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Arkansas Law School was founded in 1924 and it is situated in Fayetteville. It’s been recognized through time as a leading location for emerging legal minds seeking innovative legal training and practical lessons in the law. With an extensive tradition and history of excellence, Arkansas Law School will continue to draw in diverse students and offer a climate for learning that prepares graduates for effective legal careers.

After receiving a legal education at Arkansas Law School, graduates pursue diverse paths. With a good background in law and functional abilities acquired via experiential learning, alumni of this highly regarded institution usually find work in different fields of law. Whether pursuing justice in courtrooms, forming public policy, or serving communities through legal aid organizations, the legacy of Arkansas Law School graduates shines brightly.

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University of Arkansas Law School Ranking

The ranking of the University of Arkansas Law School is significant when applying to law school. As an aspiring lawyer, the way a law school ranks will impact your application and future opportunities. A top law school can offer you better resources, faculty expertise, and networking to enhance your legal career and education. By taking into consideration a law school’s ranking you can make an educated choice that aligns with your professional and academic objectives, laying the foundation for your legal career.

USNW Best Law Schools #105
Business/Corporate Law #78
Clinical Training #126
Constitutional Law #107
Contracts/Commercial Law #95
Criminal Law #108
Environmental Law #138
Health Care Law #135
Intellectual Property Law #159
International Law #103
Legal Writing #32
Tax Law #99
Trial Advocacy #166

Arkansas University School of Law Academic Programs

Explore the academic programs at the University of Arkansas Law School to match your requirements. This list describes the courses and special tracks so you can make an educated decision regarding the academic track that best fits your career objectives. From fundamental classes to advanced legal studies, the University of Arkansas Law School has programs meant to meet the demands and ambitions of legal aspirants like you.

1. J.D. Program

The Juris Doctor (J.D.) program offers you a broad base in legal theory, practice, and research. With the mix of experience and coursework, you are going to acquire the critical thinking, legal advocacy, and writing skills you need to have for a productive legal career. From constitutional law to contracts, this program explores subjects that prepare you for contemporary law practice.

2. 3/3 Programs

Arkansas University Law School offers two 3/3 Programs:

  • 3/3 Program in Arts and Sciences

This program enables you to have your bachelor’s and J.D. in 6 years and move out of undergraduate to law school studies. Blending legal training with a liberal arts curriculum offers analytical tools and interdisciplinary perspectives to handle a range of legal challenges.

  • 3/3 Program in Agriculture

Tailored for students interested in agricultural law, this particular program fuses undergraduate farming sciences with legal studies and offers specialized training in areas including rural development, food law, and environmental law. Blending legal expertise with agricultural understanding can enable you to address legal problems facing rural areas and agriculture.

3. Dual Degree Programs

Arkansas University Law School offers several dual degree programs to expand your skills and career:

  • J.D./M.A. Program

Incorporate legal studies with an M.A. in politics, history, or even sociology. This dual degree program enables you to expand your view on legal issues within a certain academic discipline – interdisciplinary thinking and analytical abilities.

  • J.D./M.P.A. Program

Take a dual J.D./Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.) degree and also focus on Public policy, governance, or law. Integrating legal and administrative perspectives, you’ll gain leadership and policy knowledge to meet social challenges and effect change.

  • J.D./M.B.A. Program

Pair your J.D. with an M.B.A. to master both legal and Business principles. This dual degree program offers you strategic thinking, financial understanding, and entrepreneurial abilities to succeed in business law, business coaching, or entrepreneurial pursuits.

  • J.D./M.S.W. Program

Combining legal studies with a M.S.W. degree for a specialized area in family law, child welfare, or even mental health advocacy. With this dual degree program, you’ll study social work and law while advocating for vulnerable groups and social justice.

Each Arkansas University Law School program gives you specific development, professional development, and specialization to enable you to chase your legal ambitions while acquiring important skills and knowledge to make a positive change in your community and beyond.

Arkansas University Law School Stats

For any Law school applicant, knowing the key numbers of Arkansas University law is essential for your application strategy. These numbers include median LSAT scores, GPA averages, acceptance rates, and employment results, and offer a sense of the way the law school is competitive along with quality. Meeting or even exceeding these benchmarks can make your application more competitive and also show your academic readiness for legal studies success. Know these numbers so you can assess your candidacy, determine areas for improvement, and make informed choices to boost your odds of admission to Arkansas University Law.

University of Arkansas Law School LSAT Score 156
UArk Law School GPA 3.60
The University of Arkansas School of Law Ranking #105 in the nation’s Best Law Schools
University of Arkansas Law School Acceptance Rate 41.20%
The University of Arkansas School of Law Tuition $8,949.45 to $19,866.30
UArk Law School Class Size 122 out of 770 applications

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock School of Law

University of Arkansas Law School Admission Requirements

Know the admission criteria for the University of Arkansas Law School before applying. Meeting these requirements ensures your application is completely considered and stands out amongst the rest of the candidates. By reviewing and meeting every requirement, distributing a competitive LSAT score, achieving a good GPA, and submitting strong personal statements and letters of recommendation, you can bolster your application and boost your odds of admission. Steps taken to fulfill these criteria demonstrate you’re seriously interested in getting a legitimate education and turn you into a top applicant for admission to the University of Arkansas Law School.

1. Law School GPA and LSAT Scores

Your GPA and LSAT score are your tickets to the legal world. They show you have perfected your undergraduate studies and are an expert at critical thinking and reasoning – the bread and butter of legal minds. Aim high but be realistic about your abilities. Particularly, the median law school GPA of good candidates is 3.60. The median LSAT score for admitted students is 156, also making the examination incredibly important. To satisfy these requirements, study hard, take practice tests, and take LSAT prep courses if possible.

2. Law School Personal Statement

Your law school personal statement can be your opportunity to shine. It is where you display your personality, your love of law, and also what makes you completely different from everybody else. Write an individual narrative about your strengths, experiences, and objectives. Be sincere and authentic and do not hesitate to speak up.

3. Law School Letter of Recommendation

Think of your law school letters of recommendation as your cheerleaders for admissions. Pick recommenders who know you effectively and who speak to your capabilities, character, and potential for law school success. Whether it is a professor, mentor, or employer, give examples of just how you’d make an excellent law student.

4. Law School Resume

Your law school resume is a snapshot of your professional and academic life. It must be succinct, organized, and centered on relevant experiences and achievements. Include internships, volunteerism, leadership roles along with other activities that demonstrate you’re dedicated to your future legal profession. Keep it updated and polished and proofread for typos or mistakes.

5. Application Deadline

Mark your calendar and set reminders! Applications to Arkansas Law School open September 15 with a priority application due April 1. Don’t miss deadlines. Missing them means missing your opportunity to become among the school’s rising lawyers. Allow yourself enough time to collect materials and also submit your application with confidence.

Overall, every one of these requirements is critical in your road to law school admission. Knowing their importance and taking action to confront them will put you one step closer to attaining your legal dreams.

Arkansas Law Tuition and Financial Aid

The price of tuition annually at Arkansas University Law School varies between USD 8,949.45 and USD 19,866.30 based on residency status and degree type. For students similar to you who are struggling financially and wondering how to pay for law school, that price tag can look like a huge burden to carry. An enormous debt pile-up can be frustrating and could prevent you from becoming a lawyer. But there’s hope anyway. Moving to available financial assistance like law school scholarships can ease this financial burden. Such scholarships could be essential to cover tuition fees so you can concentrate on your studies without stressing about financial difficulties.

J.D. Institutional Scholarships

All first-year applicants at Arkansas Law are automatically considered for J.D. Institutional Scholarships based on academic success, financial need, and more. These law school scholarships are not one-time deals either: They are a one-year contract. A few of these may be renewed in your second and third year of law school if you maintain excellent grades and continue to enroll full-time in the J.D. program. Obtaining one of these scholarships may truly help alleviate the blow of the enormous economic burden of a law degree. So, keep up the grades and eyes on the prize – who knows when that scholarship might come your way.

LSAT-Taking Insights to Get into Arkansas Law

You can not go to Arkansas Law without conquering the LSAT – and these are your weapons of success. With Odyssey Test Prep by your side, you receive expert resources and guidance to help you reach your LSAT goals. From study guides to customized tutoring, we are here to help you crack the LSAT and enter Arkansas Law.

  • LSAT Study Guide

A useful LSAT study guide is your ticket to success. It breaks down each area of the exam and gives practice questions and tips on how to resolve the toughest issues. With the proper study guide and Odyssey Test Prep’s expertise, you can handle LSAT prep and master the material you need to pass the exam.

  • LSAT Percentiles

Understanding LSAT percentiles helps you compare your performance with other students. Understanding where you stand will help you establish realistic goals and evaluate your progress while you get ready for the exam. Overtake the median LSAT score for Arkansas Law to bolster your application.

  • Admissions Roadmap

Making a customized admissions roadmap is the true secret to an accelerated acceptance rate. Mark key milestones like registering for the LSAT, finishing your application materials, and also requesting letters of recommendation. Working with a plan with Odyssey Test Prep’s Admissions Roadmap can help you remain organized and focused all through admissions.

  • LSAT Prep Course

Enrolling in an LSAT prep course can offer organized assistance and expert instruction to enable you to get ready for the examination. If you want in-person sessions or web-based modules, Odyssey Test Prep’s LSAT Prep Course offers information, practice examinations, and customized assistance to develop your skills and get ready for test day. Our results-driven LSAT Prep Course can help you supercharge your LSAT performance and pave the way to success at Arkansas Law School.

  • LSAT Tutoring

For individualized attention and tailored support, try LSAT tutoring. Unleash your LSAT potential with personalized tutoring designed to get you into Arkansas Law School. Our tutors can pinpoint your weaknesses and strengths, develop a study plan that suits your learning style, and tailor training to deal with your improvement areas. You can boost your LSAT abilities and earn a better potential score with one-on-one guidance.

  • Law School Admissions Consulting

For more assistance with admissions overall, partner with a law school admissions consultant. Secure your spot at Arkansas Law School with our proven admissions expertise – let us guide you through crafting a winning application and realizing your law school dreams. These professionals can provide individualized guidance with your application materials, personal statement, and overall admission strategy. With their assistance, you can construct an application that’s noteworthy to the admissions panel.

We at Odyssey Test Prep understand the importance of LSAT success for your law school ambitions. Our LSAT preparation classes, tutoring, and law school admissions consulting are ready to allow you to be successful. You can now take the LSAT with confidence and with our resources you can go to Arkansas Law.


To sum up, your research on Arkansas law school – from admission requirements to LSAT insights – will be the basis for a successful Law School application. Every element – your GPA, LSAT scores, individual statement, or letters of recommendation – can help create a compelling case for the admissions committee. Remember that Odyssey Test Prep is here for you, providing expertise and assistance on this crucial journey.

With LSAC as your ally and knowledge and professional guidance, you’re prepared to deal with your dream of joining Arkansas Law School. Keep pressing ahead, and make your application reflect the future lawyer you are becoming.

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