Do you love teaching and are highly knowledgeable in the field of law? Are you on the lookout for a job that rewards you and lets you change the lives of future lawyers?

Then, LSAT tutor jobs in Dallas are for you!

We’re looking for outstanding tutors who can assist students in reaching their goals because there is an increased need for top-notch LSAT preparation. You may share your expertise and contribute to developing upcoming legal professionals in our community by taking on the position of an LSAT tutor in Dallas.

You get to enjoy a work schedule that fits your needs, make a good income, and take pride in assisting students to meet their objectives. Being an LSAT tutor gives you the perfect mix of personal joy and career development. So, if you’re ready for a rewarding job in law education, it’s time to check out the awesome opportunities as an LSAT tutor in Dallas!



Roles and Responsibilities of an LSAT Tutor Job in Dallas

Let’s walk you through the key roles and tasks you will handle in LSAT tutoring jobs in Dallas. This includes making use of our efficient tutoring system, which includes the following steps:

  • Assess student needs and learning goals

Our system matches you with students who best suit your teaching style and knowledge. As an LSAT tutor, you conduct individual assessments to identify students’ strengths, weaknesses, and specific areas for improvement in LSAT sections, tailoring the tutoring approach to meet their unique learning objectives.

  • Develop personalized study plans

Create customized study plans that consider students’ preferred learning styles, time availability, and target LSAT scores, covering all LSAT sections comprehensively to ensure comprehensive preparation. 

  • Teach LSAT strategies and techniques

Instruct students on effective approaches for different LSAT question types, including logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, and reading comprehension, while helping them develop time-management skills for optimal performance.

  • Provide instruction, explanations, and guidance

Deliver clear explanations, demonstrate problem-solving techniques, and address any questions or confusion, ensuring students grasp LSAT concepts and develop strong foundational knowledge.

  • Administer timed practice tests and provide feedback

We administer regular practice tests to familiarize students with the LSAT format, enhance pacing abilities, and gauge progress, offering detailed feedback and identifying areas for improvement.

  • Monitor progress and adjust instruction accordingly

Continuously track students’ performance through practice tests and assignments, adjusting study plans and teaching strategies to address areas requiring additional attention. Our specialized diagnostic software will assist you in tracking students’ progress and adjusting their study plans as needed.

  • Motivate and encourage students throughout the process

Foster a supportive and positive learning environment, providing encouragement and motivation to help students overcome challenges, stay focused, and achieve their LSAT goals. At Odyssey, we have an online support center where you’ll guide students for additional help and score interpretation.

  • Maximize LSAT study materials and resources

You will utilize LSAT Prep Books and study tools packed with lessons to help LSAT students learn more. As an LSAT tutor, you must use these resources well, matching them with the student’s favorite way of learning. You will help students how to make use of these resources to understand the topics easily.

  • Engage in ongoing professional development

Stay updated with LSAT trends and teaching methodologies through attending workshops and conferences, and participating in online forums, enhancing expertise to provide students with the highest quality tutoring experience.

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We are currently seeking qualified applicants for the LSAT tutor jobs in Dallas. The preferred candidates should meet the subsequent prerequisites:

  • Scored a minimum of 170 on the LSAT test.
  • Have some experience in teaching.
  • Show a significant desire to impart their LSAT knowledge and skills.
  • Possess an engaging personality and good communication skills.


We truly value our LSAT tutors’ hard work and skill that is why we reward them with pay that is both just and satisfying. We offer good pay for both private tutoring and group sessions:

  • For the LSAT tutor job in Dallas, the starting pay is $50 per hour for one-on-one tutoring.
  • When you start leading classes, the hourly wage increases to $60.
  • Plus, every year you stay teaching classes with Odyssey, you receive a $10 hourly raise, topping out at a hefty $100 per hour.


When you become part of the Odyssey Test Prep team, you don’t just get a job – it’s an opportunity to grow your career and make an impact while also gaining great benefits:

  • We offer a schedule that is adjustable to fit your individual requirements.
  •  A competitive LSAT instructor salary in Dallas that genuinely respects your skills and experience.
  • Comprehensive training to polish your abilities and dedicated resources to boost your teaching.
  • A team that celebrates your success.
  • Chances to step up into supervisory positions.

So if you’re exploring LSAT instructor jobs in Dallas, remember that we highly appreciate your expertise and commitment, and our pay scale reflects this appreciation.

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At Odyssey, we don’t simply provide LSAT tutor jobs in Dallas. We’ve built a dynamic community focused on the growth of both our tutors and students. Each tutor in our team has faced the LSAT, making them fully aware of the dedication needed for success. Over time, we’ve refined our strategies and developed resources to pave a smoother path for law students, different from our own challenges.

As a team member, you’d play a significant role in cultivating a culture of excellence, tapping into the wealth of knowledge from seasoned LSAT experts. We see tutoring as more than just instruction – it’s about inspiring, guiding, and significantly influencing the journeys of budding law students. We aim to provide careers that enable you to learn, grow, and significantly influence students’ futures.

Are you prepared to join a team that equally emphasizes student achievement and professional growth? Take the next step and apply now to play an essential part in our mission. Choose a rewarding career that combines your teaching passion with your LSAT expertise. If you want to get started, fill out our form and embark on an enriching journey with us. Be part of a team in transforming the future of legal education!

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  • An Odyssey LSAT Strategist is a tutor, a trainer, a coach, a therapist, a confidant, and an advisor. We take a holistic role in our students’ success.
  • 1-on-1 is our focus. We are private tutors, not classroom instructors. We work closely with individual students to help them achieve more.
  • Independent Contractor.
  • $50/hr to start for tutoring.
  • $60/hr to start for classes.
  • $10/hr raise every year teaching classes for Odyssey up to $100/hr.
  • Paid training.
  • Set your own schedule.
  • Part of a supportive team.
  • Room for advancement into managerial positions.


  • 170+ Official LSAT Score.
  • Prior tutoring experience.
  • A passion for sharing their expertise.
  • An engaging personality and great communication skills.
  • 1yr+ commitment.


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