

DU Law’s Workplace Law Program prepares students for modern workplace legal challenges, covering labor relations and discrimination. With a focus on practical application, this program equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in navigating the complexities of employment law.

Denver Law School Ranking

Denver Law School champions excellence in many legal fields. This table shows the significant law school rankings that Denver Law School is recognized for.

USNW Best Law Schools #80
Part-time Law #8
Business/Corporate Law #68
Clinical Training #9
Constitutional Law #57
Contracts/Commercial Law #64
Criminal Law #30
Dispute Resolution #43
Environmental Law #19
Health Care Law #61
Intellectual Property Law #51
International Law #35
Legal Writing #13
Tax Law #46
Trial Advocacy #6

The University of Denver Law School Admissions Process

Entering the University of Denver Law School is a careful process that shapes the paths of aspiring law students. Here, we explore the essential components and strategies for navigating DU Law’s unique admissions process.

1. Law School Requirements

Before diving into the law school requirements, first, ace the basics. Gather your academic transcripts, standardized test scores, and any additional requirements outlined by the University of Denver. This is the foundation upon which your application will stand, so make sure it’s rock solid.

2. Law School Personal Statement

Imagine your law school personal statement as a courtroom argument – compelling, persuasive, and uniquely yours. Express your passion for the law, share personal experiences, and elucidate your aspirations. This is your chance to shine, so let your narrative captivate the admissions committee.

3. Law School Letters of Recommendation

Choose your recommenders wisely; they’re your advocates in the admissions process. Seek letters from individuals who know you well academically or professionally. A glowing recommendation can tip the scales in your favor, emphasizing your qualities that may not be apparent from transcripts alone.

4. LSAT and GPA Requirements

Denver Law has set benchmarks with an LSAT score of 160 and a GPA of 3.6. Use these figures as a guide, but remember, they’re not the sole determinants of your candidacy. Aim for excellence in both areas; if one aspect is stronger, let it compensate. Balance is key.

5. Denver Law School Admissions Statistics

Denver University Law School requires a competitive median LSAT score of 160 and a median GPA of 3.60 for applicants. While meeting or exceeding these benchmarks is important, showcasing unique strengths and experiences beyond numbers is also crucial for a well-rounded and compelling application. This balanced approach is key to standing out in the admissions process at Denver University Law School.

6. DU Law School Application Deadline

Applying to the University of Denver School of Law offers a unique flexibility with no fixed application deadline. This doesn’t mean a laid-back approach; rather, it emphasizes strategic planning. Craft your materials thoughtfully, ensuring your personal statement and recommendation letters showcase your qualifications. While there’s no rigid deadline, timeliness is crucial. Submit your application promptly for thorough review by the admissions committee. In law school admissions, timing is key to securing your spot at DU Law.

Success in the University of Denver School of Law admissions process is a multifaceted journey. Blend academic prowess with a compelling narrative, strong recommendations, and an understanding of the admissions landscape. Craft an application that reflects your true potential, and you’ll be well on your way to donning that graduation cap at Denver Law.

Denver Law School Admissions Statistics

Exploring the numbers at the University of Denver Law School reveals key facts about its academic community, covering admission statistics and performance indicators. These law school numbers help understand the institution’s academic profile.

University of Denver Law School LSAT Score 160
DU Law School GPA 3.60
DU Law School Ranking No. 80 in Best Law Schools
DU Law School Acceptance Rate 48.50%
DU Law School Class Size 280

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Denver University School of Law Tuition and Financial Aid

Denver University School of Law presents a financial landscape that aspiring students must carefully consider. With a tuition cost of $55,610 per year, understanding the available financial aid options is crucial. Navigating the terrain of tuition and financial aid ensures that prospective students can make well-informed decisions, striking a balance between their academic aspirations and financial considerations.

Sturm Elevation Initiative

The Sturm Elevation Initiative, backed by a significant investment from the Sturm Family Foundation, is set to provide a transformative opportunity at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law in fall 2023. Spearheaded by Donald Sturm, LLB’58, this initiative offers twenty full-tuition merit law school scholarships with a first-year stipend to outstanding JD students.

Reflecting the Sturm Family’s enduring commitment to the university, the initiative has eligibility criteria, including being a first-year student, first-generation college status, demonstrated financial need, an LSAT score of 160 or above, and an undergraduate GPA of 3.60 or above. Limited in availability, this philanthropic effort highlights the family’s dedication to excellence at one of the nation’s premier law schools.

Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan

The Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan is a key resource for graduate students, available to those submitting the FAFSA and enrolled at least half-time in a degree-seeking program. With a maximum annual limit of $20,500 and a lifetime cap of $138,500, this law school loan provides essential financial support.

Interest rates are fixed, and while no payments are required during enrollment, interest accrues and can be paid directly or capitalized later. Repayment begins six months post-graduation, with options extending up to 25 years, making it a crucial financial tool for graduate students.

LSAT Prep Steps for Denver Law School

Preparing for Denver Law School begins with strategic LSAT preparation—a crucial step that shapes your admission success. This guide provides insights into mastering each facet to enhance your candidacy for the University of Denver Law School.

  • Understanding the LSAT Sections

Delve into the intricacies of LSAT sections – Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension. Comprehending the nuances of each section is key to navigating the exam effectively.

  • Enroll in an LSAT Prep Course

Consider joining an LSAT prep course to benefit from structured learning. Elevate your LSAT scores with our LSAT Prep Course and set the foundation for success in law school. These courses provide invaluable insights, practice materials, and expert guidance essential for mastering the exam.

  • Invest in LSAT Tutoring

For a tailored approach, LSAT tutoring offers personalized guidance. Personalize your LSAT preparation with expert guidance and secure your spot at Denver Law. A tutor can identify your strengths and weaknesses, crafting a targeted plan to elevate your performance.

  • Law School Admissions Consulting

Beyond LSAT scores, law school admissions are multifaceted. With our professional law school consultants, you can navigate the path to Denver Law with confidence. Engage in law school admissions consulting to refine your application strategy, ensuring your LSAT results complement a compelling overall narrative.

Each step in LSAT preparation is a building block toward a successful application at the University of Denver Law School. Understand LSAT sections, invest in effective prep courses or tutoring, and consider admissions consulting to shape a holistic application that stands out in the competitive admissions landscape. Your journey to Denver Law starts with mastering the LSAT!


In conclusion, prospective students aspiring to join the University of Denver Law School must prioritize LSAT preparation and understand the admission process intricacies.

The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) establishes the standards, making alignment with these requirements imperative. Meticulously navigating LSAC criteria showcases commitment to academic excellence, laying a solid foundation for a successful application. A strategic approach, including comprehensive LSAT readiness and adherence to LSAC guidelines, positions aspiring legal minds for success. Dedication to each admission process step ensures applications stand out, reflecting academic prowess and a genuine passion for law.

As you embark on this transformative journey, the University of Denver Law School awaits, ready to nurture and guide the next generation of legal professionals toward a rewarding educational experience.