Evaluating the Princeton Review LSAT: Is It Worth the Cost?


Selecting the appropriate prep course can greatly benefit your LSAT preparation. The Princeton Review LSAT offers an exceptional course with extensive support to ensure you are well-prepared, confident, and fully equipped to excel on the test.

From comprehensive instruction to proctored practice exams and an unmatched score improvement guarantee, this course stands out as a top contender. Keep reading as we discuss Princeton review LSAT prep courses, their pros and cons, and how they differ from other review courses. Your journey to law school success starts here.

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About The Princeton Review

For over 40 years, the Princeton Review has been the cornerstone for students aiming to excel in their legal studies. With no affiliations to test developers, their sole focus is to help students break down academic barriers to get into their dream law schools. Princeton LSAT review is personalized and innovative. They’ve become a reliable ally for students aiming for law school success.

Princeton LSAT prep courses are led by instructors who are not just experts but continually re-certifying their skills to offer effective teaching. The courses come packed with top-quality content and proprietary test-taking strategies, all supported by the latest educational technology. With real-time, adaptive practice tests and personalized tutoring options, Princeton LSAT Prep is a unique and effective choice for aspiring law students.

Is Princeton Review LSAT Worth It?

Let’s review the offerings of Princeton Review LSAT to answer this question. The Princeton LSAT prep courses are tailored to fit different budgets and study styles. Whether you opt for a live online course or an in-person experience—if you’re near one of their locations—you’ll gain access to a robust set of online study materials featuring over 8,000 real LSAT questions. 

LSAT Digital Self-Paced Online

For independent learners or those with tight schedules, the Princeton Review LSAT online course offers a digital self-paced option you don’t want to miss. After enrolling, you can dive into more than 150 hours of video lessons, drills, and practice questions. The course also enables you to craft your own LSAT study guide, offering access to every LSAT exam released and including six diagnostic tests to track your progress. 

Available for 120 days after purchase, the Princeton Review LSAT online is dynamic, adapting to your strengths and weaknesses as you go. Its comprehensive approach and flexibility make it a strong contender for anyone looking to prepare for the LSAT on their own terms.

LSAT Fundamentals Course

If the LSAT sections seem overwhelming, try the budget-friendly and comprehensive Princeton Review LSAT Fundamentals Course. This course bundles 30 hours of live instruction with the self-paced course benefits, making it versatile and thorough. Classes are available either online or in-person and run twice a week for three hours, giving you options to fit your busy life. 

The course stands out for its four full-length, proctored practice exams, providing invaluable insights into your strengths and weaknesses. These practice sessions help you familiarize yourself with the real exam conditions and offer the chance for one-on-one clarification on tricky questions from instructors who have undergone extensive training. This setup eliminates the need for pricier private tutoring, making it an all-in-one solution for your LSAT prep needs.

LSAT 165+ Course

If you aim for top-tier law schools, you can’t go wrong with The Princeton Review LSAT 165+ Course. This LSAT prep option is tailored for students looking to secure impressive scores, offering 84 hours of live instruction that you can take either online or in person. This course offers a flexible schedule, with classes held twice a week, each lasting 3.5 hours. They also offer a score guarantee and will refund your tuition fee if your score does not reach 165 after starting at 158 or higher.

This Princeton Review LSAT course also incorporates six proctored practice exams to familiarize you with the LSAT sections and improve your test-taking skills. The practice exams gauge your understanding and hone your time management abilities, which are essential for the real LSAT. And if you need help with any areas, one-on-one assistance with your instructor is available during and outside of class hours.

Princeton Review LSAT 165+ Immersion

For those who won’t settle for anything less than the best, the Princeton Review offers their LSAT 165+ Immersion course. This top-tier course has an impressive 144 hours of live instruction to cover every aspect of the LSAT deeply. Additionally, you’ll get 150 hours of online drills and explanations and more than 75 official LSAT PrepTests for practice. 

The package also throws in LawHub Advantage, worth $115, and fully updated materials for the Digital LSAT. To top it off, you’ll have a whole year—365 days—of access to all these resources. With features like these, it’s easy to see why this course sets the bar high in our Princeton LSAT course review.

LSAT Private Tutoring

Consider The Princeton Review’s private LSAT tutoring if you’re seeking a highly personalized approach to mastering the LSAT. Available in 10-hour or 30-hour packages, this option pairs you with an LSAT tutor tailored to your unique needs and learning style. 

Whether you opt for face-to-face meetings or video calls, your tutor will focus on key topics, assign homework, and share essential strategies. The 30-hour package even comes with The Princeton Review’s Score Guarantee, making it an excellent choice for those seeking comprehensive review. If you’re focusing on just one troublesome area, the 10-hour package offers a cost-effective alternative. 

Princeton Review LSAT Prep Books

The Princeton Review LSAT Premium Prep book is valuable for those seeking a self-paced study option. Now in its 29th edition, the book contains detailed guides for each LSAT section, tried-and-true test-taking strategies, and authentic practice problems from past exams. 

It also offers three full-length LSATs to gauge your progress and hone your timing skills. If you want to master specific areas, additional Princeton Review LSAT books provide more practice tests and step-by-step guidance for learning the test-maker logic and approach to answering different questions.

Princeton LSAT Prep Courses Pricing

Course Price Hours of Live Instruction Guarantee
LSAT Self-Paced $799 They’ll refund your tuition if you don’t achieve a higher score on the LSAT. You can repeat the program for free if you’re not 100% satisfied with your course.
LSAT Fundamentals $899/$1099 30 They’ll refund your tuition if you don’t score higher on your exam. You can repeat the program for free if you’re not completely satisfied with your course.
LSAT 165+ $1799?$2099 84 They guarantee the score necessary for admission into a top-25 law school!
LSAT 165+ Immersion LiveOnline $3499 144 Score a 165+ in 4 weeks, guaranteed*
LSAT Targeted LiveOnline Tutoring  $180 per hour/$1,800 10 hours of one-on-one tutoring You will receive a refund if you don’t score higher. If you’re not completely satisfied with your first session, they’ll provide a better match and an additional session.
LSAT Comprehensive LiveOnline Tutoring $167 per hour/$5,000 30 hours of one-on-one tutoring If you’re unsatisfied after your first session, they will refund your tuition and match you with a better tutor.

Princeton Review LSAT Courses: Pros

  • Comprehensive Coverage: With up to 144 hours of live instruction and 150 hours of online drills, you’re covered from all angles.
  • Variety of Prep Materials: Access 75+ official LSAT PrepTests and other valuable resources to ensure a well-rounded preparation.
  • Flexibility: Multiple course options and schedules are available, making fitting LSAT prep into your busy life easier.
  • Guarantees: Multiple guarantees, including a money-back option and a course-repeat offer, provide a safety net if you don’t achieve the desired results.
  • Expert Instructors: Learn from seasoned LSAT experts who can provide personalized guidance and answer questions outside class hours.
  • Up-to-date Content: All course materials for the Digital LSAT are updated, ensuring your practice with the latest resources.

The Princeton Review LSAT Courses: Cons

  • Cost: The courses can be pricier, which may not be ideal for students on a tight budget.
  • Time Commitment: With extensive hours of live instruction and drills, these courses demand a significant time commitment, which might not be feasible for everyone.
  • No Mobile App: While the Princeton LSAT review offers many features, it lacks mobile accessibility. No dedicated app limits your study options to devices with internet access.
  • Access Period: Although some packages offer 365-day access to resources, others may have shorter time frames, requiring you to extend your subscription at an additional cost if you need more time.

Which Is Better Kaplan Or Princeton Review LSAT

Which Is Better Kaplan Or Princeton Review LSAT?

Breaking it into categories can provide a clearer understanding of which service is better for specific needs. Here’s how you might consider The Princeton Review and Kaplan:

Feature Kaplan The Princeton Review
LSAT Prep Course Content Extensive, with over 180 hours of lessons, live and on-demand courses, prep books, and practice tests. Tailored and efficient, avoiding filler content and focusing on logic and reasoning.
Guarantees Money-back guarantee, but no specific score targeting. Money-back guarantee and 165+ Guarantee aimed at securing admission into the top 25 law schools.
Pricing More affordable, with frequent discounts. The price range starts from $600 to $4,000. More expensive but often worth the investment. The cost depends on various factors, ranging from $800 to $5,000.
Overall Cost-effective and comprehensive but lacks targeted guarantees. More tailored and focused, with specific score targeting and a competitive edge.

Final Verdict: The Princeton Review vs. Kaplan

For a prospective law student already juggling numerous responsibilities, The Princeton Review is the better pick in this LSAT course face-off. Although Kaplan LSAT has the edge in content volume and cost-effectiveness, The Princeton Review offers a more focused and efficient program. Their courses are designed to boost your LSAT scores and give you a competitive advantage in high-stakes admissions.

What is the Best LSAT Prep?

Choosing an LSAT Prep Course can be overwhelming, with many options available. You can opt for a structured course, one-on-one tutoring, or specialized admissions consulting based on your preferences. There is something suitable for everyone’s needs, learning style, and goals. Odyssey Test Prep is an excellent choice for various reasons:

  1. LSAT Prep Course: This option is perfect for those who want a guided study route. The courses are flexible and offered online and in-person, allowing you to fit LSAT prep into your busy schedule. The course materials are updated regularly to stay in tune with the LSAT’s evolving format, ensuring you’re always prepared. Start your journey in Law School with Odyssey’s Prep Course!
  2. LSAT Tutoring: Odyssey Test Prep goes above and beyond with its tutoring options. The LSAT tutors aren’t just knowledgeable; they’ve taken and aced the LSAT themselves. This firsthand experience allows them to give you targeted advice on how to excel in the exam. Try Odyssey’s tutoring now for a higher LSAT score!
  3. Law School Admission Consulting: Odyssey Test Prep provides Law School Admission Consulting services to guide you through the complex process of applications, essays, and interviews. Get expert guidance to improve your chances of admission into your dream law school by learning how to present yourself best. Want to get help? Consult our Experts for Law School Admissions Now!

Choosing the right LSAT prep option can make a difference in your scores and subsequent law school admissions. Odyssey Test Prep offers a comprehensive package that addresses various needs and learning styles, making it a top pick for aspiring law students.


Princeton Review LSAT offers customized courses to suit every learning style, whether you prefer self-paced online study or in-person classes. With their strong guarantee of raising your score to at least 165, they go the extra mile to ensure your success. Comprehensive resources and skilled tutors are available to help you master the exam.

We provide a free LSAT consultation if you’re unsure how to best prepare for the LSAT. This customized session will help us determine your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to make an informed decision about the next steps in your LSAT journey.

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