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La Verne Law School was established in 1970 and has produced excellent lawyers. Its rigorous curriculum taught by distinguished faculty prepares students for careers. The quality of education offered by La Verne Law School has helped graduates turn into attorneys, judges, advocates, and policymakers nationally and locally. The school’s inclusion efforts enrich the academic environment and prepare students for a range of legal environments.

Prospective students may join an alumni tradition of excellence at La Verne School of Law and also have access to resources for success at Law school. The University of La Verne Law School accreditations coming from the American Bar Association (ABA) along with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) show proof that this school also provides a respected education. La Verne Law is a great spot for an aspiring lawyer hoping to make a difference. Step one toward success means joining La Verne Law School’s legacy of excellence.

The University of La Verne Law School building.

La Verne Law School Ranking

Considering starting your legal career at the University of La Verne Law School? Learn the way the school’s rankings reflect its strengths across areas of Law. Law school rankings show how a law school stacks up across legal disciplines and whether you choose it. By evaluating these rankings, you can gauge the University of La Verne Law School’s proficiency in areas like Corporate Law, Criminal Law, or Public Interest Law. Understanding the school’s rankings allows you to determine where you can obtain your legal studies based on your profession and preferences.

Best Value Schools #105
National Universities #170
Top Performers on Social Mobility #6

Academic Programs at La Verne Law

At La Verne’s Law School, you will discover programs created for your particular interests and objectives. You may be interested in environmental law, international law, or maybe intellectual property law – there is a program for you. As a student like you, you can select a program that fits your passions and objectives for a rewarding legal education. By selecting a program that inspires you, you can accomplish your objectives in law school.

1. Juris Doctor (JD)

In the JD program at La Verne Law School, you’ll study crucial legal principles like Contracts, Torts, and Criminal Law. Earning a JD opens up lots of legal career options for yourself – as a lawyer, in business compliance, and in government organizations.

2. Doctor of Public Administration (DPA)

You can obtain a DPA from La Verne Law School and study public policy, administration, and leadership. With a DPA, you can assume leadership positions in government, non-profit organizations, or universities and impact public policy and governance.

3. Master of Public Administration (MPA)

You’ll learn public management, and budgeting along with organizational behavior skills important for public leadership in the MPA program. With an MPA degree, you could operate in government organizations, non-profit organizations or even consulting companies to enhance public service delivery and change.

4. JD/MPA Dual Degree Program

With the JD/MPA dual degree program, you get legal education and advanced studies in public administration rolled into one. Having a JD/MPA dual degree, you will also have an edge for jobs in public policy and law – such as government relations, legislative assistance, and as a legal adviser in public administration.

University of La Verne School of Law Stats

These are the key numbers if you’re eyeing Law School at La Verne Law School. This table presents vital statistics which reflect the school’s strength and reputation. Obtaining these benchmarks – like higher LSAT scores and GPA – can aid in admissions applications – and also show you are ready for legal education. Concentrating on these numbers could make you a competitive prospect for admissions.

La Verne School of Law Median LSAT 147
University of La Verne Law School GPA 2.90
La Verne Law Acceptance Rate 65%
Class Size at La Verne Law 438 offers out of 678 applications
La Verne Law School Tuition $26,323 to $29,476

A law graduate outside La Verne Law School.-1

Admissions at La Verne School of Law

Understand and meet the admission requirements to attend La Verne School of Law. A great law school resume should reflect your academic accomplishments and relevant knowledge. Additionally, write a compelling law school personal statement about your interest in the law and your personal brand. Achieving solid law school letters of recommendation further establishes your candidacy for legal studies. Lastly, you can say you’re still interested by submitting a Letter of continuing interest in law school to bolster your chance to be added to the waitlist of considered applications. Each one of these steps is crucial to making your application stick out and getting you into La Verne School of Law.

1. Achieving a Strong Law School Resume

Develop a strong law school resume meeting La Verne’s law school admission requirements. Keep a 2.90 law school GPA or higher and pursue extracurricular pursuits in law or community service to enhance your undergraduate studies. For practical experience, look at internships or part-time jobs in legal settings. Highlight leadership roles and relevant skills or achievements on your resume. Continue updating and refining your resume throughout your academic career.

2. Crafting a Compelling Law School Personal Statement

A crucial component of your application is your law school personal statement. Tailor it to reflect your love for law, your experiences, and exactly why you chose La Verne for your legal education. Spend time drafting and brainstorming your statement, asking for feedback from mentors or writing centers so it speaks to your story and ambitions. A personal statement could distinguish you and bolster your application.

3. Securing Strong Law School Letters of Recommendation

Law school letters of recommendation are highly weighty in law school admissions. Pick recommenders who know you effectively and who speak to your academic capabilities, work ethic, and personality. Create relationships with professors, mentors, or employers who can give you constructive recommendations. Provide them with details about your successes and goals to help you write letters. Follow up with a thank you note for their support.

4. Writing a Letter of Continued Interest for Law School

If you’re waitlisted or show continued interest in La Verne University Law School, write a law school Letter of Continued Interest (LOCI). In your LOCI, reiterate your excitement for the school, inform the admissions committee of any new accomplishments or developments since your first application, and pledge to attend in case admitted. Keep your LOCI succinct, professional, and polite, and explain the reason La Verne is the right place for your legal education.

5. Ensuring a Solid and Complete Application

Fulfilling all of La Verne Law School’s admission requirements means your application will be noticed among the rest. Follow deadlines and submission guidelines closely and examine each component of your application for completeness and accuracy. Check that all essential documents – transcripts, exam results, and application forms – are published in time. Use resources like informational sessions or admissions workshops to be acquainted with the application process and requirements.

Following these steps and also putting effort and time into each element of your application improves your odds of admission to La Verne School of Law. Start early, remain organized, and showcase your interest in getting a legal education at La Verne.

Tuition and Financial Aid at the University of La Verne School of Law

Law School tuition at La Verne Law School charges between USD 26,323 and USD 29,476 for full-time students (out-of-state and in-state). Many law students like you face the expense of legal education. The financial load can be overwhelming, and it might be tough to afford tuition, books, and living expenses for those wondering how to pay for law school. However, scholarship programs and law school loans are for every qualified student. These resources might offer the financial assistance you need to be a lawyer. By exploring scholarship opportunities and understanding your financing choices, you can ease some of the economic stress of law school and concentrate on your professional and academic objectives.

Paul Egly Endowed Scholarship

The Paul Egly Endowed Scholarship at La Verne Law School helps students with financial hardships navigate their legal education. This Program assists students who show that they can complete the program of legal education. The law school scholarship is structured as an entitlement fund that supplements, not replaces institutional money. Eligibility for consideration necessitates meeting the Egly Scholarship Committee requirements and final Office of Financial Aid confirmation. Following selection, the recipient’s name and award amount are delivered to the Office of Financial Aid for distribution and verification of the scholarship. If you meet the requirements and are dedicated to legal education, you could be considered for this crucial financial support.

Federal Perkins Loans

Federal Perkins Loans may help law students like you get by financially. These loans are also interest-free while you are at school, so you stay away from paying interest on your studies. When you enter repayment, the loan has a 5% interest rate. You can obtain a maximum yearly loan of USD 6,000 as a graduate student with the Perkins loan program. However, the great news is there’s a limited amount of funding for Perkins loans and your eligibility depends upon whether you get this particular loan within your financial aid award. In case you qualify and get the loan within your aid package, you can utilize this financial resource to assist you with your legal education.

5 Steps to Ace the LSAT for La Verne Law School

Are you studying for the LSAT for La Verne School of Law? Look no further than Odyssey Test Prep, your LSAT ally. With our approach – we have options to prepare you for test day. From expert LSAT preparation courses to customized tutoring and law school admissions consulting, we’re along with you each step of the way toward LSAT results.

  • Understand LSAT Percentiles

Learn about LSAT percentiles to compare your performance with other test-takers. Strive for percentiles that meet La Verne Law admissions requirements. Higher percentiles could bolster your application and increase your acceptance rate.

  • Follow an Admissions Roadmap

Let Odyssey Test Prep guide you with the Admissions Roadmap to your law school admissions path from the LSAT. Check La Verne’s admissions criteria and deadlines. Create a timeline for LSAT preparation, and application submission along with other essential steps.

  • Enroll in an LSAT Prep Course

Ace the LSAT and unlock your potential at La Verne Law School with our comprehensive LSAT Prep Course. Consider taking an LSAT prep course. Odyssey Test Prep provides LSAT expert-guided classes. With expert study materials and personalized coaching, you can take the LSAT with confidence and reach your desired score.

  • Invest in LSAT Tutoring

For more individual attention, you can get LSAT tutoring in certain areas of improvement. Elevate your LSAT performance with personalized tutoring, paving the way for success at La Verne Law School. Odyssey Test Prep’s tutors provide customized assistance to help you reach your LSAT potential. You can overcome challenges and shine on test day with focused guidance.

  • Seek Law School Admissions Consulting

Get your law school admissions process together with guidance from law school admissions consulting professionals. Secure your spot at La Verne Law School with our tailored Law School Admissions Consulting services, providing strategic insights and support to navigate the admissions journey successfully. Odyssey Test Prep can offer consulting to help you craft a killer application package. From personal statement editing to interview preparation, they can help elevate your candidacy for La Verne Law and beyond.

Following these steps and using resources from Odyssey Test Prep can enable you to prepare for the LSAT and launch your Law school search at La Verne Law.


Finally, aspiring Law students like you can obtain lessons from La Verne Law School for a successful legal career. With rigorous educational programs, helpful staff, and also a spirit of inclusion and diversity, La Verne Law provides learning that fits your requirements. Consider LSAT scores, GPA, and extracurricular activities in addition to private statements to develop an application that displays your abilities and matches their principles.

Use resources like LSAC to quicken the application process and get your materials complete and competitive. With hard work and preparation, La Verne Law might be the ideal fit to launch your legal career.

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