The LSAT Cost Explained: What to Expect as You Prepare for Law School


Becoming a lawyer requires essential decisions and milestones, including taking the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Knowing the LSAT cost is crucial for career planning in law. 

In addition to the cost of the LSAT, it’s essential to consider the overall financial investment when pursuing a law degree. This guide covers LSAT costs and fees, waivers, and preparation courses to help you prepare for the test.

How Much Is The LSAT?

The LSAT is a necessary hurdle for those aspiring to attend law school. A common query is regarding the expenses of taking the LSAT. Grasping the cost of this test is vital as it plays a significant role in the overall financial commitment of pursuing a career in law.

The LSAT test cost can vary depending on location and any additional services you may require. Generally, the cost of the LSAT ranges from $200 to $250, including basic registration fees. Additional service costs like test date changes or extra score reports may also exist.

Importance Of The LSAT In Law School Admission

What is the LSAT? Law schools heavily depend on standardized tests to evaluate reading comprehension, logical reasoning, and critical thinking skills. Considering the crucial role of the LSAT in the law school admissions process, it is essential to contemplate its financial consequences while charting your educational path thoughtfully.

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How Much Does Taking The LSAT Cost?

When planning to take the LSAT, understanding the detailed breakdown of costs is vital. The LSAT cost isn’t just about a single fee; various expenses can add up.

Let’s discuss in detail the elements of the basic fees:

LSAT Application Fees

Basic Fees Description Cost
LSAT (includes LSAT Writing) The Law School Admission Test, including the required writing sample. $222
Credential Assembly Service (CAS) A service that allows law schools to easily access your academic transcripts, test scores, and letters of recommendation. $200
CAS Report A copy of your CAS report includes your transcripts, test scores, and letters of recommendation. $45

The LSAT registration fee, including LSAT Writing, is $222. This price covers the main exam and the writing portion, offering a comprehensive assessment required by many law schools.

LSAT Writing is an essential, un-scored part of the LSAT exam that assesses candidates’ persuasive writing skills, identified as key for law school success. Administered online and proctored, it’s available eight days before the test and must be completed to release the LSAT score. It offers flexibility in timing and location but is mandatory for all test-takers. 

CAS Fees

LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service (CAS) streamlines the law school application process by centralizing transcripts, recommendation letters, and other required documents. For a $200 subscription, applicants send these materials once to LSAC, which then forwards them to the applied schools.

The subscription is active for five years and includes various services like transcript summarization and electronic application processing. Most American Bar Association-approved law schools require CAS, and financially under-resourced candidates may apply for an LSAC fee waiver to cover some costs, including the CAS subscription.

CAS Report

You must buy a CAS report for every law school you want to apply to. This report, costing $45 each, contains all your LSAT scores for the admissions committees to review.

Even if you apply to the same law school(s) again in a different application cycle, the price remains at $45 for each school.

The cost of these reports can quickly increase if you apply to many law schools. So, it’s vital to carefully pick a practical list of top law school choices to secure admission to at least one.

Auxiliary LSAT Fees

Fee Description Cost
LSAT Score Preview Get your unofficial scores 2-3 weeks after you take the test. $45 if you sign up before the first day of testing, and $75 if you sign up after testing concludes.
Official Candidate, LSAT Score Report, Get your official scores, including nonreportable scores. $50
Score Audit Request a review of your LSAT scores. $150 (or $75 if pre-approved for a fee waiver).
Test Date Change Change your LSAT test date. No charge up to the registration deadline, $135 up to 10 days after the deadline, and $222- 11 days after the deadline or on the day before testing begins.

As mentioned earlier, the standard charges for the LSAT fees apply to every student. Below, we present a selection of supplementary add-ons you can acquire:

LSAT Score Preview

You can buy this additional feature if you want to cancel your score so law schools won’t see it. Your score will be released simultaneously with everyone else’s, but you will be free to hold onto it or reject it within six days. The price for previewing your score is $45 or $75, depending on when you view it: $45 if done before the testing days and $75 if signed up within a designated window afterward.

Official Candidate LSAT Score Report 

These detailed reports show all your LSAT scores, even the nonreportable ones or those older than five years. While not needed for law school applications, those who want to see nonreportable scores or apply to intellectual organizations might buy them. These reports cost $50.

Score Audit 

Are you concerned about an incorrect mark or a mistake on LSAC’s end after receiving your score? You can ask for an audit of your score. This service costs $150, but score changes due to audits are exceedingly rare. Alternatively, you may pay $75 unless you have been pre-approved for a fee waiver.

Test Date Change 

Among the most frequent extra fees is changing your LSAT test date. If you pick a date and later realize you must change it, there will be a fee. The exact amount depends on how long you wait to make the change and you’ll be notified once you’ve decided to take the test.

Being mindful of the LSAT test dates is crucial. Selecting the right test date not only helps you prepare effectively but also allows you to avoid unnecessary rescheduling fees. Planning ahead and understanding the full scope of LSAT costs and fees can save both time and money in your law school journey.

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LSAT Cost: Can I Take the LSAT For Free?

Taking the LSAT is a critical step for anyone considering law school, but the cost of taking the LSAT exam might be a barrier for some. Luckily, there are opportunities to take the LSAT without costs.

LSAT Fee Waivers

If you are financially constrained as a test taker and are concerned about the LSAT cost, the LSAC Fee Waiver Program offers two-tiered packages to provide some relief.

Eligibility for Tier One Package:

  • Independent applicants make up to 250% of the federal poverty threshold.
  • Dependent applicants earning 150% of the federal poverty guidelines with a combined income with their parents of less than 300% of the federal poverty guidelines.

Tier One Package includes:

  • Two LSAT Tests: $444
  • One CAS Registration:  $200
  • Six CAS Reports:  $270
  • One-Year Subscription to LSAC’s Official LSAT Prep Plus: $115
  • Score Preview for Two LSATs: $90- $150

Eligibility for Tier Two Package:

  • Independent applicants earn 250-300% of the federal poverty guidelines.
  • Dependent applicants earning less than 200% of the federal poverty guidelines, with a combined income with their parents between 300-350% of the federal poverty guidelines.

Tier Two Package includes

  • One LSAT Test: $222
  • One CAS Registration: $200
  • Three CAS Reports: $135
  • One-Year Subscription to LSAC’s Official LSAT Prep Plus: $115
  • Score Preview for One LSAT: $45- $75

Considering the significant cost of taking the LSAT, it’s essential to grasp the broader picture of legal education expenses. An essential step in planning your budget and seeking financial aid options is understanding the question, ‘How much does law school cost?‘ This understanding allows you to make informed decisions about your education and how to allocate your resources best.

Pursuing law school scholarships may offer further financial relief. If you qualify for any fee waiver packages, don’t hesitate to apply, as they can assist in offsetting both the cost of the LSAT test and other associated expenses! 

Alternative Paths In Legal Education

Can you take the bar without going to Law School? In addition to traditional law school admission through the LSAT, legal education has alternative paths. Some jurisdictions may allow individuals to take the bar exam without attending an ABA-approved law school. This route often involves a rigorous study program under the guidance of a practicing attorney or judge. Therefore, understanding these alternative pathways, including the requirements and potential advantages or drawbacks, can help you decide about your legal education. 

While the LSAT test cost might seem like a hurdle, there are ways to take the exam for free or explore alternative legal education paths. Researching these options, engaging with law schools, and considering non-traditional routes like studying for the bar exam directly can open doors to a promising legal career without the financial burden. You may do some extra research about the state and jurisdiction in which you are currently based.

Strategies To Maximize Your LSAT Preparation

The LSAT holds immense importance in the law school application process, and adequately preparing for it can yield substantial differences in outcomes. Acknowledging the LSAT’s financial aspect and discovering effective preparation techniques that suit your budgetary constraints is vital. Below are some strategies to maximize LSAT preparation.

  1. LSAT Prep Course

LSAT prep courses present a comprehensive outline of the exam, encompassing practice tests, study materials, and structured lesson plans. We offer prep courses at Odyssey, from self-paced online programs to intensive classroom sessions.

  1. Personalized Tutoring

One alternative strategy to consider is enlisting the services of an LSAT tutor, who can provide individualized assistance customized to your unique requirements. By assessing your proficiency and improvement areas, the LSAT tutor will create a personalized study plan to support your achievement. 

  1. Law School Admission Consulting

In addition to LSAT preparation, law school admission consulting can guide you through the application process, helping you understand what law schools are looking for and how to present your best self. This service includes advice on selecting schools, writing personal statements, and interpreting LSAT scores in the context of your overall application.


Understanding the LSAT cost is crucial to planning for your legal education. The cost to take the LSAT exam can add up, with various fees for different components of the test process, including prep courses and tutoring. Investing wisely in your preparation can maximize your chances of success and potentially lead to scholarships. 

But it’s essential to be mindful of the total cost of LSAT preparation, balancing the need for quality preparation with the overall budget for law school. Knowing the LSAT exam cost upfront helps you make informed decisions and ensures that you allocate resources effectively, putting you on a path toward achieving your legal career goals.

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