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Can a 172 LSAT Score Get You into Top Law Schools?


Your law school journey begins with a significant challenge: the Law School Admission Test. Achieving a 172 LSAT score represents a deep understanding of the exam’s demands and a commitment to academic excellence. In this article, we’ll explore the implications of securing a 172 on the LSAT, addressing the common question: “Is 172 on the LSAT good?” We’ll cover the grading process for the LSAT, strategies for enhancing your score, and the significant impact of achieving a 172 LSAT score on your admission prospects.

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What is the LSAT

The Law School Admission Test is an important exam for students interested in studying law. It evaluates your skill to comprehend, reason, and analyze information, which is necessary for success in law school. How hard is the LSAT? Many people wonder about the difficulty of the LSAT due to its challenging format and question types. It’s a test that requires knowledge and the ability to think critically under pressure.

One of the LSAT’s key aspects is its variety of questions. “How many questions are on the LSAT?” is a frequently asked question among incoming law students. The exam is divided into the following sections:

Logical Reasoning

The Logical Reasoning part is the most critical part of the LSAT. They check how well you can analyze, evaluate, and finish arguments. These sections are made to see if you can understand complex texts and find the main points of arguments. It tests your ability to think logically and understand what you read.

Reading Comprehension

The Reading Comprehension section is where your ability to understand and interpret complex texts is tested. This section includes lengthy passages followed by questions that require you to demonstrate a deep understanding of the text, its structure, and its implications. This is crucial for future law students, as it mirrors the reading and comprehension work done in law school.

Analytical Reasoning

LSAT Logic Games, or Analytical Reasoning, are the most distinctive and talked-about part of the test. This section challenges your problem-solving skills with puzzles that require organizing information and deducing conclusions. It’s a section that tests your ability to think strategically and analytically under time pressure.

Writing Sample

The Writing Sample, though not scored, is crucial in the LSAT as it highlights your ability to construct and present a coherent argument, a skill highly valued in legal studies and law school admissions. You’re given a prompt and must write an essay showcasing your ability to argue a position. This section demonstrates your writing skills, which are essential for legal studies.

Experimental Section

Finally, there’s an unscored Experimental Section, which can be any of the above types. The test makers use it to try out new questions for future tests.

Scoring well, especially achieving a 172 on the LSAT, is commendable, reflecting a deep understanding of the test’s demands and a strong ability to reason and analyze. 

LSAT Scores Overview

Comprehending your LSAT score to assess your position among law school candidates is essential. Here’s a basic explanation of how LSAT scoring operates.

  • Raw Score:

The LSAT score range is between 120 and 180. A score of 120 is the lowest possible, while 180 represents a perfect score on the LSAT. Your raw score is the total number of questions you answered correctly across the LSAT’s four sections. This raw score is the starting point of your LSAT assessment.

  • Scaled Score:

LSAT scores are then scaled from the raw scores. This scaling, which adjusts the scores from 120 to 180, takes into account the difficulty of the test and varies slightly each year.

  • Percentiles:

The scaled score is then translated into the LSAT percentiles ranking. Your percentile on the LSAT shows how many people you outperformed on the test. Scoring 172 typically puts you in the top 1.3%, surpassing 98.7% of other test-takers. LSAT percentiles may change slightly each year based on everyone’s performance. Understanding these aspects of your LSAT score, especially how a high score like 172 compares to percentiles, can give you insight into your position in law school admission.

To achieve an LSAT score of 172, an LSAT diagnostic test is an invaluable first step. It assesses your current skill level and highlights specific areas where you can improve, setting a solid foundation for your study strategy.

Is a 172 a Good LSAT Score?

Law schools typically categorize LSAT scores to assess an applicant’s potential. In this context, a 172 LSAT score places you solidly in the ‘High-level law school’ category, which spans scores from 170 to 180. This category is often targeted by those seeking admission into top-tier law schools. 

For a better chance of getting into these prestigious institutions, aiming for a high score in this range is advisable. The graph clearly shows that a 174 LSAT score also falls into this high-level category, whereas a 169 LSAT score is categorized as mid-level.

So, is a 172 on the LSAT good? With about two hundred American Bar Association-accredited law schools in the U.S., a 172 LSAT score increases your chances of acceptance. It places you among the top candidates for the most prestigious schools. While other factors like GPA and extracurricular activities influence admissions decisions, a 172 LSAT score is a powerful component of your application.

NOTE: Please be aware that our assessment and viewpoint of a 172 LSAT score is subjective.

Why a 172 LSAT Score Is Significant for Law School Admissions

Scoring well on the LSAT can significantly enhance your prospects of gaining entry into a prestigious law school and securing a position at a sought-after law firm following graduation. Achieving a score above 165 may also improve your likelihood of obtaining scholarships, which is particularly advantageous considering that law school fees often exceed $50,000 annually.

Nonetheless, it’s crucial to consider factors beyond just rankings since numerous law schools accept test scores across all ranges. Location and specialization in specific areas of law are also essential considerations for positioning yourself for the ideal job in the future.

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Schools That Accept a 172 LSAT Score

A 172 LSAT score opens the door to many prestigious law schools, where it often falls between their entering classes’ 25th and 75th percentile LSAT scores. This table provides a comprehensive view of where a 172 LSAT score might stand with the median scores and percentile ranges of these top law schools.

Law School Median LSAT Score 25th Percentile LSAT Scores 75th Percentile LSAT Scores Median Undergraduate GPA Acceptance Rate (%)
Yale University Law School 175 171 178 3.94 5.7%
Harvard Law School 174 170 176 3.92 10.1%
Stanford University Law School 173 170 176 3.94 6.9%
University of Chicago Law School 173 169 175 3.91 14.2%
Columbia University Law School 173 171 175 3.87 11.9%
University of California, Berkeley Law School 170 167 172 3.83 12.5%

For further preparation, consider exploring the Best LSAT Prep Course for in-depth guidance and strategies.

Strategies for Achieving a 172 LSAT Score

How to study for the LSAT? Achieving a high score like 172 on the LSAT requires a strategic approach and dedicated preparation. Here are some key strategies to help you prepare for the LSAT:

1. Familiarize Yourself with the LSAT Structure

Gain an understanding of the LSAT’s format by becoming acquainted with its various question types and sections. Knowing what to expect can significantly reduce anxiety and improve performance.

2. Develop a Study Plan

Create a schedule that allows ample time for each section of the LSAT. Spend more time on areas where you need to improve the most.

3. Practice Regularly

Consistent practice is key. Use past LSAT papers and timed practice tests to hone your skills. This helps in building speed and accuracy, which is crucial for a high score.

4. Focus on Weak Areas

Identify your weak points and dedicate extra time to these areas. Whether it’s logical reasoning, analytical thinking, or reading comprehension, improving in these areas can boost your overall score.

5. Master Time Management

Time management is critical during the LSAT. Practice under timed conditions to get used to the pace of the exam and learn how to allocate time effectively across different sections.

6. Join a Study Group or Class

Collaborating with others can provide new insights and make studying more engaging. Consider joining an LSAT study group or enrolling in a prep class.

7. Seek Professional Guidance

If you’re struggling, don’t hesitate to seek help from a professional tutor or an LSAT prep course. Odyssey can provide tailored guidance and strategies to improve your score.

  • LSAT Prep Course: 

Our LSAT prep course is an extensive program designed to cover every aspect of the LSAT. It includes in-depth lessons on logical reasoning, analytical thinking, reading comprehension, practice questions, and full-length mock exams. Personalized feedback and progress tracking are integral parts of the course, ensuring that each student understands their strengths and areas for improvement. With our LSAT Prep Course, you can ace the LSAT and open the doors to your dream law school!

  • LSAT Tutoring: 

We offer a more personalized approach to test preparation. These tutors assess the student’s current skill level and create a customized study plan to improve weak points, enhance test-taking strategies, and build confidence. The one-on-one sessions allow for targeted learning and immediate feedback. Opt for personalized LSAT tutoring for a 172 score, guiding you toward success in your law school journey.

  • Law School Admission Consulting:

Navigate law school admissions confidently with our consultants, showcasing your 172 LSAT score for top-tier success. Our service includes assistance in selecting the right law schools, crafting compelling personal statements, and perfecting resumes. The consultants also provide mock interview training and strategic advice on how to stand out in a pool of applicants, ensuring that students put forward their best application. 

7. Take Care of Your Health

It’s crucial to recognize the significance of maintaining good health. Engaging in regular physical activity, consuming nutritious meals, and getting adequate rest can enhance cognitive abilities and performance on tests.


Achieving a 172 LSAT score is a remarkable accomplishment that reflects a high proficiency level in areas crucial for legal studies and places you among the top candidates in the competitive law school admissions process. With the proper guidance and support from Odyssey’s tailored LSAT programs, you have the potential to score even higher than 172, maximizing your chances in the competitive realm of law school admissions. 

A high LSAT score enhances your profile for prestigious law schools and lays a solid foundation for your future legal career.

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