First and foremost, before acquiring any LSAT prep materials students should decide upon a preparation method—some preparation methods, such as group LSAT courses, provide students with all the materials that they’ll need. Therefore, deciding upon a preparation method is an important first step in figuring out which LSAT materials will be of use. With that said, students that are unsure of their preparation method but are eager to get a glimpse of LSAT content and what preparation might entail can do so by utilizing a free LSAT preparation resource. The best LSAT prep materials for this purpose are provide by LSAC through Khan Academy’s Official LSAT Prep Course.

One of the best LSAT study materials for students that elect to self-study are on-demand LSAT courses. These types of courses provide students “go at your own pace” online access to prerecorded LSAT lessons, thousands of LSAT questions for drilling, LSAT PrepTests, and testing analytics. With the LSAT having turned digital, it’s an added bonus that students are able to prepare for the exam in a similar manner—online.

LSAT Resources

From YouTube, to Reddit, to Khan Academy—free LSAT resources are plentiful. YouTube is a great platform to watch LSAT related videos, and this can be especially true for visual learners. While some instructional LSAT videos on YouTube are mediocre at best, there are plenty of great videos on strategy and strategy application in the mix—check the rating, comments, and view-count if you’re unsure of a particular video’s instructional quality. Reddit’s LSAT group is another great free LSAT study resource that all LSAT students should familiarize themselves with, as it provides a LSAT Prep Resourcesplatform for LSAT students to help other LSAT students. Not only is Reddit a great place to learn with other students, it provides LSAT students with community and friendship—making the learning process much more enjoyable for those with no one else to talk shop with.

With regards to resources for purchase—the list keeps growing, but that doesn’t mean all LSAT prep resources are created at an equally high caliber. To be adequately prepared for the LSAT, all LSAT students should incorporate only licensed LSAT materials into their studies. A list of these licensed LSAT resources can be found on LSAC’s website. Moreover, it’s important to consider the focus of a company offering prep resources—licensed companies that provide solely LSAT instruction are likely going to provide students with better preparation than companies offering prep courses and resources for multiple exams. Taking this into consideration will allow you to drastically reduce the possibility of running into third-party materials during your studies.

LSAT Prep Programs

Start-to-finish LSAT study programs come in both group and private forms. Group instruction provides students with a predetermined and prescheduled approach to learning the LSAT with peers; on the other hand, private instruction generally focuses on greatest needs of the student in a one-on-one setting. Both types of LSAT prep programs are available in in person and online formats, and both teach students all the strategies necessary to succeed on the LSAT. Group and private LSAT prep programs can be extremely powerful tools for learning the LSAT’s logic; however, the best LSAT prep program for one individual may not be the best for another—the result is heavily dependent on each student’s individual learning style and preferred learning environment. Between group and private instruction, the latter is clearly going to be a better choice for students that find a classroom setting distracting or prefer to move at their own pace. Students that prefer to learn in the presence of peers are great candidates for group LSAT prep programs. Taking learning style and environment preferences into consideration will aide students in making the right decision; ultimately, this can save students thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of preparation.

LSAT Study Groups

One of the best ways to stay motivated while studying for the LSAT is to do so with a community of peers—this is especially relevant for students self-studying or in private instruction. Study groups provide students with motivation, assistance, positive reinforcement, and of course, some friendly competition. One of the best study groups (mentioned above), is Reddit’s LSAT group—an open forum for LSAT related strategy, questions, jokes and humor, advice, and community. Moreover, many students use Reddit’s LSAT group to create local study groups, and with thousands of users it’s more than likely you’ll find someone to team-up with on a local scale. If that proves unsuccessful, a simple Google search for “LSAT study groups near me” should be helpful—make sure you have location services enabled!