Unlocking Social Justice: CUNY Law School’s Distinctive Path


CUNY Law School, or the City University of New York School of Law, was founded in 1983 and is known for its strong commitment to social justice and public interest law. It stands out for its innovative teaching methods that empower students to advocate for underrepresented communities and address pressing issues. The school has a diverse student body that encourages meaningful dialogues on legal and social matters. Graduates are equipped with practical skills and real-world experience, enabling them to be effective advocates and change-makers in their communities. CUNY School of Law New York is a progressive institution dedicated to preparing socially conscious legal professionals.

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What Makes CUNY Law School Special

CUNY Law School is distinct in the legal education landscape, thanks to its unique mission and approach. It’s not just another law school. In the competitive landscape of New York law school ranking, CUNY Law School has carved out its distinct place.

CUNY Law School prioritizes social justice, public interest law, and advocacy for marginalized communities, empowering students to address systemic injustices and promote positive social change, despite not being top-ranked in law school rankings.

The school’s hands-on approach, diversity commitment, and social justice dedication distinguish it, fostering practical skills and a strong ethos of equitable representation in the legal field. This distinctive blend of academic rigor and experiential training positions CUNY Law School as a respected institution cultivating advocates for a fairer world.

CUNY Law School Numbers: What You Need to Know

The CUNY Queens Law School

CUNY Law School in Queens, New York, is a unique institution in legal education. It emphasizes social justice, public interest law, and diversity, making it an exceptional choice for those who want to make a meaningful impact in the legal world. It offers a distinctive educational experience that goes beyond traditional metrics.

Acceptance Rate

With a 35.3% acceptance rate, gaining admission to CUNY Law can be competitive, but for those who succeed, it serves as a valuable platform to create a significant and lasting impact in the field of law.

Law School Ranking

The City University of New York School of Law, ranked 154th nationally, is a strong choice for students passionate about public interest law and social justice due to its unique approach and commitment to these values.

Median LSAT Score

With a median LSAT score of 154, CUNY Law attracts a highly competitive and well-prepared student body, positioning its graduates for success in the legal profession.

Median GPA

City University of New York Law School places importance on both LSAT scores and a solid academic foundation, as evidenced by its median GPA of 3.42. This balanced approach ensures that students are well-equipped for the demands of the legal profession.

A Hub for Aspiring Advocates

The diverse student body at CUNY Law shares a passion for social justice and public interest law, creating a supportive environment for aspiring legal professionals to foster their commitment to positive change in the legal field.

Insights on Law School Admissions

For insights into CUNY Law and its admissions process, explore the Law School Admissions Reddit, a valuable source for firsthand experiences from current and former students.

CUNY Law School, though not top-ranked, is respected for its commitment to social justice and competitive students. If you prioritize academic excellence and advocacy, it’s worth considering.

Exploring Academic Programs at CUNY Law School

  • Affordable Tuition: 

The City University of New York Law is known for its high-quality, affordable legal education, costing approximately $56,108 per year, making it an appealing option for those aiming to reduce student debt while pursuing legal careers.

  • Juris Doctor (JD) Program: 

CUNY Law School’s JD program is at the core of its academic offerings, emphasizing legal practice, social justice, and public interest law.

  • Part-Time JD Program: 

CUNY Law School part-time programs, such as the part-time JD program, are ideal for working students and those with prior commitments, offering flexibility in their legal education.

  • Experiential Learning: 

The City University of New York’s standout feature is its dedication to experiential learning, offering students access to clinics, internships, and externships for practical, real-world legal experience.

  • Specialized Clinics: 

Specialized clinics at the school, such as immigration law, human rights, and environmental law, allow students to work on real cases, positively impacting individuals and communities.

  • International Law and Comparative Legal Studies: 

CUNY Law School offers international and comparative legal studies, expanding students’ global legal perspectives.

  • Public Interest Focus: 

CUNY Law School is a top choice for those passionate about public interest law, offering affordable and experiential programs focused on social justice and advocating for underrepresented communities.

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CUNY School of Law Tuition, Scholarships, and Financial Assistance

This table offers a thorough view of CUNY Law School’s tuition, scholarships, and financial aid, serving as a helpful resource for prospective law students examining their financial options.

Scholarships Galore

CUNY Law School offers diverse scholarships based on merit, need, and specific areas of interest, such as public interest law.

Federal Financial Aid

Eligible students can access federal financial aid, including grants and work-study, by completing the FAFSA, a crucial step in securing these resources.

New York State Residents

New York State residents may enjoy reduced in-state tuition rates, further enhancing the affordability of their legal education.

Private Scholarships

In addition to school aid, explore external scholarships from organizations, online databases, and legal associations to support law students.

Law School Loans

When other funding sources are insufficient, consider law school loans such as the Direct Unsubsidized Loan and Grad PLUS Loan, which offer competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options.

Work-Study Programs

CUNY Law School offers Federal Work-Study programs, allowing students to earn money and gain valuable work experience on or off campus.

Budget Wisely

Creating a budget and financial plan is vital; factor in living expenses for effective financial decision-making.

Seek Guidance

Reach out to the school’s financial aid office for valuable advice and resources to afford your legal education.

CUNY Law offers an affordable tuition option, various scholarships, federal financial aid, and other financial resources to help make your legal education attainable. Take advantage of these opportunities and plan your finances wisely to achieve your legal career goals without excessive financial stress.

Top Strategies for LSAT Success When Applying to CUNY Law School

  • Explore Live Online LSAT Prep Courses: 

Live online LSAT prep courses offered by organizations like Odyssey Test Prep provide the flexibility to prepare from the comfort of your home while benefiting from structured lessons, expert guidance, and practice tests tailored to the LSAT format.

  • Traditional LSAT Prep Courses: 

Traditional in-person LSAT prep courses are another solid option. Start your journey to CUNY Law School by mastering the LSAT with Odyssey Test Prep. They often come with comprehensive study materials and practice exams, offering a classroom-like learning experience.

  • Personalized LSAT Tutoring: 

Consider LSAT tutoring for one-on-one, personalized support. Work with our professional LSAT tutors and gain a competitive edge toward CUNY Law School. Tutors can focus on your specific strengths and weaknesses, accelerating your LSAT preparation.

  • Law School Admissions Consulting: 

If you’re determined to attend CUNY Law, admissions consulting services can provide valuable assistance in navigating the competitive application process and maximizing one’s chances of acceptance. Expert consultants can guide you throughout the application process, from LSAT prep to crafting an impressive application. Craft an outstanding law school application with our expert consultants.

  • Start Early: 

Plan your LSAT preparation well in advance. Give yourself ample time to study, take practice tests, and refine your skills. It’s a crucial step toward achieving a competitive LSAT score.

  • Familiarize Yourself with the LSAT Format: 

Understanding the LSAT format, including the question types and timing, is essential. This knowledge will help you tackle the test with confidence.

  • Effective Time Management: 

Develop strong time management skills to complete each LSAT section within the allocated time limits. Practicing under timed conditions is vital to success.

  • Stay Composed: 

Maintain your composure during the LSAT. Take short breaks as needed to stay focused and reduce test anxiety.

  • Learn from Mistakes: 

Review and learn from your practice test mistakes. Identifying your weaknesses and areas that need improvement is key to boosting your LSAT score.

  • Small Victories Count: 

Celebrate the small wins during your LSAT preparation journey. Each point gained brings you closer to achieving your law school goals.

As you prepare for CUNY Law School, mastering the LSAT is a critical step. Whether you choose a live online LSAT prep course, traditional prep, tutoring, or law school admissions consulting, consistent effort, and dedication are the keys to LSAT success. Practice, stay composed, and believe in your ability to excel in the LSAT and secure your place at CUNY Law School.


CUNY Law offers a distinctive and compelling educational experience, with a strong emphasis on social justice, public interest law, and diversity. With its dedicated student community, innovative programs, and commitment to making legal education affordable, it stands as a standout institution for those aspiring to make a difference in the legal world through the support of the LSAC

Choosing CUNY Law is a choice to advocate for justice and contribute to a more equitable society, reflecting the values of social responsibility and inclusivity that the school holds dear.