Your Guide to Success at B C Law School


Since 1929, Boston College School of Law, or BC Law School, has been a pillar of legal excellence in Boston. Renowned for its rich tradition and commitment to nurturing the next generation of legal professionals, it consistently ranks among the top law schools in the United States. Emphasizing intellectual rigor, ethical responsibility, and community service, BC Law School provides a well-rounded legal education, guided by a distinguished faculty in a dynamic learning environment.

The school encourages active engagement in legal clinics and pro bono work, fostering a commitment to social justice. BC Law School’s influential alumni network reflects the success of graduates, showcasing the institution’s commitment to shaping adept legal professionals and well-rounded individuals dedicated to positive change.

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Boston College Law School Ranking

Look into the Boston Law School Ranking to make informed decisions about choosing a law school. Understanding the impact of rankings is vital for prospective students, guiding their choice in pursuing a legal education that matches their aspirations and goals.

USNW Best Law Schools #29
Business/Corporate Law #25
Clinical Training #34
Constitutional Law #35
Contracts/Commercial Law #25
Criminal Law #61
Dispute Resolution #60
Environmental Law #44
Health Care Law #41
Intellectual Property Law #42
International Law #38
Legal Writing #52
Tax Law #16
Trial Advocacy #139

Programs at BC Law School

BC Law School has a variety of programs, ranging from the comprehensive JD to specialized LLM options and innovative dual-degree programs. This list offers a glimpse into the diverse academic opportunities for aspiring legal professionals.

1. JD Program

At BC Law School, the Juris Doctor (JD) Program stands as the cornerstone for aspiring legal minds. Tailored to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of the law, this program delves into core legal principles, building a strong foundation for a successful legal career. Aspiring law students can benefit from immersive learning experiences, moot court competitions, and a diverse curriculum that prepares them for the dynamic legal landscape.

2. LLM Program

Boston College Law School’s LLM Program offers an enriching experience for those seeking advanced legal knowledge with a global perspective. Designed for both domestic and international law graduates, this program provides a platform to specialize in areas such as international business law or human rights. Aspiring legal scholars can benefit from exposure to diverse legal systems, expert faculty, and a network that spans the globe, positioning them for impactful roles in an increasingly interconnected world.

3. Dual Degree Options

The institution goes beyond conventional legal education by offering dual degree programs. Students can seamlessly integrate legal studies with other disciplines such as business, social work, or theology. This innovative approach allows aspiring law professionals to develop a unique skill set, opening doors to a wide array of career opportunities where legal expertise intersects with other fields.

4. Experiential Learning

BC Law School takes pride in its emphasis on experiential learning. The curriculum includes clinics, externships, and pro bono opportunities, providing hands-on experience in real-world legal settings. Aspiring law students not only gain practical skills but also contribute to the community, fostering a sense of social responsibility integral to the BC Law School experience.

5. Global Initiatives

BC Law School’s commitment to global legal education extends to its various initiatives. Through partnerships with international law schools and exchange programs, students can immerse themselves in different legal cultures, broadening their perspectives and enhancing their ability to navigate the complexities of an increasingly globalized legal environment.

Boston College Law School Stats

Familiarize the important B C Law School numbers through this list of its class of 2026 numbers, like its Law School Rankings and the Boston College Law School admissions statistics to set goals and plan your path toward a successful legal education.

Boston College Law Median LSAT Score 166
Boston College Law School Median GPA 3.74
BC Law School Ranking No. 29 in the nation’s Best Law Schools
BC Law School Acceptance Rate 10.20%
Number of Applicants 6,022
Admissions Offered 612
Enrolled Students 212

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Boston College Law School Admission Requirements

Boston College Law School admission requirements help you gain insights into becoming a BC Law student. Learn about the criteria and expectations to navigate the admissions process successfully and position yourself as a strong candidate for this esteemed institution.

  • Start Early:

Begin your journey to Boston College Law School by understanding the Law School Application Timeline. Early preparation is key, so make sure to familiarize yourself with deadlines for application submission, letters of recommendation, and standardized test scores. Turn in your application before the March 31, 2024 application deadline. This proactive approach will demonstrate your commitment and attention to detail.

  • Craft Your Story:

Elevate your application with a standout Law School Personal Statement. This is your chance to showcase your unique experiences, perspectives, and motivations. Delve into your journey toward law school and articulate how Boston College Law School aligns with your aspirations. Make it personal, authentic, and compelling to leave a lasting impression on the admissions committee.

  • Ace the LSAT:

The LSAT is a critical element of your application. Dedicate ample time to prepare, considering resources like practice exams and study guides. Meeting the Boston College Law LSAT score of 166 not only boosts your application but also signals your readiness for the academic challenges of law school.

  • Transcend Grades:

Secure Law School Letters of Recommendation that go beyond your grades. Choose recommenders who can speak to your academic abilities, work ethic, and character. These letters provide a holistic view of your capabilities and contribute to the narrative of your application.

  • Engage with the Community:

Showcase your engagement beyond academics. Highlight relevant extracurricular activities, leadership roles, and any notable achievements. Boston College Law School values well-rounded individuals, so use this section to exhibit your potential contributions to the campus community.

  • Demonstrate Continued Interest:

Follow the Admissions Roadmap by staying informed about Boston College Law School’s events, webinars, and campus visits. Expressing genuine interest in the institution can be a tipping point in the admissions process. Attend informational sessions, connect with current students, and convey your enthusiasm for joining the BC Law community.

BC Law School Tuition and Financial Aid

Boston College Law School provides options to ease the financial burden of law school. The annual tuition ranges from $66,600 to $68,413. Aspiring law students can explore Law School Scholarships, recognizing academic merit and diverse backgrounds. Law School Loans are also available for additional financial assistance. Boston College Law School aims to make quality legal education accessible, ensuring aspiring attorneys can pursue their educational goals without financial constraints.

Public Service Scholarship

Boston College Law School offers full-tuition Public Service Scholarships for those dedicated to public service law post-graduation. The deadline is January 15, 2024. A committee evaluates candidates based on commitment to public service, intent for a public interest law career, leadership, and academic performance. Applicants need at least nine months of full-time professional public service experience before law school, excluding degree program internships. Requirements include a specific essay and an extra recommendation letter. Finalists have interviews, and scholarships are renewable for the second and third years.

Recipients commit to working in government or public interest after law school. Exceptions require Committee approval. Scholars must acknowledge a five-year public service commitment, repaying the scholarship if unfulfilled. Annual reapplication includes updated resumes. Scholars play leadership roles in BC Law’s public interest community.

BC Law School LSAT Key Insights

Preparing for Boston College Law School involves more than just academics—it demands a strategic approach to the LSAT. This guide unveils key insights, from the BC Law LSAT score conversion to the impact of live prep courses, helping aspiring law students navigate the path to success at BC Law School.

Understand LSAT Raw Score Conversion

Master the LSAT Raw Score Conversion to decipher your performance accurately. Familiarize yourself with the scoring system to convert your raw score into the scaled score that BC Law School evaluates. Knowing this conversion ensures a clear understanding of where you stand in the competitive landscape.

Gauge Your Standing with LSAT Percentiles

LSAT Percentiles are your compass in the competitive world of law school admissions. Grasp the significance of your percentile rank, as BC Law School utilizes this to assess your relative performance against other test-takers. Strive for a percentile that aligns with BC Law’s expectations to enhance your chances of admission.

Enroll in a Live Online LSAT Prep Course

Consider joining a Live Online LSAT Prep Course for a dynamic and interactive learning experience. Platforms like Odyssey Test Prep provide comprehensive courses, equipping you with strategies tailored for success. Enroll in our comprehensive LSAT prep course and sharpen your skills for a successful journey to B C Law School. Engaging with live sessions, practice tests, and expert guidance can significantly enhance your LSAT performance.

Harness LSAT Tutoring

For a more tailored approach, LSAT Tutoring can be a game-changer. Elevate your LSAT scores with personalized tutoring to secure your spot at B.C. Law School. Work with our tutors to identify and address your specific strengths and weaknesses. 

Law School Admissions Consulting

Consider seeking Law School Admissions Consulting services to fine-tune your application strategy. Navigate the admissions process seamlessly with our expert consulting services. Their expertise can be invaluable in presenting yourself as an ideal candidate for BC Law School.

In the pursuit of BC Law School admission, strategic LSAT preparation is key. Understand the nuances of LSAT scoring, look into effective prep courses and tutoring, and consider admissions consulting for a comprehensive approach. Armed with these insights, you’ll be well-prepared to conquer the LSAT and go on your journey to BC Law School success.


In conclusion, Boston College Law School, with its rich tradition and commitment to academic excellence, stands as a premier institution shaping the next generation of legal professionals. Aspiring law students exploring the diverse programs, admission requirements, and application timelines, including the LSAC-guided process, are invited to join a community dedicated to fostering well-rounded individuals ready to make a meaningful impact in the world of law. 

Whether delving into the comprehensive JD program, specialized LLM offerings, or innovative dual-degree options, BC Law School offers a transformative legal education experience, preparing students for success in a dynamic and interconnected legal landscape.

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