Letter of Continued Interest Law School: Everything You Need To Know


Getting your law school application on the waitlist can feel like a setback, but it’s not the end of the road. There’s a straightforward way to swing the odds back in your favor: writing a sincere letter of continued interest in law school. 

This guide is here to walk you through the steps of crafting a genuine letter that lets the law school know you’re still eager to join their ranks. With some clear advice, you can learn how to write a letter of continued interest law school that will help you stand out and keep your dream within reach.

Understanding the Significance of a LOCI Law School

Landing on the waitlist of your preferred law school may feel like a letdown, especially after dedicating so much to meet the meticulous law school requirements. Yet, it’s important to see this not as a setback but as an interim step. Being waitlisted doesn’t reflect on your qualifications—it often means that the law school sees you as a strong contender who may also be weighing other offers.

A letter of continued interest law school is a strategic move in the admissions process. It allows you to affirm your enthusiasm for the program and show that, if chosen, you would wholeheartedly commit to attending. Structured well, this letter acts as a bridge between your law school personal statement and your ongoing candidacy. This will add depth to your profile by conveying your latest accomplishments, reinforcing your readiness and eagerness to join their legal community.

It’s a place to remind the admissions committee of your sincere interest and fit for their program, offering a personal touch that could pivot your waitlist status to an acceptance. By engaging with the admissions committee through your letter of continued interest in law school, you demonstrate not just your continued interest, but also your proactive approach to becoming part of their law school’s future.

When to Send a Letter of Continued Interest to Law School

Write a letter of intent to law school promptly after being placed on the waitlist or receiving a deferral from a law school you’re still excited about. If you’ve recently accomplished anything that you’d like the admissions office to be aware of, you should submit a LOCI. Some examples of accomplishments include:

  • Reached a new milestone in your academic career, possibly improving your law school GPA.
  • Attained a higher LSAT or GRE score.
  • Gained new professional or volunteer experiences relevant to the law school curriculum.
  • Received a promotion or published new work.
  • Been honored with a recent award.

Writing a letter of continued interest in law school is also a smart move if you feel your original application didn’t fully showcase your passion for law or your intent to join their program. Upon receiving the waitlist or deferral notification, promptly read and follow any instructions provided by the school. These could include submitting further essays or forms. Only if the school has not requested that you refrain from sending additional correspondence should you compose your LOCI.

How to Write a Law School Letter of Continued Interest

Should I go to law school? It’s a tough but potentially rewarding choice. Given the complexities of the law school admission process, having a well-organized law school application timeline is essential. If you find yourself waitlisted at your chosen institution, crafting a thoughtful statement of continued interest in law school is your next strategic step.

STEP 1: Expressing Gratitude

Commence your letter by thanking the admissions committee for considering your candidacy and offering you a spot on the waitlist. Recognize that not every applicant is granted this opportunity. Your tone should be appreciative but measured, ensuring that your gratitude doesn’t overshadow the substantive elements of your letter. This sets a respectful and professional tone, acknowledging the value of the waitlist position you’ve been given.

STEP 2: Clarifying Your Waitlist Intentions

Clearly state your commitment to remaining on the waitlist. Law schools are seeking to discern genuine interest from applicants, as many candidates do not update schools on their intentions post-deposit elsewhere. Your letter of interest in law school is pivotal in conveying that you take your spot on the waitlist seriously. 

Honesty is paramount: if the school is indeed your top choice and you would accept an offer without hesitation, it’s crucial to communicate this. However, avoid overcommitting to multiple institutions, as this can lead to ethical dilemmas and retracting statements, which is not an ideal start to a legal career.

STEP 3: Articulating Interest 

Explain why the law school appeals to you. Avoid repetition from your personal statement or other essays, and instead offer fresh, personal reasons for your interest. Whether it’s a recent engagement with the school’s community, new research that aligns with your goals, or personal connections that have deepened your desire to attend, these details matter. 

STEP 4: Providing Updates

Updates to your profile are also critical. Share any recent academic or professional advancements that not only reflect your achievements but also how they make you a stronger candidate for law school. This part of the letter should connect your updates to the value you’d bring to the school’s community.

Letter of Continued Interest Law School Format

When it comes to crafting a college waitlist letter, you may have questions about the ideal length for an LOCI. The format for an LOCI is brief and uncomplicated. Your letter should not surpass one page and should be composed using 11 or 12-point font.

A woman typing on her laptop- Letter of Continued Interest Law School

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Law School LOCI 

While crafting your letter of continued interest in law school, it’s vital to remember that schools, especially those with high law school rankings, often have rigorous selection processes. A well-written LOCI can significantly boost your chances of moving from the waitlist to the accepted list. However, including the wrong kind of information could harm your chances. Here’s a clear-cut guide on common mistakes to avoid:

Avoid Recycling Content

It’s vital to inject new life into your application through your LOCI. Rehashing details like unchanged LSAT scores or previous job descriptions that were part of your initial application offers no new insight to the admissions committee and misses the point of the LOCI.

Stay Respectful and Positive

Questioning the admissions committee’s decision to waitlist you is unproductive. Your LOCI isn’t the platform to solicit feedback on past shortcomings; it’s an opportunity to showcase improvements and reaffirm your interest in the program.

Convey Substance, Not Just Achievements

Resist the urge to list numerous achievements like a resume. Writing a letter of continued interest for law school is about depth, not breadth. Choose one or two significant new accomplishments and elaborate on how these directly enhance your fit for the law school.

Be Genuine, Not Strategic

Attempting to use reverse psychology or mentioning other schools you’re considering may backfire. A letter of continued interest in law school should express your genuine interest in that particular school and your eagerness to be part of their academic community.

Be Specific About Your Interest

General statements about the school’s features won’t stand out. If diversity is a highlighted value, share your unique perspective or experiences that resonate with this commitment, showing a personal and thoughtful connection to the school’s ethos.

Timeliness is Key

Promptness in sending your LOCI reflects your enthusiasm and readiness to join the law school. Aim to submit it within a few weeks after learning your waitlist status to demonstrate your proactive approach.

Letter Of Continued Interest Law School Example


123 Legal Lane

 LSAC#: L123456

October 25, 2023

Columbia Law School

435 West 116th Street New York, NY 10029


To the Admissions Committee of Columbia Law School:


I am writing to reaffirm my strong interest in Columbia Law School. I am convinced that Columbia stands out as a premier institution, not only for its academic rigor but also for its commitment to shaping the field of human rights law. The hands-on experience offered by the Human Rights Clinic is particularly compelling to me, as it would allow me to actively participate in meaningful advocacy and legal representation for those whose rights are under threat. This aligns perfectly with my aspirations, and Columbia’s offerings are uniquely suited to facilitate my professional goals.


I would also like to provide an update on my recent academic and extracurricular achievements. This past semester, I maintained a 4.0 GPA, which has elevated my cumulative GPA to 3.9. Additionally, I have taken on leadership roles in several campus organizations. A highlight of my contributions was spearheading a symposium for the International Law Society that focused on refugee rights, drawing attention to global humanitarian issues while raising funds for NGOs supporting displaced persons. Moreover, I led a successful cultural exchange event with the International Students Board, fostering a greater understanding among the student body.


My experience with these organizations has enhanced my leadership skills and deepened my appreciation for cultural diversity and inclusion. At Columbia, I am eager to contribute to and learn from the vibrant community, particularly by joining the Society for Immigrant and Refugee Rights.


Despite having received offers from esteemed law schools such as Harvard, Stanford, and the University of Virginia, my preference for Columbia remains steadfast. The law school’s ethos resonates deeply with my vision, and my roots in New York, alongside my intention to serve the New York community post-graduation, make Columbia my top choice. It would be a privilege to join the Columbia Law School class of 2026 and start my journey this upcoming fall.


Thank you for reconsidering my application.


Warm regards,

Jane Sanchez

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