Everything You Need To Know About The LSAT Logic Games Removed Starting This August 2024


The LSAT logic games section has long been a major headache for many aspiring law students. Having to diagram complex logic sequences and double-check every deduction felt like an intense mind game. But get ready for some major LSAT changes! Those logic game struggles are about to become a thing of the past!

On October 18, 2023, the Law School Admission Council made a major announcement regarding the LSAT logic games being removed starting August 2024. This article will explore exactly what this logic game removal means. We will provide guidance on what prospective law students taking the LSAT in August 2024 can expect. We’ll explore how the LSAT logic games removal could affect scoring, what kinds of new questions might replace them, and whether this change will ultimately make the LSAT easier or harder overall.

Students Writing Notes In Class - LSAT Logic Games Removed

The LSAT Logic Games Section

The logic games section has been a core and often dreaded part of the LSAT for years. To solve these brain teasers, you had to create diagrams, list out possible options, and use deductive reasoning to systematically eliminate choices that didn’t fit the rules.

This requirement to visualize abstract relationships and work through multi-step problems was unique to the logic games on the LSAT. Mastering these puzzles took immense logical endurance and practice. Many students found the logic games section to be the most grueling and mentally draining portion of the roughly 3.5-hour test.

So, the news that LSAC is getting rid of logic games entirely on the LSAT starting in August 2024 is sending shockwaves through the pre-law community. This section stood apart as a quirky but foundational component of the exam for decades. The news of the LSAT logic games being removed marks a shift in what the LSAT aims to evaluate and how future test-takers will need to prepare.

Reasons for the LSAT Logic Games Removed

Is the LSAT getting rid of logic games? In 2019, two blind test-takers filed a lawsuit against the LSAT. This ultimately resulted in the elimination of the logic games from the exam. Plaintiffs held that the visuospatial nature of diagrams in logic games discriminated against the visually impaired test-takers and was not in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The LSAC agreed to replace logic games with a new section over 4 years. They decided to introduce a second logical reasoning section starting in August 2024, removing the diagrams that presented issues for blind test-takers while maintaining overall test difficulty. 

As the logic games make their exit, LSAT preparation courses are swiftly adapting. Our LSAT Prep Courses in New York City already updated our curriculum to focus on enhancing skills for the additional logical reasoning sections that will replace the Logic Games. These courses aim to equip students with the necessary tools to excel in an LSAT that promises to be just as challenging, but more inclusive.

When Will Logic Games Be Removed From the LSAT?

With the news of LSAT logic games removed starting this August 2024, aspiring law students across the country are reevaluating their preparation strategies. 

As you plot your admission roadmap, it is important to stay ahead and make use of resources that can be of help in maneuvering this LSAT logic game change. Check out our LSAT prep course in Chicago. The courses are guided by experts and have a curriculum that is adapted to the dynamic test format. As a result, you’ll be fully prepared for the new LSAT sections. 

Refer to the LSAT Dates 2024-2025 table below to secure your preferred test center and allocate your study time effectively. 

Primary Test Dates Score Release Date
August 7-10 August 28
September 4-7 September 25
October 1-2 and October 4-5 October 23
November 6-9 November 27
January 15-18 February 5
February 7-8 February 27
April 10-12 April 30
June 5-7 June 25

What to Expect on the August 2024 LSAT

The LSAT Dates 2024 will now embody the shifting priorities in legal education. The changes attempt to make the test a more accessible and fair reflection of preparedness for law school. Below is an overview of the new LSAT sections and what each will entail starting in August 2024:

  • Logical Reasoning (2 Sections): In place of the logic games, it adds a second logical reasoning section that doubles the focus on argumentative analysis. This section tests the ability to analyze, critically evaluate, and complete arguments, reflecting what goes on in real-world problem-solving and thus enhancing skills needed for success in law school and the legal profession.

  • Reading Comprehension: This section assesses reading comprehension, reflecting the heavy amount of reading required by law schools. It continues to measure critical thinking, inference, and analysis skills.

  • Unscored Experimental Section: This will be either LR or RC and will be used to test items for future purposes.

  • Writing Sample: The writing sample remains an integral part of the LSAT, allowing candidates to demonstrate their ability to argue a position coherently and persuasively. It offers law schools a direct sample of the applicant’s writing ability, crucial for legal education and practice.

The LSAT changes logic games, and adding that second LR section reflects a direction of moving forward with a more inclusive and equitable assessment. This shift would give all candidates the same opportunity to show their reasoning ability, which is fundamental to legal education and the practice of law. Enrolling in LSAT prep courses in Boston can be a game changer to gain the skills and knowledge required to score successfully under the changed format.

A Student Studying and Noting Down Notes- LSAT Logic Games Removed

Preparing for the LSAT Without Logic Games

Preparing for an examination where the LSAT logic games will be missing then requires one to adopt a focused approach starting this August 2024. This is a format with more emphasis on sections of Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension. Some of the tips to help include:

1. Focus on Logical Reasoning

With the LSAT logic games removed, logical reasoning becomes that much more important because this will now be the larger part of your score. You should concentrate on understanding and mastering the types of arguments, fallacies, and patterns of reasoning. This section is set to measure your ability to reason critically over arguments that are subtle and complex.

2. Enhance Reading Comprehension Skills

This LSAT section is aimed at measuring your skills in understanding and analyzing complex reading materials, which are necessary for the processes of learning in law schools and future practice in legal activity. The importance of this section remains unchanged in the new format. Thus, it’s vital to practice reading dense, challenging materials and to develop strategies for quickly identifying main ideas, themes, and argument structures within passages​.

3. Practice with the New Format

Utilize practice tests that mimic the new format of the LSAT to familiarize yourself with the exam’s structure and timing. This can help adjust your pacing and test-taking strategies to the absence of logic games. Some prep providers like our  LSAT Prep Courses in Washington DC, already adapted our materials to reflect these changes, offering practice exams and questions in the new LR-LR-RC format. This adjustment in your practice routine is crucial for building confidence and reducing surprises on test day​​​.

4. Utilize Practice Tests

Take full-length practice tests without the logic games section to familiarize yourself with the new format. This will help you build stamina and get a realistic sense of the timing for each section.

5. Review Past LSAT Questions

Although the LSAT logic game is being removed, the review of past LSAT questions generally can offer valuable insights, especially from areas such as Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension.

6. Utilize Available Resources

Utilize a variety of available materials such as LSAT prep courses, books, and online resources, all of which are easily adaptable to the new exam format. For comprehensive access to the latest LSAT resources and effective preparation, consider enrolling in our LSAT prep courses, such as our LSAT Prep Course in Dallas Fort. Our LSAT Prep Course offers the most updated study guides, practice questions, and strategies tailor-made for the new LSAT. Always ensure that your resources are updated on the latest exam structure, including free materials for practice.

7. Stay Informed

Watch out for official announcements from LSAC on the new format and any other additional changes to be brought in. Keeping in touch will surely keep you on the right side of any change.

Master the New LSAT Format with Expert Guidance

When is LSAT getting rid of logic games? It will be more important than ever to have expert guidance preparing for the test with the LSAT logic games removed. Adapting to a new format without the right kind of help is going to prove difficult, but with the right kind of help, you will be assured of being fully prepared and not be surprised on the test day. Odyssey Test Prep is here to help you through LSAT preparation and law school admissions programs.

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LSAT Tutoring

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Final Thoughts on the LSAT Logic Games Removal

With the LSAT logic games removed, the LSAC is making sure that the LSAT fairly and honestly measures the broad set of abilities required for today’s lawyers to be successful. The exam is focused on assessing the important abilities of test-takers. These key abilities include analytical reasoning, legal writing, and the ability to understand difficult cases from a more rounded approach.

The path to law school is never easy, but with the right support, you can conquer any challenge – with logic games or not! Take the first step by scheduling your LSAT Free Consultation today. Whether you need expert tips on studying for the revamped sections, advice on adjusting your application timeline, or any other guidance, our team has your back. 

We’ll work with you one-on-one to create a personalized game plan, ensuring you’re prepared to showcase your full potential on this updated LSAT.

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