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Odyssey admissions consultants are available online nationwide and in-person in New York City.

Creating the perfect application for law school is difficult and having an experienced law school admissions consultant by your side is invaluable. All of Odyssey's admissions consultants are experts at getting you into law school and are dedicated to your success!

Hourly Packages ($200/hr)

Odyssey's hourly admissions consulting packages are the most flexible packages available, allowing you to pay for only what you need. You can use your purchased hours to get expert guidance on any part of the application process from creating a target schools list to scholarship negotiations. You'll be matched with the perfect admissions consultant for you and receive the best advice for your individual situation.

Personal Statement ($1000)

If you've got a handle on the other parts of your application but find yourself stuck on the personal statement then this is the package for you. This is an all inclusive, start-to-finish package that allows for as many revisions as you would like. You get expert guidance from picking a topic all the way through finishing the polished final draft. This package is great because there are no hourly caps and we're not done until your personal statement stands out from the crowd and presents your story in the best way possible. This package also includes a review of your resume.

Full Application ($3000)

Putting together the perfect application that highlights all of your strengths in a professional and interesting manner is difficult and we're here to help. This all inclusive, start-to-finish package covers everything needed for 5 full applications with no hourly caps. Creating your target schools list, personal statement writing, optional essay reviews, resume review, waitlist strategies, scholarship negotiations, and much more are all included in this package. If you want an admissions expert by your side through the entire process and want to give yourself the absolute best chance of getting a "yes" then this package is for you.