Your Guide to Law School Success With Stetson Law School Ranking


Stetson Law School is a standout institution among the state’s law schools. It was founded in 1900 and has a rich history and dedication to providing excellent legal education. Is Stetson Law School good? With a reputation for top-notch innovative programs and a nurturing academic environment, Stetson Law has consistently earned its status as a premier institution in legal studies.

Where is Stetson Law School? Located in the Sunshine State in Gulfport, Stetson Law School uniquely benefits from Florida’s diverse legal challenges, providing students with unparalleled learning opportunities. The institution holds a distinct position among law schools in Florida, with a dedicated focus on producing competent, ethical, and successful legal professionals. Aspiring lawyers contemplating Stetson Law School will find assurance in its history, faculty, and unwavering commitment to shaping the next generation of legal minds in the beautiful state of Florida.

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Stetson Law School Recent Rankings and Trends

Stetson Law School’s ranking is influenced by factors such as academic reputation, faculty quality, bar passage rates, employment outcomes for graduates, and the school’s resources and facilities. Additionally, research productivity, selectivity in admissions, and alumni success can also play a role in determining the overall standing of the law school in national or global rankings.

Explore the latest achievements and trends of Stetson Law School with the following table, offering insights into its recent Law School Rankings and notable trends. Stetson Law School’s ranking is crucial for prospective students, providing key insights into its position in the legal education field. Analyzing its current status and trajectory offers a nuanced understanding of Stetson’s evolving impact in the dynamic landscape of legal academia, guiding informed decision-making.

Specialty Rankings
USNW Best Law Schools #84
Part-time Law #34
Business/Corporate Law #125
Clinical Training #89
Constitutional Law #107
Contracts/Commercial Law #80
Criminal Law #94
Dispute Resolution #18
Environmental Law #88
Health Care Law #94
Intellectual Property Law #130
International Law #127
Legal Writing #3
Tax Law #91
Trial Advocacy #1

Stetson University Law School Numbers

Dive into the quantitative facets of Stetson University Law School with the following table, shedding light on the institution’s Law School Numbers. Get a closer look at key metrics and figures that encapsulate the numerical aspects of Stetson Law School’s profile and performance.

Stetson LSAT Score 158
Stetson Law School GPA 3.51
Acceptance Rate 30.9%
Stetson School of Law Ranking #84
Stetson Law School Cost $48,542 to $68,344
Stetson Law School Bar Passage Rate 76%

Campus Life and Student Experience at Stetson Law School

Curious about what life is like beyond the classroom at Stetson Law School? Let’s take a stroll through the vibrant tapestry of campus life and student experiences, where the Stetson Law School rankings and the unique admissions process are just the beginning.

  • Stetson Law School Rankings

Stetson Law School doesn’t just set the bar; it raises it. With consistently high rankings at No. 84 in the nation’s Best Law Schools, it’s no surprise that students find themselves in the midst of an intellectually stimulating environment. The school’s commitment to academic excellence is reflected in its rankings, creating a dynamic atmosphere that challenges and nurtures aspiring legal minds.

  • The Admissions Tapestry

Before we delve into daily life, let’s rewind to the beginning – the Stetson Law School admissions process. It’s the gateway to this academic haven. Aspiring legal eagles undergo a meticulous process, ensuring that those who walk through the doors bring not just qualifications but a passion for justice. The diversity in the admissions process sets the stage for a vibrant community of learners.

  • Classrooms and Beyond: The Stetson Experience

Beyond the Stetson Law School rankings lies an immersive experience that goes beyond textbooks and lectures. Classrooms buzz with debates, and collaboration is more than just a concept – it’s a way of life. The faculty’s dedication to fostering critical thinking creates an environment where students don’t just learn law; they live it.

  • Clubs and Societies

Stetson’s campus life extends beyond academics, offering a myriad of clubs and societies. Whether you’re passionate about environmental law, moot court, or pro bono work, there’s a niche waiting for you. These extracurricular activities aren’t just resume fillers; they’re avenues to explore your interests, forge connections, and contribute meaningfully to the legal community.

  • Connecting Beyond Campus

Stetson Law School understands the importance of networking in the legal realm. The school actively facilitates connections with legal professionals, alumni, and organizations. From career fairs to networking events, students have the opportunity to build relationships that extend far beyond graduation day.

  • Stetson’s Campus Beauty

Located in Florida, Stetson’s campus is more than buildings—it’s a beautiful place. Lush greenery, historic charm, and modern amenities create an ideal setting for a rich academic experience. It’s not just a school; it’s a place where the surroundings inspire learning.

  • Balancing Academics and Self-Care

Stetson Law School recognizes the importance of a holistic student experience. From wellness programs to counseling services, the school understands that a healthy mind is essential for academic success. Students find support not just in their textbooks but in the overall ethos of caring for one’s well-being.

Stetson Law School seamlessly integrates academic rigor, extracurriculars, and a dedicated focus on student well-being. Beyond notable rankings and a meticulous admissions process, it cultivates a community that fosters growth, connections, and the development of legal professionals poised to impact the world. 

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Admissions and Application Requirements and Process for Stetson School of Law

Get set for a journey through the admissions process! Here’s your guide to understanding the Admissions Roadmap, refining your Law School Resume, excelling in the LSAT Scores and GPA, picking the Best Majors for Law School, grasping Law School Requirements, and adding flair to your Law School Letter of Recommendation and Personal Statement.

1. Admissions Roadmap

Before you dive into the application process, equip yourself with the Admissions Roadmap. It’s your strategic plan, that helps you navigate deadlines, requirements, and potential pitfalls. Start with a deep dive into Stetson’s offerings and faculty; tailor your roadmap to showcase your unique qualities. It’s not just a plan; it’s your personalized roadmap to triumph.

2. Crafting Your Law School Resume/Application

Your Law School Resume/Application is the passport to Stetson. Ensure it’s polished, highlighting academic achievements, extracurriculars, and any legal experience. Think of it as your introduction to the admissions committee – make it compelling, concise, and a true reflection of your journey so far.

3. LSAT Scores and GPA

Understanding a law school’s median LSAT and GPA is crucial, and for Stetson Law School, the median LSAT is 157, and the median GPA is 3.45. While meeting these averages is helpful, aiming for a higher LSAT score can significantly improve your chances of admission. Admissions committees often prioritize applicants who exceed the median LSAT, seeing it as a strong sign of academic excellence. Aspiring law students should see these medians as goals to surpass, strengthening their application and increasing the likelihood of acceptance.

4. Choosing the Best Majors for Law School

Stetson embraces diversity, welcoming applicants from various academic backgrounds. Wondering about the Best Majors for Law School? Pick a major aligned with your passion – Political Science, History, or Business can offer unique perspectives. Your major is not just a checkbox; it’s an opportunity to showcase your genuine interest in the law.

5. Law School Requirements

The doors to Stetson open with the right set of keys. Ensure you meet the Law School Requirements – a bachelor’s degree, competitive LSAT Scores, and a compelling application. Stetson values well-rounded individuals, so use this opportunity to showcase not just your academic side, but also your commitment to justice and community service.

6. Law School Letter of Recommendation

Your Law School Letter of Recommendation is your silent advocate. Choose recommenders who know you beyond the surface – those who can vouch for your character, potential, and suitability for law school. It’s not just a letter; it’s a testimony to your journey so far. Give your recommenders ample time to craft a compelling narrative.

7. Crafting Your Narrative: Law School Personal Statement

The Law School Personal Statement is your canvas. Paint a picture of your journey, aspirations, and why Stetson is the perfect canvas for your legal masterpiece. Be authentic, showcase your unique perspective, and let your voice resonate through the words. It’s not just a statement; it’s your personal invitation to the admissions committee.

The Stetson School of Law admissions process is like solving a puzzle – each piece contributes to the bigger picture of your candidacy. Follow this guide diligently, infuse your personality into each element, and soon you might find yourself at the threshold of a transformative legal education.

LSAT Prep Essentials for Stetson Law School Aspirants

Preparing for the LSAT is your ticket to Stetson Law School success. Navigate the journey with a personalized approach, tapping into the insights of Stetson’s median LSAT score of 158. Here’s your guide to a fruitful LSAT prep featuring a Live Online LSAT Prep Course, a peek into LSAT percentiles, the benefits of LSAT tutoring, and the invaluable support of law school admissions consulting.

Understanding Stetson’s Median LSAT Score

First things first—decode the numbers. Stetson Law School boasts a median LSAT score of 158, a benchmark that offers a glimpse into the competitive landscape. Use this as motivation and a realistic target as you embark on your LSAT preparation journey.

Live Online LSAT Prep Course

In the digital age, a Live Online LSAT Prep Course becomes your dynamic support. Start your journey to Stetson Law School success with our comprehensive LSAT Prep Course. Tailor your study schedule, engage in real-time discussions, and benefit from expert guidance—all from the comfort of your space. It’s not just a course; it’s a collaborative experience designed to elevate your LSAT performance.

The LSAT Percentiles Game

Understanding LSAT percentiles is akin to unlocking a secret code. It goes beyond individual scores, providing insights into your performance relative to others. Stetson Law School, like many others, considers LSAT percentiles during admissions. Dive into the percentiles game to strategize your preparation effectively.

Navigating LSAT Tutoring

When the LSAT journey gets challenging, personalized LSAT tutoring can be your beacon. Elevate your LSAT scores and maximize your chances of admission to Stetson Law School with personalized guidance from our expert tutors. Tutors bring expertise to the table, identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Whether it’s conquering logic games or refining reading comprehension, tailored tutoring sessions can be the key to refining your skills and boosting your confidence.

Maximizing Law School Admissions Consulting

Preparing for Stetson Law School goes beyond the LSAT. Enter law school admissions consulting – your strategic ally in crafting a compelling application. Ensure your application stands out and gain a competitive edge for admission to Stetson Law School. Our consultants provide insights into creating a standout personal statement, orchestrating impactful recommendation letters, and presenting a holistic application that resonates with Stetson’s admissions committee.


In wrapping up our exploration of Stetson Law School’s ranking, it’s clear that this institution stands strong in legal education. The LSAC-endorsed ranking underscores its commitment to academic excellence, innovative programs, and a community that fosters the growth of aspiring legal minds. As you navigate your educational journey, consider the ranking not merely as a statistic but as a reflection of the dynamic and enriching environment that awaits at Stetson Law School. 

Remember, the LSAC-endorsed ranking is a valuable compass, guiding you toward a destination where legal knowledge, community engagement, and professional development converge.

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