Studying for the LSAT has never been more accessible than it is today—that’s great news. With LSAT prep having evolved, students are now able to prepare for the LSAT online, from home, or on-the-go via mobile devices. The improved accessibility of LSAT study online isn’t the only perk to mention; taking into account that the LSAT has transformed into a digital exam, one of the best ways to become acclimated to the digital LSAT is to practice LSAT online. Prepping for the LSAT online can be accomplished in several different ways, including: one-on-one instruction, group instruction (“live” classrooms), and online self-study. Students can make informed decisions regarding which preparation option(s) will be best suited for them by taking into consideration their learning style and preferences—with that said, there is no single best online LSAT prep.

Free LSAT Practice Test

Taking a diagnostic LSAT practice test should be every LSAT student’s starting point prior to commencing their studies and there are several reasons behind this. To begin with, a diagnostic PrepTest enables a student to understand their baseline testing ability and the amount of improvement points necessary to obtain their goal score. Second of all, it’s important to be able to track progress; LSAT Practice Testwithout a starting point to reference, it’s impossible to tell if any improvement has been made studying. Furthermore, a diagnostic PrepTest can help a student plan out their studies and pick an appropriate study method—student’s that have outstanding baseline scores in one or more of the test’s sections (LG, LR, or RC) probably wouldn’t benefit as much from a group instructed course as they would from one-on-one instruction targeted instruction, or possibly even self-studying with a targeted prep resource.

Understanding the importance of diagnostic exams, LSAC has made available to the public a free printable LSAT practice test (June 2007)—available on both the LSAC and Odyssey Test Prep websites. In addition, students interested in completing a free full LSAT PrepTest in the official digital LSAT format can access the digital LSAT familiarity tool on LSAC’s website—this tool provides student’s with access to LSAT PrepTest’s 71, 73, and 74. While it’s not a bad idea to implement the familiarization tool for a baseline diagnostic exam, it’s a good idea for students to hold off completion of one or two of these available free LSAT PrepTests until closer to their scheduled test administration dates; after all, this tool is best suited for its purpose—familiarization, and this is best done when the actual exam is imminent so that students clearly remember all of the features at their disposal.

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LSAT Practice Test Online

Khan Academy’s Official Free LSAT Prep Course provides students with an alternative outlet to complete a free online LSAT practice test. In addition, this course enables students to learn LSAT strategies and provides a platform for students to practice LSAT online free of charge—the only licensed company to do so.

Aside from free online LSAT test materials, students interested in purchasing official LSAT PrepTests in a digital format can do so on the LSAT Lab website, which offers students access to official LSAT PrepTest’s replicated to resemble the official digital testing format as close as possible—these digital exams (PT 26-89) are available for purchase at $10/PrepTest. Students that opt to self-study the LSAT with an online resource should refrain from purchasing any LSAT materials or PrepTests until they’ve explored the platform they’ve opted to use; after all, it’s very likely that there will a collection of PrepTests available through that learning platform, and LSAT expenses can add up quickly!