TestMaster LSAT: A Comprehensive Review


Achieving a high LSAT score is critical for admission to your dream law school. The LSAT is a standardized test law schools use to determine a candidate’s aptitude for legal studies. When you begin studying for the LSAT, one of the first decisions is which LSAT prep course to take.

TestMasters LSAT Prep Courses have earned a reputation for being effective and reliable. They offer various options, including in-person classes and an online format, ensuring students can access methods that work best for them. TestMasters stand out because of their score increase guarantee and the fact that their course content is created by someone who scored perfectly on the LSAT. In this TestMasters LSAT review, we aim to provide detailed insights, comparing TestMasters to other LSAT prep courses, to help you make an informed choice.

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TestMasters LSAT Overview

TestMasters LSAT offers a variety of resources to help students excel in the LSAT. With options ranging from streaming and on-demand classes to live sessions in various U.S. cities and even personalized one-on-one support, TestMasters caters to diverse learning styles and needs. This range ensures that students can find a learning method that best suits their study habits and preparation goals.

The foundation of the LSAT TestMasters prep course is its creator, Robin Singh, the founder and CEO of TestMasters. Known as the world’s leading expert in LSAT preparation, Singh holds the record for achieving the most perfect scores in the history of the LSAT. 

His journey began at Duke University, where he meticulously analyzed old LSAT exams, including various LSAT sections, to understand and learn from his errors. Through this process, he discovered that the LSAT is a skills-based test and developed unique techniques that led him to a perfect score on the LSAT in December 1988. These techniques form the core of the TestMasters LSAT course, which Robin launched in 1991 in Los Angeles.

These strategies are accessible to students through live classes in over 100 U.S. locations or online, video-based formats. The TestMasters LSAT course offers an extensive database focusing on reasoning methods and an innovative quiz feature to enhance LSAT vocabulary. 

Singh’s engaging teaching approach, comprehensive explanations, and tutorials are delivered in over 100 hours of high-definition video content. These elements combine to make the TestMasters LSAT prep course a valuable tool for students aiming to achieve a high score within the LSAT score range of their dream school, providing a solid foundation for their future in law.

LSAT TestMasters Course Features

The LSAT TestMasters course aims to thoroughly prepare students for the LSAT by offering detailed instruction and ample practice materials. With a focus on equipping students with the necessary tools to succeed in the LSAT, this course provides comprehensive preparation. Below are some of the features of the LSAT TestMasters course.

Instructional Videos

Spearheaded by Robin Singh, the founder and CEO of TestMasters, these 160 hours of instructional videos feature his effective teaching style. Known for his clear communication and articulate delivery, Robin’s videos make complex concepts easy to understand, as noted in many TestMaster LSAT reviews.

Practice Exams

This course offers 20 digital LSAT practice tests, allowing students to take timed tests and review their answers with detailed explanations. This feature is essential for understanding and overcoming common pitfalls.

Official LSAT Questions

With nearly 10,000 official questions, the course provides ample practice, helping students familiarize themselves with the unique style and structure of LSAT questions.

Comprehensive Written Explanations

The course includes thousands of pages of written explanations, illustrating how to approach and answer LSAT questions effectively. These explanations cover everything from diagramming strategies to logical reasoning.

Diagnostic Scoring System

To mimic the real LSAT experience, the course provides 20 full-length diagnostic tests, complete with sophisticated scoring software, helping students get accustomed to the test’s rhythm and timing.

LSAT Search Engine Feature

The TestMasters LSAT search engine is a valuable tool with an extensive array of data and materials. It allows students to search for questions on specific topics efficiently, saving precious study time.

Exclusive Online Resource Center

Accessible only to course members, the TestMasters online resource center offers a wealth of additional materials and 24/7 study support. This is an invaluable resource, allowing students to ask questions and seek guidance at any time.

Each feature is thoughtfully integrated into the TestMasters LSAT Prep Course to provide a robust and effective preparation experience for students aiming to achieve their best possible LSAT scores. Utilize the expertise of Score Support Center Members for your LSAT review, gaining access to targeted strategies and resources that enhance your understanding and performance on this crucial exam.

LSAT Test Masters Pricing

Determining the right LSAT prep can be crucial to your success, and TestMasters provides flexible options to suit your study preferences and timetable. Whether you’re looking for a structured plan that adheres to a specific TestMasters LSAT schedule or you need the adaptability of online resources and personalized tutoring, our pricing models are designed to meet your educational needs without compromising on quality.

Course Type Price Details
TestMasters Live LSAT Course $1650
  • Bi-weekly 4-hour classroom sessions
  • Diagnostic and practice exams included
  • Coursebook with over 9,000 LSAT questions
  • Access to 20 video lessons by Singh
  • Comprehensive Online Resource Center
  • Written explanations for each section
  • Detailed test diagnostics tools
  • Database for identifying flawed reasoning
  • LSAT question search engine
  • Vocabulary-building quizzes
TestMasters LSAT Online Course $1150
  • 15 video lessons (over 100 hours)
  • Coursebook with over 7,500 LSAT questions
  • Diagnostic and practice exams included
  • Access to an Online Resource Center
  • Detailed written explanations per section
  • Tools for test diagnostics
  • Flawed reasoning question database
  • LSAT search engine for targeted practice
  • Vocabulary-building quizzes
Tutoring Online/Telephone/In-Person 10-Hour: $1500
25-Hour: $3125
80-Hour (Platinum): $9750
  • Flexible hourly and package rates
  • Options for 10, 25, or 80-hour tutoring packages
  • Interactive sessions via telephone or web chat

Online Tutoring- TestMasters LSAT

Pros and Cons of TestMasters LSAT

When preparing for the LSAT, choosing a prep course that aligns with your learning style and objectives is essential. TestMasters offers an extensive live online LSAT prep course and other options, each with unique benefits and limitations to consider.

Pros of TestMaster LSAT

  1. Comprehensive LSAT Question Database: One of the standout features of TestMasters is its unparalleled collection of LSAT questions, with a complete archive dating back to 1991. This extensive resource is unmatched by other LSAT prep courses and is instrumental in preparing students. Since the LSAT is designed to assess analytical and logical skills rather than rote knowledge, engaging with this wealth of actual LSAT material is critical for students to familiarize themselves with the exam’s structure and question types.

  1. Advanced Diagnostic Scoring: Beginning with an LSAT practice test is standard for most prep courses, but TestMasters offers up to twenty diagnostic exams spanning five key knowledge areas. Their unique scoring system delivers detailed analytical reports and highlights specific areas where students may need to improve, offering strategic insights that can significantly benefit their prep journey.

  1. Affordable Tutoring Options: While LSAT tutoring is generally a significant investment due to the required expertise, TestMasters offers competitive pricing, especially for their comprehensive Platinum Tutoring package. With all tutors scoring in the top 2% on the LSAT, students receive guidance from some of the most knowledgeable instructors.

  1. Extensive Study Material: With TestMasters, you gain access to a vast library of study materials, including over 9,000 real LSAT questions provided by the LSAC, ensuring you have plenty of content for thorough preparation for each LSAT section like LSAT Logical Reasoning, LSAT Reading Comprehension, LSAT Logic Games, particularly for the challenging LSAT logic games, and LSAT Experimental Section. A dedicated Research and Development team regularly refreshes the course content, keeping you updated with the latest resources.

  1. Database of Flawed Reasoning: A distinctive feature of TestMasters is their database of flawed reasoning examples. This helps students recognize and avoid common logical traps on the LSAT, enhancing their critical thinking skills.

  1. Established Expertise of the Course Creator: The TestMasters strategy is rooted in the achievements of its founder, Robin Singh, who not only scored a perfect LSAT score in 1988 but has since taught over 10,000 students. The techniques he developed are the foundation of TestMasters’ approach, which has been aiding countless law school applicants to succeed on the LSAT.

Cons of TestMaster LSAT

  1. Limited Course Access Duration: TestMasters tailors its courses to specific LSAT dates, generally starting about 10 weeks before the exam. This schedule might not suit those who wish to start preparing earlier or need extended study time.

  1. Lack of a Mobile App: Despite offering advanced online course features, TestMasters doesn’t provide the convenience of a dedicated mobile app, making on-the-go studying less accessible compared to some competitors. Additionally, the inability to preview the online course features without purchase may hinder prospective students from fully understanding what the course offers.

What is the Best LSAT Prep Company?

Selecting the best LSAT prep course is a crucial decision that hinges on various factors, including teaching style, material comprehensiveness, and individual learning preferences. Apart from its affordability, choosing Odyssey Test Prep for LSAT preparation offers several significant advantages. Our expert guidance stands out, with tutors who excel in the LSAT and teach the test effectively.

Additionally, the learning materials at Odyssey are comprehensive and adaptable to different learning preferences. Whether through interactive lessons, visual aids, or traditional reading, their resources cater to the diverse ways students learn. Here’s an overview of how our services can help you prepare for the LSAT and law school admissions:

  • LSAT Prep Course

Ace the LSAT with Odyssey Test Prep – expert-led courses for your best score. Our course is meticulously designed to offer in-depth coverage of all exam sections, emphasizing strategies for mastering challenging areas like LSAT logic games. This course combines interactive teaching methods with extensive practice materials to ensure a well-rounded preparation.

  • LSAT Tutoring

Optimize LSAT success with personalized tutoring from Odyssey Test Prep. Students receive individualized attention, allowing for a customized learning experience that targets specific areas of improvement. Experienced tutors provide personalized strategies and insights, greatly enhancing students’ preparation for the LSAT.

  • Law School Admission Consulting

Secure law school admission with Odyssey Test Prep’s expert consulting for a compelling application that shines. Our law school admission consultants help applicants develop a strategic plan for the application process, from crafting standout personal statements to strategic advice on school selection, ensuring that candidates present their best selves to admissions committees. Odyssey also provides ongoing support in scholarship negotiation and waitlist strategy to help students gain admission to their top-choice law programs.

Final Thoughts: Is TestMasters Good for LSAT?

TestMasters LSAT has built a strong reputation for its comprehensive approach to LSAT preparation, offering a rich array of resources that cater to diverse learning styles. Their course is particularly notable for its extensive library of real LSAT questions and detailed diagnostic tools, which are invaluable for students looking to understand and master the exam’s format and nuances deeply. While no prep course can guarantee success, TestMasters equips students with the tools and knowledge necessary to confidently approach the LSAT, making it a solid choice for many aspiring law students.

TestMasters LSAT is an excellent choice for LSAT preparation. However, Odyssey Test Prep offers a superior option with personalized and tailored programs designed to help you achieve your specific LSAT and Law School goals more effectively.

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