Exploring the Factors and Key Information of the Belmont Law School Ranking


Belmont Law School is a 2011-founded institution formally known as Belmont University College of Law. It’s located in Nashville, Tennessee, and offers legal education with theoretical understanding. There are numerous career choices after graduating from Belmont Law School. Alumni went on to get clerkships, major legal work, and federal service roles in government departments, public interest groups, and business settings. The school’s focus on practical abilities and its faculty will prepare you to succeed in your legal profession and also contribute to the profession. 

You can consider Belmont Law School for an enjoyable legal education along with a foundation for your legal career. This article will discuss important metrics such as the Belmont Law School ranking, bar passage rates, employment results, educational qualifications, and student-to-faculty ratios to help potential law students make informed decisions about Belmont Law.

Randall and Sadie Baskin Center at Belmont Law School

Belmont Law School Ranking

Rankings on law schools will enable you to make the correct educated decision when considering law schools. Belmont Law School’s ranks in different legal fields reflect its dedication to excellence and standing within the legal community. Knowing these rankings while weighing choices for getting a legal degree is essential to earning a top-tier education. Those notable positions in rankings reflect Belmont Law School’s track record of academic rigor, practical training, and faculty experience – all factors that draw in potential lawyers to the school.

USNW Best Law Schools #105
Business/Corporate Law #164
Clinical Training #174
Constitutional Law #177
Contracts/Commercial Law #174
Criminal Law #131
Environmental Law #165
Health Care Law #61
Intellectual Property Law #150
Tax Law #189
Trial Advocacy #80

Factors Influencing Belmont Law School’s Rankings

Ranks are critical when choosing a law school, but knowing the numerous elements that impact rankings is crucial. Learn what drives Belmont Law School rankings and why you should apply here. Assessing these factors strengthens your resolve to apply and brings your credentials like academic accomplishments, LSAT scores, and extracurricular engagement in line with Belmont Law’s admissions committee’s preferred choices. With this understanding in hand, you can start your legal education at Belmont Law knowing you are enrolled in a top institution devoted to academic excellence and student achievement.

1. Peer Assessment Scores

The peer assessment score plays a significant role in ranking law schools. It reflects the collective opinions of deans, administrators, and faculty in legal education. Belmont Law School has a 1.5 peer assessment score. This score reflects Belmont’s status in professional and academic circles, illustrating the high regard afforded to its faculty and programs.

2. Employment Rates

Belmont Law School’s 75% employment rate reflects its focus on preparing graduates for successful legal careers. This solid figure impacts the school’s ranking and also shows the school is effective at supplying students with the needed skills and networking contacts. The employment rate consists of law firms, federal agencies, and companies, demonstrating the breadth and breadth of Belmont graduates’ marketability in multiple professional domains.

3. Bar Passage Rates

The school’s 89% bar passage rate reflects its dedication to bar preparation. Such consistent success shows the institution’s dedication to academic excellence and student achievement. This high bar passage rate should provide potential students comfort knowing the school has the support and resources to get ready for the bar exam with ease.

4. Faculty Resources

Belmont Law School has an 11.8:1 student-faculty ratio that shows the institution’s dedication to a quality learning environment. This ratio along with the credentials of its faculty helps determine the school’s ranking. A favorable student-faculty ratio offers personalized attention and ample mentorship for those students.

Belmont University School of Law Stats

The numbers matter at Belmont Law School. They are your road map to admission and success. Understand these statistics and hit these targets to boost your chances of landing a spot in Belmont Law School’s elite community.

Belmont Law School LSAT Score 160
Belmont School of Law Median GPA 3.70
Belmont Law School Ranking No. 105 in the US Best Law Schools
Belmont Law School Acceptance Rate 39.60%
Belmont Law School Tuition $52,440 to $76,650
Belmont Law School Bar Passage Rate 89%
Belmont University Law School Employment Rate 75%

Lawyers outside the Randall and Sadie Baskin Center sitting by the fountain

Admission Requirements to Belmont Law School

Moving onto the path to a legal career at Belmont Law is a huge move where the success of your application depends on proving admission requirements. These requirements are a window into your law school readiness and your individuality. You need to align and submit all admission requirements on time to ensure your spot. Missing deadlines or overlooking any component might cost you acceptance. Taking the time to prepare each element correctly enables you to showcase yourself to the best level possible to obtain admission to Belmont Law.

1. LSAT Scores

Aiming for a competitive LSAT score – like Belmont Law’s median of 160 – demonstrates your intelligence and readiness for legal studies. This particular score indicates your ability to handle the demands of law school and your dedication to the course. Your LSAT score is a crucial component of your application and showcases your readiness to succeed in your legal education at Belmont Law.

2. Transcripts and GPA

Transcripts reflect a good academic performance, especially with Belmont Law’s 3.70 median GPA. Your undergraduate grades explain how you could do well in a rigorous academic environment and in programs that concentrate on writing analysis, and critical thinking. Showing excellence in these areas shows your academic capability and readiness for the arduous curriculum at Belmont Law School.

3. Resume

Your resume or CV summarizes your educational record, job experience, extracurricular activities, and leadership roles. Customize your resume with accomplishments that demonstrate you are in place for the law school challenge and dedicated to your career.

4. Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation reflect your character, work ethic, and outcomes at law school. Pick recommenders who know you well and who speak to your academic capabilities, professionalism, and individual attributes.

5. Personal Statement

Your law school personal statement describes your motivations, dreams, and distinctive characteristics to the admissions committee. Write an interesting story about your love of the law, relevant happenings, and how Belmont Law suits your career objectives.

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The Belmont Law School ranking serves as a pivotal factor in affirming your decision to apply for admissions. By paying attention to crucial details such as the factors influencing rankings, you gain insight into how it all aligns to ensure aspiring law students like you receive a quality legal education to secure your future. It’s imperative to leverage resources like Odyssey Test Prep and the LSAC to maximize success in your law school journey. 

By understanding the significance of rankings and utilizing available resources, you’re better equipped to embark on a fulfilling educational path at Belmont Law, setting the stage for a successful career in law.

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