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Course Details

  • Instant access to 60+ hours of online instruction
  • Only uses Official LSAT questions and tests from LSAC
  • Six months of unlimited access
  • Over 350 HD Logic Games Lessons and Explanations
  • Taught by Odyssey Founder Jon McCarty
  • Over 300 Logic Games deconstructed in HD
LSAT Logic Games Explanations

Logic Games Explanations

Experience our teaching style and strategies for free before you sign up for the Odyssey Online Logic Games Course

Personal & Engaging

Every video lesson and explanation features Jon McCarty in front of a real whiteboard with no cuts or edits to help you connect with the material in a more personal way. Our students find that this helps grab, and more importantly keep their attention so they learn more in a shorter period of time. This is as close as you can get to a real classroom in an online setting. No virtual whiteboards or voice-overs here.


The Odyssey videos definitely feel more professional than others. The videos mimic the traditional classroom, and I prefer that. I think your videos feel more comfortable for the familiarity of the setting. They're nicely paced and so easy to connect with.

- James,

The Most Effective Strategies

The Odyssey Online Logic Games Course was developed by Jon McCarty, a 99.9th percentile LSAT scorer who got a perfect score on the Logic Games section on the actual LSAT. Every lesson in the Course is taught by Jon McCarty and the techniques you'll learn are powerful and intuitive. If getting the right set-up is holding you back then let Jon McCarty show you how to get the optimal setup. If it's timing, then learn from the numerous speed strategies. If you're just beginning then take it all in and go get your perfect Logic Games section!


Started by missing 9-12 questions on LG and I finally went minus 0 on a timed PT! Your course is the best! I constantly keeping referring back to the fundamental lessons, they are sooo useful.

- Hillary,

Study Anytime, Anywhere

Online courses are the most flexible option to learn your way at your pace and studying for the Logic Games is no exception. With Odyssey's vast resources at your fingertips, you'll be able to improve your LSAT score no matter where you are!


I found the course VERY helpful. It's a bit of a different approach than what I was used to but it offers insights that other services couldn't. The way he breaks down the question is really helpful for me. Plus I like how he didn't force splitting or diagramming everything and let the questions sometime dictate the diagrams. This saves a lot of time. Couldn't be happier!

- Valerie,